Upscale Earthy Home With Lush Green Courtyards

Enveloped in a busy urban landscape, with roads passing on the north and east sides of its square plot, there is an oasis. Created by Deearth Architects, this 7800 square-foot house in Saligramam, Chennai, India, comes to life with fresh green courtyards and airy living spaces. The earthy modern home was designed for a family of five. The owners desired a place where they could escape from the hustle and bustle of work, the surrounding commercial spaces, and the packed residential area. The resulting concept is an upscale home that envelops the family in all that nature has to offer: peace, serenity, beauty, health, and positivity.

The tropical house stands three stories high. An additional basement area is tucked underneath for parking up to four cars. On the first story of the home, wide terraces project along the side of the building, where they overlook the tree-lined street. Pitched roofs give the brick house character.

Entry is made into the home on the east side of the building, where it offers the easiest accessibility and the most privacy. A sitout receives pleasant shade from a long shelter, supported by simple grey pillars. Lush green landscaping thrives on either side of the front pathway, creating an uplifting welcome.

Two courtyard designs are included on the ground floor of the home. They each flank the formal dining room, surrounding it in tropical vegetation.

A Buddha statue nestles amongst the delicate greenery, marking the peaceful, meditative effects of the garden. The statue also acts as an axis between living spaces.

A small tree grows at the centre of a courtyard, where it basks in the sunlight that filters through a metal-frame canopy. Paving stones lay down scattered pathways through the ground cover plants.

The second courtyard is smaller than the first. Jalis filter the searing sunlight. The serene space links the dining formal room to a butler’s pantry with a dining bar. A larger hard-working kitchen area is tucked out of sight behind.

From the outside of the home, the metal frame courtyard canopies and terrace fencing build modern matt black detailing.

Trailing plants soften the look of hard transitions around the perimeter of the house. Here, the plants blur boundary walls and disguise changes in ground height.

Covering two-thirds of the site, the entry courtyard sets the spirit of the home. It is a transitional space, where troubles from the outside world are pushed away by the sights and fresh smells of nature at its best.

Paved areas around the home feature brick borders filled with plants.

Rustic stonework walls offer a decorative touch to the inner sanctum of the home. Where an indoor-outdoor living experience unfolds.

The stone walls ruggedly complement the natural essence of the plant-filled courtyards.

Outdoor lights add a magical appearance to the courtyards at night, upholding them as pleasant connective areas between rooms. The twinkling stars light up the sky.

The soothing sounds of bubbling water from the fountain and singing birds ebb from the courtyards into the internal living spaces.

The dining space between the courtyards is the central link between the two main volumes of the home. The social living spaces make up the front of the house, while the bedrooms are privately tucked away in the back. The modern dining room is the heart, where family comes together to share stories and bond in a cosy wood-clad setting.

The wooden dining room walls slide away to soak in sunlight, and to see the life-giving splash of raindrops up the leaves.

A modern dining room chandelier illuminates the length of a live-edge wood table.

Modern dining chairs seat up to eight people at the dinner table.

A matching modern chandelier graces the upper landing. The suspended walkway is flanked by intricately decorative metal balustrades.

The upscale home has a façade of porotherm bricks, which reduce the heat intake of the structure. An important feature under the burning heat of the Chennai sunshine.

Exterior lights illuminate the home’s earthy essence, playing over foliage, wood, and stone.

The sloping roofline and considered structure of natural materials define this private residence from its unremarkable concrete environment.

In the side elevation drawing, we can view the parking garage underneath the home.

Here, we see the relationship between the two courtyards and the family dining space. There is also a gym terrace above, which serves as a spill-out space.

Floor plans were carefully crafted as a vision of family bliss. A space where the owners can both entertain and maintain privacy. The front volume of the home contains the common areas and kitchen. The second volume, separated by the courtyards, is where private bedrooms and a pooja area lie.

The basement houses the generator room and a watchman room, as well as ample parking facilities.

On the ground floor, we can see how the kitchen is divided into 3 sections: A side room for cleanup, the main kitchen, and a butler’s pantry that leads onto the dining room via the courtyard.

The South-West of the building supports two upper floors. On the first floor, there are two bedrooms with dressing rooms and ensuite bathrooms. A separate volume holds the home theatre. Terraces on each side of the home theatre overlook the lower courtyard.

A final bedroom neighbours the gym on the top floor.

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