51 Glass Pendant Lights to Illuminate Any Corner of the Home

Pendant lights are a powerhouse of functionality and decorative potential – they provide just the right splash of illumination right where you need it and provide a dramatic touch of aesthetic flair as they do so. They’re a favorite for dark corners, task-centric spaces like kitchen islands, and areas where a lamp might be inappropriate, such as a narrow hallway. In this post, we’ve decided to focus on pendant lights that emphasize the beauty and variety of glass as a material. From minimalistic crystal pendant lights to hand-blown works of art, these glass pendants span a vast range of decor styles to suit any home.


Geometric Glass and Metal Pendant Lights: Frosted glass pendant lights offer diffused illumination to enhance the ambiance of a space without casting overly harsh light, ideal for bedrooms and other relaxing placements. These pendants include a black metal cage for a sharp modern look, a great way to incorporate the geometric trend into your decor.

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LED Geometric Glass Orb Pendant Light: Designed by Sean Lavin for Tech Lighting, the Mina mini pendant provides an ultimate sense of minimalism with a glass orb diffuser that mimics the look of a traditional incandescent bulb. The pendant can be hung on its own or used to create a more dramatic statement with the circular Locus accessory (sold separately) as shown in this decorative over-island placement.


Smoky Grey Glass Pendant Light: A polygonal glass shade gives this pendant light a look that feels in-tune with modern geometric trends while embracing classic sophistication. The deep grey coloration coordinates easily with contemporary decor themes while also casting a more relaxed and moody quality of illumination.

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Sky Fall Glass Pendant Lights: Sky Fall is a collection by Studio Italia Design, made in Italy from hand-blown glass. Each one is a true work of art with smart modern appeal. This piece provides both direct and ambient lighting – the LED is situated in the polished metal socket, casting its illumination through the curvaceous metal shade and through a lens of glass at the bottom to magnify its effect.

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Smoky Bell Shaped Glass Pendant Lights: The elegant Brokis Shadow collection by Dan Yeffet and Lucie Koldova has become a favorite with design professionals, the iconic silhouettes found throughout the pages of home decor magazines and within commercial applications alike. These pieces are hand-blown using traditional Bohemian techniques with incredible attention paid to every detail. Select from smoky black and opal white shade options.


Industrial Seeded Glass Pendant Lights: These glass pendants pair brass details with matte black finishes, matched with seeded glass shades for a vintage look. Use with classic Edison bulbs to complete the traditional theme or pair with dimmable bulbs to control the quality of your lighting in task-based areas. This design is ideal for a range of interior themes from mid-century modern to industrial and more.


Smoked Bell Shaped Glass Pendant Lights: A super simple bell-shaped profile helps this pendant light adapt to a variety of interior styles from classic to contemporary. The smoked glass shade provides eye-catching contrast without overly dimming the quality of the light. Use with your choice of bulbs.

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Smoked Glass Pendant Lights: Jar-like shades capture and diffuse the light from these handsome pendants while also protecting the bulb from splash-back in kitchen or bathroom applications. Select from a variety of shapes and sizes or pair multiple together in an attractive grouping. These pendant lights come with Edison-inspired bulbs included.


Black Industrial Pendant Lights: These gorgeous pendants go bold with shapely opaque coverings that hold the smoky glass shades. This model is available in four shapes and four color combinations – invest in one, a set, or mix and match to create a fully custom arrangement to suit your decor theme.

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Recycled Glass Pendant Light: Both the steel framing and the glass shades of these pendant lights are forged from recycled materials for eco-conscious appeal. The metal is available in bronze or grey, the glass seeded for textural dimension.

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Crystal Glass Mini Pendant Light: This LED pendant is equipped with a diffuser made from high quality crystal for excellent clarity, with the ends faceted to look like a cut gem. Select from brushed brass or polished nickel to suit your decor palette. Hang alone or in a grouping – this piece is perfect for use above kitchen islands, in bathrooms, and in accent placements throughout the home.

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15-Light Mini Glass Pendant Lights: Multi-light pendants provide all the drama of a chandelier – and sometimes even more. This 15-light grouping by Nicolas Terzani features convenient LED lighting embedded within hand-blown crystal shades. The shapes are varied and organic, each one a unique work of art. Select from five crystal tints ranging from transparent to deep cognac.

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Large Clear Glass Pendant Lights: Fully transparent pendant lights are endlessly versatile, a flawless match for any decor palette and theme. For those who enjoy the coordination potential of transparent uncolored glass but still want a pendant light that abounds with personality, the Neverending Glory series offers it all. These beautiful pieces are inspired by chandeliers from the most renowned opera houses around the world – refined and reimagined, the character of each distilled into ghostly silhouettes.

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Blown Clear Glass LED Pendant Lights: The gorgeous Noctambule pendant light is a Konstantin Grcic design that offers a rearranged take on the traditional pendant lamp concept. Rather than placing a bulb inside of the shade, rings of LED illumination instead collar the silhouette. Each piece is made in Italy from expertly blown crystal.

