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Grey And White Apartment Interiors With A Sunny Serenity

September 16, 2021 HD Staff 0

Each of these apartment interiors has been designed by 23Design to fashion a sense of sunny serenity in the modern world. With a grey and white decor palette, sleek contemporary furniture silhouettes and a minimalist approach, these two light-filled apartment designs are calming sanctuaries to come to after a day in the bustling city. The […]

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Mellow Modern White Interior With Earthy Accents

September 15, 2021 HD Staff 0

Earthy green and brown accents pepper this mellow modern white interior to conjure moments of warmth and freshness. Visualised by 吴 振宇, a quiet sense of wellbeing and zen is born from an indoor courtyard space beside the home workspace, and indoor planters in the sunroom. Home accessories and wall adornments are kept to a […]

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Desirable Duplex In India With Spacious Modern Interior

September 13, 2021 HD Staff 0

Mood lighting and smooth tonal decor sweep through this desirable 378 square metre duplex apartment located in India, Mumbai. Visualised by ArtPartner Architects, The Mumbai Oasis is a contemporary abode that is characterised by impressive high ceilings and stylish furniture arrangements. The homeowners wished to create an interior that moved away from the usual design […]

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Incorporating Arches Into Modern Home Decor

September 6, 2021 HD Staff 0

The arched motif communicates elegance, strength and understated beauty, but how do we incorporate the classically inspired arch trend into our modern home decor? Today, we’ll explore how interior arches can be introduced into our lounge spaces, dining areas, kitchens and even bedrooms with subtlety and grace, using three inspirational home designs visualised by Elemental […]

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Maximising Modernity In Transitional Neoclassical Interiors

August 30, 2021 HD Staff 0

Neoclassical decor first emerged in 18th-century Britain and France, drawing from classic Roman and Greek architecture and art. It originally highlighted ornamental columns and reliefs, gilted accessories, plush swags, and opulent furniture. As time moved on, the neoclassical interior style evolved to include chic modern pieces that gently meld with the classical influence. Now, the […]

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Peacefully Pale Tonal Decor With Warming Wood Accents

August 19, 2021 HD Staff 0

Pale tonal decor creates a wonderfully airy and balanced home interior that evokes a sense of peace and harmony. These two calming tonal interiors employ wood accents to add warmth and texture to the pale palette, and small bursts of black to anchor the light scheme. This is a colour palette that translates seamlessly into […]

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Creative Cream Interior With Fabulous Furniture

July 30, 2021 HD Staff 0

Fabulous furniture brings shape, intrigue and a creative essence to this cool cream interior, visualised by 梦太初. Whilst the decor here is predominantly pale, moments of dark contrast produce definition and drama. High ceilings, expansive room sizes, expertly crafted built-ins, and high-end materials establish undeniable luxury. A superb spiral staircase design rises through the luxurious […]

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Snazzy Blue Accent Interiors & Summer-Ready Terraces

July 19, 2021 HD Staff 0

Brilliant blue accents bring upbeat energy to these two unique home interiors. Bold artwork and contemporary furniture choices shape a snazzy aesthetic that keeps the eye engaged and the mind open. Our first blue accent home interior has a youthful, fun-loving and welcoming spirit that’s communicated through confident use of pattern and quirky elements. Our […]

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Comfortable Family Home With Gentle Accents (Includes Floor Plan)

July 8, 2021 HD Staff 0

Gentle accent colours uplift this comfortable 71.2 square metre family home interior, located in Moscow, Russia. Designed by Natalia Rybakova, this modern space is warmed through with mellow green, yellow and blue infusions, alongside dominant light wood tone elements. Whilst compact in dimensions, this floor plan encompasses all of the practical necessities for a happy […]

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Subtle Grey Interiors With Classic Details

June 21, 2021 HD Staff 0

Subtle grey decor covers this modern apartment interior with a sense of calm and sophistication, whilst classic details add history and character. Visualised by Alexander Belkov, the home is designed to encompass the modernly coveted open plan living space arrangement with a large kitchen dining island and a dedicated spot for the obligatory home workspace. […]