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Re-Defining of the Small Wild Goose Pagoda Historical District / AECOM

June 12, 2022 Collin Chen 0

Design Background. The Small Wild Goose Pagoda in Xi’an was built in the Jinglong period of the Tang Dynasty. The thousand-year-old pagoda records the cultural memory of Chang’an City. However, the area where it is located has gradually declined from the historically prosperous core of the Tang Dynasty capital to an old urban area that is not in harmony with the development of surrounding modern communities. Therefore, how to balance urban development, urban regeneration, and the protection of historical and cultural heritage has become the first priority of design.

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Kerala House / SHOVK

April 30, 2022 Valeria Silva 0

Kerala House is a house in the woods, built using natural materials and the latest technologies designed to create a healthy microclimate in and around the house.

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Grampians Peaks Trail Cabins / McGregor Coxall

March 21, 2022 Hana Abdel 0

The Grampians Peaks Trail (GPT) Stage 2 offers a world class hiking experience over 160km of pristine Gariwerd wilderness. The trail traverses the lands of three traditional owners being Barengi Gadjin Land Council, Eastern Maar Aboriginal Corporation and Gunditj Mirring Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation and includes three regional council jurisdictions. The project includes 10 sites along the GPT plus the group site of Stony Creek but excludes Stage 1 at Bugiga, undertaken previously by others.

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Keche House / Javier Corvalán + Laboratorio de Arquitectura

February 28, 2022 Valeria Silva 0

The “Keche” house or the periscope of a stone submarine called Bulo, stranded in Yby’anguy in San Bernardino. It is well known that Le Corbusier landed in Asunción in1929. His trip is an unforeseen event on his agenda, although he left it recorded with notes and drawings as was his good habit. Much more interesting and I would even say exciting, is the story that makes him fly to Paraguay.

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SEEHAUS Hotel Complex / schmidt muenzberg architekten

February 5, 2022 Valeria Silva 0

The Valley of Palaces and Gardens is located in southwestern Poland, Lower Silesia. The valley has been a popular mountain retreat for centuries. There is also a centuries-old tradition of fish farming. For this purpose, artificial fish ponds were created by monks, whose origins go back to the 14th century. There is still a number of these ponds in the valley today.

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House to Wander / Indico

January 31, 2022 Valeria Silva 0

House to wander is located in the upper part of the town of Ajijic, with spectacular views of Lake Chapala and the Sierra de San Juan Cosala. The climate here is warm most of the year, which makes it possible to live the house towards the outside.

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YEK Villas / Open AD

January 19, 2022 Valeria Silva 0

On the eastern side of the Urals nature makes herself felt, seen and heard at all times of the year. There, amid the towering pines and birches of a secluded golf course is the property of Open AD’s client. The two geometrically sharp villas create the impression that they are levitating above ground. Their presence is felt, but subtle.

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Sun Path House / LUNAARCH

January 13, 2022 Valeria Silva 0

This house is situated in a small historic town called Kernave, located on the right bank of the river Neris, facing the old pine tree forest. In 2004 Kernave was listed in the UNESCO World Heritage. The historic land with forests and hills creates a perfect area for an oasis to relax from the city hustle. This house was created as a get-away for a young family of four to spend their weekends and holidays.

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The City Beyond Architecture. Sheng-Yuan Huang and the work of Fieldoffice Architects in Yilan, Taiwan.

January 10, 2022 Rene Submissions 0

The world of today is changing. The center of development has moved to Asia, where more than half of the world’s urban population is already living. In the future, Asian settlements will outnumber those of other continents. And, most interestingly, the Far East’s urbanization has nothing to do with what happened in the West, where suburbanism has finally come to dominate the landscape and the lives of most people. In Asia, activities are all mixed, and one can find agricultural production sitting side by side with housing, temples, or high-tech factories. It is a new kind of mixitè and, if