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Geometric Clear Glass Pendant Light: On-trend geometric styling and timeless materials meet with this gorgeous industrial-style handmade pendant light. A dodecahedron of clear glass panes gives this piece a weightless look while copper framing adds a dash of contemporary glamour.


Gold Ring Glass Pendant Light: Perfect for use as accent lighting around the home, this small glass pendant keeps things simple with a glass globe shade but amplifies its decorative potential with the bold brass ring that surrounds it. Use to complement interior themes ranging from contemporary glam to mid-century modern to high-end industrial and more.

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Dora Small Glass Pendant Light Cluster: Seed Design introduces an attractive three-light cluster that highlights the beauty of high-end metals and translucent glass in equal measure. This piece is fully adjustable – the lights can be tilted for directional illumination or just for aesthetic purposes, and the length of each pendant can be adjusted to suit your specific decor application. Select from three metal finishes and get creative.

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Mountain View Glass Dome Pendant Light: Designed by Dima Loginoff for Axolight, the Mountain View pendant is sculpture and lighting all in one. The shade is made from a single piece of glass, hand-blown by a skilled artisan into a smooth dome with a shapely mountain range formed within. An LED light shines down from the socket above, illuminating every peak and casting shadows across the valleys. Use as a true statement piece in a prominent placement.


Gold and Frosted Glass Pendant Light: Frosted glass pendant lamps provide extra diffusion for a softer illumination experience. This design features a classic frosted glass globe, elevated by the addition of a capsule-shaped ring that surrounds.

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LED Clear Glass Pendant Light: This sophisticated mini pendant by Kuzco Lighting features a white opal glass diffuser enveloped by a transparent glass shade. This piece is also available with brushed nickel hardware and smoky grey glass.


Cylindrical Milk Glass Pendant Light: Cylindrical pendant lights are ideal for task-focus placements – reading corners, above bathroom vanities, above kitchen islands, and more. This beautiful design features a milk glass diffuser to provide soft ambient light while also providing direct illumination to the surface below.

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Milk Glass Lantern Pendant Light: This handcrafted made-to-order pendant light is made from sculptural milk glass with a pleasant lantern-like shape, a classically-inspired design with truly timeless appeal. Consider this piece to complete a mid-century modern or Scandinavian interior decor theme.

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Artemide Large White Pendant Lights: Designed by Huub Ubbens and Michele De Lucchi, the Castore 42 pendent boasts an intriguing combination of minimalistic simplicity and bold eye-catching character. Refined lines culminate in a smooth frosted globe for moon-like illumination. This is an award-winning design with endless decor potential within the modern home.

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Acorn Clear Glass Pendant Light: The playful Acorn pendant light is aptly-named for its distinctive shape, inspired by a walk through a towering oak forest. Select from six color configurations for the cord, top, and glass to find the perfect fit for your decor theme.

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Poul Henningsen Glass Pendant Light: Iconic lighting designer Poul Henningsen is best known for his colorful spun aluminum lamps, but that same layered silhouette is also available in sophisticated opal glass with the PH 4 1/2-4 pendant. This striking pendant was originally released in 1927 – a timeless design still handcrafted with the same care and attention today.

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Foscarini Chouchin Glass Pendant Lights: The playful Chouchin Pendant collection was designed by Ionna Vautrin, drawing inspiration from brightly lit paper lanterns outside of businesses and homes in Japan. Each one features a rounded milk glass shade, with a lip toward the bottom finished in a bright color for an added pop.

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FLOS Frosted Glass Pendant Lights: The fabulous Glo-Ball pendant by Jasper Morrison may seem simplistic at first glance yet its quality handcrafted construction readily sets it apart. This piece is hand-blown for an incomparable sculptural quality and acid-etched to give the globe even illumination when lit.

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Bloom Frosted Glass Pendant Light: Bloom is gorgeous glass pendant light inspired by paper lanterns. The curvaceous frosted shade is fitted with a mesh core that casts subtle lines of shadow across while intensifying the fire-like glow of the bulb inside. Select from frosted or grey smoked glass.

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Brass and Glass Pendant Light: With the IC lighting collection, Michael Anastassiades created a range of instant icons. The IC Pendant is a favorite addition to this collection – a sophisticated take on the classic globe pendant. The blown glass shade is perched on an angled brass frame in a way that looks weightless and perhaps a bit precarious. It’s a work of art that effortlessly commands attention.

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Brokis Large Glass Pendant Lights: The creative Muffin lighting series by Dan Yeffet and Lucie Koldova is another modern collection that has already solidified its place in the lexicon of lighting design. The Muffin Pendant is beloved for its unique silhouette and high-end construction, the blown glass made using traditional Bohemian techniques and attached to an expertly-finished wood socket. Select from multiple glass tint and wood finish combinations.

