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USM Haller creates “techno-chic” Coperni retail space at Parisian shop-in-shop

September 25, 2023 James Parkes 0

Parisian fashion brand Coperni has collaborated with Swiss furniture company USM Haller to create its first-ever boutique, a shop-in-shop at French department store Printemps Haussmann. The shop-in-shop, installed at Printemps Haussmann in Paris, marks Coperni’s first-ever physical retail location and will be replicated at London’s Selfridges store and China’s Duty Free Mall in Hainan Island.

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Avgvst Jewelry Berlin / Crosby Studios

September 19, 2023 Valeria Silva 0

The store features a retail space, a tattoo studio, and a secret garden. New Avgvst space is built around the concept of a “dark kitchen”: one that operates solely for delivery and takeaway orders, without a physical space for customers to dine in. There is a lot of manual labour and attention to detail, just like in making jewelry. Avgvst and Crosby see it as a wandering, nomadic shop put together from scratch, so the “upcycling” philosophy came naturally for the new space. Office blinds were repurposed as wall finishing materials, while foldable camping chairs and tables took place of “permanent” furniture, and restaurant equipment was transformed into display cases.

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Taikoo Li Qiantan Retail Wellness Center / 5+design

September 19, 2023 Valeria Silva 0

Taikoo Li Qiantan is the first retail wellness center of its kind, located in the middle of the new Qiantan Masterplan on the Huangpu River and south of the Shanghai Expo. Taikoo Li’s layered approach to retail combines principles of biophilic design and wellness, spread across 120,000 square meters.

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atmos BLUE Omotesando Store / SAKUMAESHIMA

September 16, 2023 Valeria Silva 0

This interior project for atmos BLUE Omotesando is in a busy area just off Meiji-dori and Omotesando intersection. For atmos, who continue to transmit high-street culture, it was necessary to create a space slightly out of the ordinary, detached from the context of the area, despite its location in Harajuku.

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Mobility Hub / archipelago + POLO

September 14, 2023 Hadir Al Koshta 0

The Mobility Hub at Eandistip in Mechelen demonstrates a new vision for parking infrastructure. The circular structure offers parking space for cars and bikes, as well as public rooftop terraces, box-in-box offices, and a local supermarket. The structure also anticipates a shift towards shared and self-driving cars, with compact parking configurations that free up space for additional functions. As part of a larger urban development, the Mobility Hub aims to become a dynamic transition zone, sustaining a smooth traffic flow between the city center and the periphery.

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Traditional Korean pavilions inform open-sided Aesop store in Seoul

September 8, 2023 Jane Englefield 0

Skincare brand Aesop has collaborated with designer Samuso Hyojadong to create a store in Seochon, Seoul, that features an open facade and an oversized stone plinth. Positioned in one of the oldest neighbourhoods of Seoul’s Jongno-gu district, the Seochon outlet was created to “fit harmoniously within its local context”, according to Aesop’s design team. When designing

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Rock&Ride Shenzhen MixC Popup Store / Within-Beyond Studio

September 5, 2023 Pilar Caballero 0

The architectural design inspiration for this project originates from the heavy industry domain, drawing from fuel towers and jet propulsion systems, with a focus on the dynamics of “energy storage” and “ejection.” It translates into a symbolic architectural space using concise language, aligning with the core spirit of the American retro jewelry brand Rock&Ride. The design is rich in passion and power, symbolizing the infusion of continuous energy into the free riders. The breakthrough in the context of block-type commerce lies in the open embrace of urban space, creating a favorable urban living experience. Simultaneously, the construction of the architectural image must strike a balance between artistry and mass appeal, allowing for a distinctive commercial space that can amplify the brand’s voice and inject new vitality into the urban landscape.

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Nakhla Brand Store / Yasmina Makram

September 2, 2023 Hadir Al Koshta 0

In the heart of the Grand Egyptian Museum, a retail pavilion takes center stage hosting the country’s most iconic brands. Nakhla, a family-owned legacy jeweler was selected amongst the very few to be featured in this grandiose location. When the second generation of the Nakhla family was looking to design their expansion from their flagship location, Yasmina Makram, felt like a natural choice for them.

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Burberry draws on minimalism at New Bond Street store

August 31, 2023 James Parkes 0

British luxury brand Burberry has renovated its New Bond Street store, which has been decorated with a minimalist scheme that is populated with striking contemporary furniture. Set on a prominent spot on the corner of New Bond Street and Conduit Street in central London, the 22,000-square-metre store is split across three levels. The flagship store

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