The City Beyond Architecture. Sheng-Yuan Huang and the work of Fieldoffice Architects in Yilan, Taiwan.

Book cover - Copyrights ListLab Publisher

Book cover – Copyrights ListLab Publisher

The world of today is changing. The center of development has moved to Asia, where more than half of the world’s urban population is already living. In the future, Asian settlements will outnumber those of other continents. And, most interestingly, the Far East’s urbanization has nothing to do with what happened in the West, where suburbanism has finally come to dominate the landscape and the lives of most people. In Asia, activities are all mixed, and one can find agricultural production sitting side by side with housing, temples, or high-tech factories. It is a new kind of mixitè and, if properly managed, it looks the like of something more sustainable than a European or American periphery.

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