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Nolita a Home for Flâneurs / ATOMAA

July 24, 2021 Valeria Silva 0

Nestled in the heart of NoLo, a new creative design district of Milan, Nolita is a roomy guest house apartment located in a twentieth-century building with vintage ceiling details and original Deco floor tiles. A long central corridor acts as the main artery of the home from which, 2 bathrooms, a communal kitchen and 5 bedrooms can be found, all lightly kissed by natural light.

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Ibuku completes “unprecedented” bamboo building in the Balinese jungle

July 24, 2021 Alyn Griffiths 0
It has an undulating roof

Architecture studio Ibuku has completed The Arc gymnasium for a private school in Bali featuring a complex double-curved roof made entirely from bamboo. The Arc is the latest building to be completed on the site of the Green School – a private educational institution that promotes sustainability through learning in a natural environment. The building was designed by Green

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Ten elegant living rooms with Japandi interiors

July 24, 2021 Cajsa Carlson 0
Kinuta Terrace

The minimalist styles and natural materials used in both Japan and Scandinavia come together in this lookbook, containing 10 living rooms that have been decorated with Japandi interior design. “Japandi” has become the denomination for interiors where Japanese minimalism meets Scandinavian functionality. Simple, pared-back designs and natural materials are some of the key characteristics of the

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House of Music / ARGE Strolz + Dietrich | Untertrifaller Architekten

July 24, 2021 Andreas Luco 0

Prominently located in Innsbruck’s cultural center, this project was conceived for open cultural exchange across all ages and genres. The unifying element is music. The building’s simple volume belies the extreme programmatic complexity as it houses multiple musical institutions, concert halls, administration, dining, and adjoining rooms, a national music library, and outdoor terraces with views of Innsbruck and the Alps.

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Going Against the Grain: Firms Disrupting the Status Quo

July 24, 2021 Matthew Maganga 0

Architecture is a long-standing profession, one that has produced the iconic landmarks we admire around the world, monuments which we revere around the world, and played a part in establishing the organisation of the cities we live in today. This description, however, is architecture in the traditional sense – and there are numerous examples of individuals and firms who have strayed away from traditional architectural practice, either through delving into adjacent fields or ‘disrupting’ the field with the harnessing of new technologies.

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July 24, 2021 Pilar Caballero 0

The site has the horizontal view of the golf course on its south, a street of a housing estate on its north. but the site is narrow to the south and wide to the north. The figure of the site is not suitable with its context. for bringing in the horizontal panoramic paysage on the south to the interior of the house, we chose to spread out the programs that this family wants and to use false walls and louvers to contain this passage in each frame of openings. Not only do they emphasize the horizontal frame visually, but also control the amount of incoming natural light.

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MB Apartment / Bokey Grant

July 24, 2021 Paula Pintos 0

MB apartment within the 1960’s blonde brick complex is named after clients Mary and Ben. It belonged to their grandmother who had survived WW2 Germany and relocated to Australia, purchasing this unit as an investment property which was rented and unmaintained for 35 years. The clients inherited it and wanted to modify it into their first home.

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July 23, 2021 Andreas Luco 0

The living room and bedrooms which are most part of the program of this house, are located on the southern part of the house to take in the view of the golf course. The horizontal openings of the architecture make full income the panoramic golf course view into the house. The composition of continuous louvers installed on the south facade to control the amount of natural light makes an even more dynamic facade.

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Xinzhaping Village Renewal / UPA

July 23, 2021 Collin Chen 0

Project Background. Located in Luxi County, Tujia-Miao Autonomous Prefecture of Xinangxi, Hunan Province, Xinzhaiping Village is a village with Chinese minority characteristics, which is known as the “Museum of Chinese Ancient Trees”. The village is spread out along the mountain with ancient tree groups of about 60 acres,where more than 500 trees can date back more than 100 years. The traditional houses are mostly wooden structures, mainly fir and pine, using local materials to form column and tie construction. Most of the villagers are Hmong, who have preserved a great deal of ethnic culture and traditional customs. Though this village is faced with the population loss, economic backwardness, cultural decline and other common problems that most villages face, it also has its own advantages, beautiful natural landscape, unique culture and a large number of ancient and unique construction resources. Since 2017, Sinopec has joined hands with the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation to carry out “Bona Villa” rural tourism poverty alleviation public welfare project in Tujia-Miao Autonomous Prefecture of Xinangxi. After Bona Villa Lahao Stone Houses project in Fenghuang County, UPA continued to carry out Xinzhaiping Renewal Practice in Luxi County, involving in the whole process design of village planning, phase II homestay and phase III public construction.