Six Uniquely Stylish Modern Asian Home Interiors

Uniquely stylish contemporary Asian decor shapes this collection of captivating home designs, skillfully visualised by Lan Hen. Join us as we make a dash and grab of plentiful inspiration through a total of six different home tours with a special edge. These creative interiors contain open plan living spaces with sleek kitchen and dining combos, peaceful modern bedroom schemes with modern twists, a selection of standout statement furniture pieces and a bunch of bespoke storage ideas to boot. A minimalist aesthetic leaves all of the layouts clean and uncomplicated, whilst unusual silhouettes add ample interest and intrigue to keep the eye moving and the imagination engaged.

A bespoke bar has been fashioned around a central supporting wall in the living room of our first featured home design. A backlit wall unit stores drinking glasses under a soft atmospheric glow. Two unique modern bar stools give the shadowy hangout a designer edge.

Handwoven cane rattan lounge chairs, inspired by Pierre Jeanneret’s Kangaroo Chair, add an iconic design element to the cosy lounge area.

The seating on the opposite wall is a built-in bench design. The microcement bench merges into a window seat and runs up to meet the concrete staircase design. Across the room, a cantilevered dining table is attached underneath the bar.

The modern staircase design cuts a sharp silhouette out of the calm grey backdrop.

Inside the home workspace, a bespoke desk threads thinly across a huge window. The floor changes from polished concrete to a wood planked platform, differentiating the desk area from a music stage.

As we enter the bedroom, we are able to see directly into a crisp, open ended walk-in wardrobe design.

A floor bed is situated high atop a split level floor design, which is dramatically underlit with a ribbon of LED light.

Works of art shape a cultured setting.

As we enter into the second home tour, our attention is immediately grasped by a Wiggle side chair by Frank Gehry for Vitra.

The Wiggle chair joins a captivating combination of lounge furniture, including a deeply cushioned modern sofa design, a punchy black armchair and a monolithic marble coffee table.

Indoor plants add flashes of colour to the peaceful neutral colour scheme.

A wall of fully fitted cabinets fill the back of the living room with an abundance of storage options. The neighbouring kitchen area continues the sleek white, handle-free unit aesthetic.

A custom-made oak desktop slots into a tight niche.

A Panton style chair makes the perfect accompaniment to a gracefully arched feature window. The original Panton chair was designed by Verner Panton for Vitra.

A microcement countertop and oak drawer unit build a chic dining peninsula, accompanied by complementary two-tone kitchen bar stools.

The next home tour begins with a striking curved sofa design, which embraces a set of contrasting black and white nesting coffee tables.

A unique lounge chair with ottoman competes for attention with a folded sculptural form. It is a classic — the Etcetera Lounge Chair designed by Jan Ekselius for Swedish brand Artilleriet in 1970. And it is also making a comeback.

The eye-catching dining room pendant light is a Formakami JH4 Pendant by Jaime Hayón for &Tradition, which portrays a modern take on classic Asian paper lanterns.

A split level floor creates an elevated entryway from the front door into the living space.

A channel tufted upholstered bed forms the main event inside of the minimalist bedroom layout. Two different bedside tables and a single wall light complement the asymmetrical makeup of the bed frame.

At the opposite side of the bedroom, a unique makeup table is teamed with an unusual pedestal vanity stool.

In the second bedroom layout, a low shelf frames the space around the bed and cuts through two custom-made wardrobes. A low-hanging bedroom pendant light serves the bedside.

An earthy brown accent wall provides a warm hit of colour in the light home interior.

A tufted sofa backs onto the kitchen island in this home, which leads to the displacement of the breakfast bar. Instead of being attached to the central kitchen island, the bar has been migrated to the window wall where diners can benefit from the view.

There is also a small pedestal dining table located at the opposite side of the lounge for comfortable lunches and long dinners.

Beige, white and black elements navigate visual depth and temperature.

The TV is concealed within a wall of clean white floating units.

A Japanese Chabudai style table shapes a ceremonial tea room.

In the hallway, a modern pedestal sink rises through a custom-cut shelf to form a hand-washing station by the entry door.

A dark moss green accent chair adds a spot of colour to this minimalistic living room, whilst the modular sofa keeps things light with soft beige upholstery.

The textured area rug shows through a glass square coffee table.

A piece of modern wall art adds a rainbow aura to the adjacent kitchen diner space.

Behind the lounge, a one wall kitchen stretches out a deep walnut accent in contradiction to the stark white surroundings.

A platform bed with a modern winged headboard design sets a curvaceous theme inside the bedroom, which translates into two shapely custom floating units. One of the units is set low to hold a bedside table lamp

… The second wall mounted unit serves as both a bedside table and a small desk.

Finally, we come to a home layout set upon a warm white canvas.

The Trinidad chair by Nanna Ditzel for Fredericia doubles up at a cantilevered dining peninsula.

Frameless interior doors stand flush within the walls.

A single, understated bedroom pendant light illuminates one side of the modern platform bed, where it spotlights a linear bedside unit.

A grey bed set adds weight to the warm white and wood decor scheme.

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