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Minas House / studio mk27

November 30, 2022 Susanna Moreira 0

Minas House is Studio mk27’s first project in Minas Gerais, inland Brazil. Right outside Belo Horizonte, which means beautiful horizon, the house hovers above the Minas Gerais mountains. Set on an especially steep site, two concrete slabs draw strong horizontal lines. To lift it up to 10 meters above ground, a sequence of stilts emerges, disguised amidst the tree trunks of the garden that reconstitutes the original rainforest. Drawing a clear contrast with the neighboring pharaonic embankment walls, occupying such a dramatic site, suspending the house on stilts allows for rainwater to drain and for the house to breathe. 

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Gueira House / aste arquitectura

November 28, 2022 Susanna Moreira 0

The house, built in the early years of the 20th century, is located at the southern end of the land and composed of two levels, located at different levels, which follow the development of the street. The house, with two floors, although built with stone masonry, visible from the outside, presented several pathologies, with seriousness, due to the alteration carried out in the seventies, which aimed to increase the space of the house to the northwest, on the second floor.

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Âmago House / Bruno Dias Arquitectura

November 23, 2022 Susanna Moreira 0

In the historic center of the village of Ansião, on a slightly sloped land, Casa Âmago emerges. The plot had two small houses in ruins, with no architectural interest, and as such, renovating them was not an option. However, it wouldn’t be in harmony with the surroundings to plan a contemporary house with no connection to the neighboring buildings. Thus, the first glimpse of this house does not give away what is beyond the wall and gate.  A one-floor building, with a large central patio, the core from which the theme unfolds into all the other spaces and organization. “Âmago” means marrow, center, core, and focal point, and this central patio works as the main point of the house.

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Folhas Sagradas Pavilion / Atelier Daniel Florez

November 22, 2022 Susanna Moreira 0

Folha’s sagradas it’s a pavilion inside a Hotel in the Northeast of Brazil, which it’s in front of a stunning beach populated by turtles and dolphins. The Hotel makes from the respect for its location and its coexistence with nature the reason, the origin and the flag of its touristic experience.

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Dim Cloud Offices / fala

November 16, 2022 Susanna Moreira 0

A dull commission: a bland office space was to be reinvented. Previous partitions were demolished and layers of plaster were peeled off from the centered concrete columns. 

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LK Apartment / Estúdio Oficina

November 2, 2022 Susanna Moreira 0

The integration between the living room and the kitchen and the improvement of ventilation and lighting in those environments were the guidelines for this project. Some walls were thus demolished, which also allowed for a larger couple’s bedroom.

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CM House / Leo Romano

October 24, 2022 Susanna Moreira 0

The CM house is designed to have a simple volume with personality. The idea is that the house would be developed in a single block and that this monolithic volume would be broken up with some interventions on the facades. In addition, the choice of materials guarantees its elegance, Brazilianness, and a certain simplicity, making it cozier and inviting.

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Adega Azores Wine Company / SAMI-arquitectos + drdh architects

October 17, 2022 Susanna Moreira 0

A new wine cellar for the Azores Wine Company is located within the Unesco World Heritage vineyard landscape of Pico Island, one of the nine islands that form the mid-Atlantic, Azorean archipelago. In a manner not dissimilar to the island’s traditional wineries – small-scale structures located along the coast where wine was produced and family and friends were welcomed – the building combines spaces of production with those of conviviality and extended domesticity, within a single coherent form. Recalling the cloistered courtyard typologies of the religious institutions, Pico’s most significant historical structures, and the communities for whom wine was first produced, the building’s simple, geometrical volume defines a garden at its center. Enclosed by a covered perimeter, this intimate exterior space counterpoints the scale of the landscape beyond.

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House in the Woods / TETRO Arquitetura

October 12, 2022 Susanna Moreira 0

The Bosque House is located in Nova Lima/MG, in a site that has a spectacular view of the mountains and vegetation characteristic of the Atlantic Forest. Its intensely sloping topography was decisive for creating the building’s implantation, defining the distribution of environments on three different levels so that the house would better accommodate the terrain.