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Glass Globe Pendant Lights: Amber-tinted glass gives any lighting selection a warmer and more welcoming quality – a natural fit for interiors where smoked glass may seem too dark and where transparent glass may seem too simplistic. This pendant light grouping features three ombre-tinted glass globes that can accommodate your choice of bulb.

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Amber Clear Glass Pendant Lights: The chic Mega Bulb pendant by Sofie Refer mimics the silhouette of a standard incandescent bulb, its shade mouth blown according to time-tested tradition. Choose from a champagne or smoked grey tint.


Brown Blown Glass Pendant Light: This gorgeous glass pendant light is hand-blown with a uniquely wavy surface texture, lending a certain organic quality sure to suit a wide range of interior themes. The glass is tinted in an earthy amber color complemented by brushed-brass hardware.

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Artemide Italian Glass Pendant Lights: The distinctive Gople pendant is a result of collaboration between Italian glass company Artemide and the Copenhagen- and New York-based Bjarke Ingels Group, bringing lighting designers and architects together in pursuit of human-focused lighting solutions. This design features glass hand-blown using Venetian techniques. Select from among five ombre tints.

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Tiered Glass Pendant Lights: These gorgeous glass pendant lights feature tiers of tinted glass, creating an ombre effect as each section overlaps the other. This design is available in two sizes – a two tier format and the three tier format you see here.

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Tinted Glass Dome Pendant Lights: These attractive glass pendant lights feature a shallow dome shade, providing decorative impact without obscuring the view. Choose from three glass tint color options.


Multicolor Art Glass Pendant Light: Made from thick glass with a 3D pinhole effect, these pendant lights look like an explosion of fireworks – a kaleidoscope of color with endless possibilities for decor coordination. The tone of the shade changes depending on the color temperature of the bulb you place inside. When unlit, the pendants look like they are finished with mirrored chrome.

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Blown Red Glass Pendant Light: The handsome Vetra pendant by Joan Gaspar is a blown-glass design with a milky red coloration, the shade made extra thick so that only a fraction of the light filters through its weighty surface. Instead, this design illuminates downward with the help of a closed glass diffuser that provides even glare-free lighting.

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Red Art Glass Pendant Light: Equally beautiful whether illuminated or unlit, this sculptural glass pendant features a curvaceous shape and grooved surface for eye-catching appeal from any angle. This piece is handmade and can be customized with your color choice for a flawless fit with your decor.

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Yellow Blown Glass Pendant Lights: The delightfully simple Solitaire pendant light is a hand-blown work of art, each one made by a master artisan. This design is intended to emphasize the Edison bulb placed within – contemporary and classic all at once.


Green Glass Cylinder Pendant Light: Emerald green and polished brass make a sophisticated combination in this cylindrical pendant light design. For other decor themes, this piece is also available with a frosted white shade or a transparent amber shade.


Dark Green Glass Pendant Light: Frosted green glass helps to diffuse and soften the quality of the lighting from this moody pendant lamp, ideal for placement where ambiance matters most.


Hand Blown Glass Pendant Lights: Two-tone design sets this rounded glass pendant light apart. Each one is hand-blown with precision and care. Select from brown and blue or brown and green colorways.


Smoky Colored Glass Pendant Lights: Select from an impressive eight colorways to find the perfect smoky glass pendant for your intended application. Each one is handmade, measuring at 11 inches in width and almost six inches in height.


Textural Blown Glass Pendant Lights: This blown glass pendant light features a unique pitted surface for a fascinating interplay of light and shadow. This piece is available in pitted blue, seeded blue, pitted transparent, and seeded transparent.


Blue Glass Pendant Light: Add a dash of vibrant color and cool geometric style to your favorite space with this diamond-shaped glass pendant light. It’s available in three colors – blue, lime green, and fiery orange.

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Aqua Glass Pendant Light: A bubbly curvaceous silhouette gives this glass pendant light a playful retro flair. This piece is handmade from aqua-tinted glass but is also offered in every color of the rainbow. Four sizes are available.

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Rounded Purple Glass Pendant Light: Let this charming purple pendant light complete your well-curated interior theme. Looking to create an eclectic arrangement? This hand-blown pendant is available in a wide range of colors, shapes, and hardware finishes for the ability to completely customize your lighting theme.

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Multicolored Glass Pendant Lights: Masterfully handcrafted from glass and brass-finished metal, these gorgeous pendant lights are sure to capture attention from design-savvy guests. Each one is a true work of art worth admiring. Select from any of the five styles pictured here or invest in multiple to mix and match.


Sakura Stained Glass Pendant Light: Inspired by Tiffany-style chandeliers, this playful pendant is crafted from well-honed pieces of stained glass fashioned into a cherry blossom shape. This piece would make a natural fit within contemporary and classic interior themes alike.

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PENTA Artistic Glass Pendant Lights: The striking M.O.M. collection by PENTA is a series of pendants made from thick borosilicate glass, the shapes geometric yet lightly rounded for a soft and dreamlike look. Let one of these gorgeous pieces become the crown jewel of your favorite space.

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