A Modern House On A Slope In Spain [Video]

A restful serenity washes over this luxury modern house design, which is skillfully constructed upon a sloping plot in Andratx, Mallorca, Spain. Created by Osvaldo Luppi Architects, the impressive 985 square metre home features a series of overlapping planes that navigate the topography of the rocky Mediterranean hillside. The winged floor plan is designed to focus open the blissful Mediterranean Sea views, and to hug a large pool terrace that flows directly into the lower projection. Rough white concrete bands contrast with warm wood cladding across the face of the building, accentuating the split platforms and freshly differentiating the contemporary construction from the open terrain.

The modern exterior is cut through with huge expanses of glass that open up the interior to the panorama and create connection with the wide pool terrace below. The interlocking levels of the home extend into large terraces to create opportunities for indoor-outdoor living in the warm Spanish sunshine.

The cool blue swimming pool stretches across the full length of the main living space. An al fresco dining room stands just outside of the kitchen, situated under the welcoming shade of a deep balcony overhang.

The outdoor dining room makes a special place for entertaining dinner guests at nightfall, with the warming glow of the kitchen behind and the water’s edge glistening out in front.

Wood decking runs alongside the swimming pool, creating an ideal spot for sun loungers or a cluster of outdoor beanbags. The concrete platform that elevates the outdoor dining room is underlined with a bright line of LED light that makes the pool deck into an inviting area after dark.

Plant borders add small moments of greenery around the swimming pool and multilevel sun terraces. Outdoor lighting illuminates the wonderful wood grain cladding across the modern home exterior.

The long rectangular swimming pool appears to extend underneath the lowest plane of the building’s architecture but actually stops at a glass viewing window.

The textured white concrete and wood material palette continues inside of the contemporary home design, where it teams with smooth tile and light furniture upholstery.

Wood grain panels smartly clad the TV wall in the lounge, making warm contrast with crisp white walls and ceilings, and pale tiled floors.

The lounge is blessed with gorgeous views on both sides. Retractable glass doors break open the building to sea views on one side, and a green hilly vista on the other.

Wood slatted wall panels texture the luxury kitchen. An eight place dining set offers an option for indoor dining just behind the outdoor dining zone.

A unique wooden kitchen island design is chamfered at the base to create a cantilevered effect. The back wall of the kitchen is fitted with plain white units that meld quietly with the plain white walls.

An induction hob with integrated extractor is bedded into the kitchen island countertop. Integrated ovens are positioned low in the back wall of units to hide them from obvious view.

The unusual kitchen island seems to teeter on the brink of falling from its narrow base.

Short stone staircases connect the separate levels of the home.

Solid wood grain balustrades build golden contrast and definition alongside the pale grey stone treads.

A skylight spills sunlight into the stairwell, highlighting the bold textural contrast between materials.

Large picture windows perforate the sides of the building, opening up mesmerising views at every twist and turn throughout the layout.

Perimeter lighting and baseboard-height LEDs ensure brightly lit passage through the home at all times.

The angular architecture creates a captivating bedroom design, where a home workspace slots creatively into the sharp corner of the room. The bedroom ottoman can double as outdoor seating on the bedroom’s private terrace.

Back down on the main deck, an outdoor sink and grill make up a handy open-air kitchen area for entertaining. The outdoor kitchen is integrated into one of the planters at the edge of the swimming pool, which creates novel green decor around the kitchen countertop.

The indoor and outdoor floor tiles are the same, which creates blurred boundaries and a wonderful easy flow between the two living spaces.

Down on the lowest level of the home, a secluded spa area is coolly shaded from the searing sunshine. The small pool is situated directly up against the glass wall of the outdoor swimming pool to create the effect of one connected body of blue water.

Perimeter LEDs highlight the rough concrete wall texture behind a small shower area. Two sun loungers are positioned to gaze upon the poolside view and its underwater swimmers.

An outdoor walkway/mini terrace connects with the main living room.

A planted border brings nature right up to the glass walls of the luxury living room. A wood slatted fence runs smoothly into the rich wood clad TV wall to create one long wood grain feature.

Outdoor wood slatted screens allow the interior light to spill from the building, creating intriguing lanterns of warm illumination through the surrounding trees on the hillside slope.

A white concrete wall flanks the main access path to the plot, which echoes the smooth white planes within the main body of the home.

Wooden entry gates complement the wood clad elements across the building. Exterior lights mark out an alluring pathway into the property.

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