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Luxury Chinese-style Villa Interiors & Serene Courtyards

July 6, 2022 HD Staff 0

A sense of serenity washes over us as we tiptoe through this set of luxurious Chinese-style villa interiors, each open and spacious and decorated in calming laconic palettes and delicate detail. Visualised by ZHBB Vision, these spaces reminisce about the beautiful scenery of Jiangnan, the picturesque lands that lie south of the Yangtze River’s lower […]

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A Hillside House In Indonesia [Video]

May 23, 2022 HD Staff 0

On a rocky hill in Senggigi, Batu Layar, Indonesia, a steeply contoured 1600 square metre plot has become the new home of a young couple and their three children. Created by Wahana Architects, the home has a 1200 square metre build area that beds snugly into its contoured environment. With a rise of around 25 […]

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Incredible Modern Lakeside Home In Canada

April 20, 2022 HD Staff 0

Settled 30 feet above Sakinaw Lake in British Columbia, Canada, Vertes Retreat is a luxurious vacation home, made for a family of four. Created by W O V E N Architecture and Design, with landscape design by Houston Landscapes, this 380 square metre home unfolds in an L-shape arrangement that beds easily into the rocky […]

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Luxurious Neoclassical Interiors That Are Styled To Impress

April 7, 2022 HD Staff 0

High-end finishes, designer furniture, spectacular modern chandeliers, fine classic detailing, and exquisite styling shape this inspirational collection of luxury neoclassical home interiors. Home tour number one begins in a book lover’s living room with elegant arch windows that stretch from floor-to-ceiling. A chic marble TV wall and linear modern fireplace create a sleek lounge, whilst […]

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Luxury Home With Smooth Wood and Travertine Interior

March 25, 2022 HD Staff 0

Wood and silky smooth travertine elements shape this 250 square metre luxury home interior. Designed by Studio Denew, this chic residence is light-filled and spacious, with high ceilings and high-end furniture. Furnishings follow a laconic palette of cream and greige, and area rugs are unadorned and understated. The refined decor palette allows the thread of […]

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A Spectacular Seaside Tropical Villa [Video]

March 10, 2022 HD Staff 0

Villa Amaze takes advantage of its rare position by fully absorbing 270-degrees of unobstructed beach views through massive edge-to-edge windows. Whilst the villa enjoys this spectacular position, it is conveniently located to enjoy easy accessibility of the main road in just 2 minutes drive, giving the homeowners the best of both worlds. With 5 Bedrooms […]

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A Concrete Home Design That’s Skillfully Secluded From The City

February 25, 2022 HD Staff 0

A far-reaching water feature flows through Preston Hollow House, where it washes away the borders between inside and out. The slender stream trickles through the home, interrupted only by terrace walkways and a soothing waterfall beside the entryway, before concluding at a large swimming pool. Designed by Specht Architects, this 8826 square foot home in […]

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A Lush Vietnamese Villa Built To Accommodate Multiple Generations [Video]

February 16, 2022 HD Staff 0

Veiled in the elegant splendour of nature, this beautiful villa is the majestic home of a three-generation family unit. Designed by Nghia-Architect, delicate curtain creepers fall around the edges of lengthy terraces, creating stunning pockets of peaceful privacy. A contrast of cool concrete and warm wood flows from the modern home exterior into contemporary living […]

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A Luxury Interior For Art Connoisseurs (With Floor Plan)

February 14, 2022 HD Staff 0

Inspired by the homeowner’s love for modern art, this luxurious apartment interior in Kyiv was shaped as a unique, private art gallery. Visualised by IQOSA Architect, the space is designed to ensure that every art object looks completely organic in its position. Decor materials and interior design solutions make smooth interaction with the art, whilst […]

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A Geometric House In Exposed Concrete [Video]

January 17, 2022 HD Staff 0

Resting gently upon the undulating green terrain of Bragança Paulista in the state of São Paulo, Brazil, this luxury home design respects its locality. Created by architectural firm Yuri Vital, the 693 square metre house was designed as a perfectly linear volume, which drinks in both intimate and far-flung views of the beautiful valley ahead. […]