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Call for Entries: International Consultation for the Development Strategy and Implementation Strategy of Shenzhen Airport Economics Announcement

October 31, 2022 July Shao 0

In order to collect global intelligence and advanced ideas, and provide advice for the development of Shenzhen airport economics, the International Consultation for the Development Strategy and Implementation Strategy of Shenzhen Airport Economics was launched. Registration is now open to outstanding consultation institutions and planning and design institutions all over the world.

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Stargazing Pavilion / Atelier Liu Yuyang Architects

September 14, 2022 July Shao 0

Stargazing Pavilion
The main body of the building is divided into two independent spaces: The first floor is designed into a dodecagonal plan, which is an indoor service space defined by light steel structure and glass. The hemispherical membrane structure with a diameter of 6.6m on the second floor provides an operable shielding space for astronomical observation activities. With 18 thin columns as the foundational supports, the building “floats” on the natural soil to minimize the impact of its construction. The main structure is three pairs of “inverted V-shaped” columns supporting the second-floor slab, which not only gives an extremely visual tension but also provides sufficient anti-vibration stability for future observation use.

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Yazhou Bay Science & Technology City Industry Promotion Center / Gensler

September 8, 2022 July Shao 0

Inspired by Hainan’s indigenous culture and nature, the building form references the indigenous hut island architecture and floats like an island within the fluid natural landscape. As an important gateway to the Deep Sea Science and Technology City of Sanya, Hainan province, the Sanya Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City Industry Promotion Center incorporates a unique arrival experience with an authentic vernacular design. The project integrates nature and unique programming with a focused resilient strategy.

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Renovation of SEED DOWN Coffee / Atelier Waterside

September 7, 2022 July Shao 0

This is a takeaway coffee shop. Based on the first floor of a commercial office building near Huan Shi Dong Road, the ring road of Guangzhou City, it has only 9 square meters of indoor area. To differentiate and form an impression of the shop at the level of the street interface, we shaped our image through an independent structure, avoiding the common flatness when the façade is only a thin surface on the building’s finish. Meanwhile, we want to make the coffee shop’s facade a relatively closed way, keeping it somehow mysterious and facing the bustling street with ease.

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Shantou Preschool Education College / L&M DESIGN LAB

August 30, 2022 July Shao 0

Preschool teacher college is a vocational school for training preschool teachers. It emphasizes equally theoretical teaching and practical training and trains technical application-oriented talents for society. Under the background of the national development of higher vocational education, the design attempts to explore the new possibilities of the design for vocational colleges in the aspects of planning and organization, education mode, and space construction. The preschool teacher college is located on the seaside mountain. Due to the particularity of early childhood education, it is also a school with the majority of girls. Almost all students will work in the local area after graduation, and before they enter school, “women are secondary” is a consensus instilled in them by the entire local society. We attach great importance to the value of this college to the whole area.FOREST, FREEDOM, and FEMINIE is our design concept, which takes low-impact development, free space lines, and women’s value as the three entry points, taking greater advantage of the fiscal budget for the good of students and the community. The theme of the design is “daughter of the sea”, which is committed to presenting a utopian campus like a “giant kindergarten”, providing a natural, free and independent space environment so that students can freely spend their youth, learn skills and realize their values here, and spread this concept to local children through education.

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Renovation of Nanjing Daily Plot in Xi Nan Li / AZL Architects

August 28, 2022 July Shao 0

The Context. Originally built during the Jiaqing period of the Qing Dynasty, Ganxi Mansion, commonly known as “Ninety-nine Rooms and A Half”, is the largest and most completed old house compound existing in large Chinese cities. Usually, Xi Nan Li district refers to an area to the south side of Ganxi Mansion, which is a representative area of Nanjing Old City South, with the boundaries of Zhongshan Road on the east, Dingxin Road on the west, Shengzhou Road on the south, and Nima Lane on the north. During the Ming dynasty, this district might be one of the most prosperous areas in China. Starting from the archway of “South Street”, continuing to the shops on “North Street”, it was filled up with crowds and offering vast arrays of goods. However, from the end of the Qing Dynasty to the Republic of China, wars caused the gradual decline of these blocks, and instead of business, the function began to change into residential. Since 1949, the Xi Nan Li area still runs as a residential area. With the continuous improvement of Nanjing’s urban development and city functions, overall urban renewal work starts. While carrying Ganxi Mansion, Pingshi Street, Daban Lane, and Rongzhuang Street’s historic and cultural resources, and relying on the south market culture of the old city of Nanjing, Xi Nan Li district gradually develops into a very representative historical and cultural leisure district, including opera performance, intangible cultural heritage display, time-honored brands, master studios, and other formats, reproducing the scene of Southern Capital’s commercial prosperity, illustrated by Ming Dynasty artist Qiu Ying.

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No Name Art Museum / Atelier FCJZ

August 19, 2022 July Shao 0

Since a collection of Wu Dayu’s work might not be exhibited at this museum, the name of Wu Dayu Art Museum has been discontinued. We use No Name Art Museum only as a temporary measure. However, the design of this piece of architecture was very much inspired by him.   

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Situ Phoenix Island Hotel Renovation / ZhiXing Architects + Yongxinherui Engineering Consulting

May 30, 2022 July Shao 0

Present situation. The project is located in the Zhexi Reservoir, Anhua County, Hunan Province. The project was formerly a timber factory with a history of more than 60 years. In the past two decades, it was abandoned due to the decline of the timber company and became an idle facility in the countryside. In 2019, it was established by Anhua Meishan City Investment Group Co., Ltd. invested and transformed it into a supporting homestay along the lake ring of the Zhexi Reservoir Scenic Area. It hopes to revitalize the idle resources in rural areas through design and transformation, then promotes the revitalization of local villages and the development of tourism. The site consists of five vacant buildings, namely the office building (Building 1) of the original timber company, the restaurant (Building 2), the dormitory (Building 3 and 5), and the pigsty (Building 4). Due to the large construction area and limited cost, we intend to use the principles of low cost, minimal intervention, and making the best use of the situation to carry out renovation and utilization from the perspective of rational allocation of the renovation budget. According to the respective positional relationship, landscape conditions, and morphological characteristics of the five buildings, find their respective appropriate functional positioning.