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Pastoral Symphony Installation / Bourguignon Quentin + Delebecque Marin + Doin Luc

July 13, 2022 Andreas Luco 0

Completed as part of the 16th edition of the Horizon “Art Nature” in Sancy, the project aims through different aspects, to shed light on and question the status of the rural world, its landscape, its inhabitants, its diversity, in its relationship with diverse contemporary problematics as tourism, building habits or ecology. Both temporal and visual artifact, the symbol of the bell tower is synonymous with centrality. This focal point here is moved into the heart of what makes Sancy as it is, as much as its cities and villages: its rural activity.

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Monumental Wonders Exhibition / OMA

June 10, 2022 Clara Ott 0

What does natural stone have to offer to contemporary design? What is its place among today’s abundance of synthetic materials? Monumental Wonders explores the potential of marble in furniture and interior design both as a raw and a recycled material. The exhibition features a furniture set designed by OMA for SolidNature as well as a series of experiments in recycling leftovers from the manufacturing process.

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The Great Lakes Architectural Expedition Exhibition / Drawing Agency

May 21, 2022 Pilar Caballero 0

On December 8th, 2008, the States and Territories of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Montreal, and Quebec, signed into law the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River Basin Water Resources Compact [The Great Lakes Compact], prohibiting water removal outside the Lakes’ drainage basins and creating a sealed eco-political zone within the United States and Canada.

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Interchange Pavilion / Studio Chris Fox

April 28, 2022 Bianca Valentina Roșescu 0

‘Interchange Pavilion’ by Studio Chris Fox is a meeting place where tracks converge, a place of interchange where paths cross. Peeling from the ground plane, geometries arc overhead to create an embracing volume; a point of confluence. Drawing inspiration from the precinct’s rail history, artist director of the of multi-disciplinary design studio Chris Fox, worked with the salient geometries of the railroad switch. This is the point at which a train can change its course, moving from one trajectory to another.

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Hanji House Pavilion / Stefano Boeri Architetti

April 21, 2022 Paula Pintos 0

Designed by Stefano Boeri Architetti, the Hanji House is a site-specific commissioned pavilion made in dialogue with the exhibition Chun Kwang Young: Times Reimagined – that features 40 large-scale mulberry-paper reliefs, sculptures, and installations created by the Korean artist Chun Kwang Young, at the Palazzo Contarini Polignac, in Venice.

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Get In Get Out Installation / CLB Architects

April 11, 2022 Bianca Valentina Roșescu 0

Get Out/Get In was created as an art installation for two Jackson Hole community events. The first, PARKing Day, transforms parking spaces around town into temporary public art interventions. The capacities of a parking space determined the dimensions for the Get Out/Get In structure. The second event, GLOW Nights, is a month-long must-see exhibit produced by Jackson Hole Public Art. This Teton Village event features original art installations which use colorful light as a medium to celebrate the unique phenomena found in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Artists draw inspiration from the megafauna, calderas, hot springs, and dramatic vistas that inspire.

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Gold Digger Installation / Nicola Baldassarre + Salvatore Dentamaro + Francesco Di Salvo + Ilyass Erraklaouy

April 6, 2022 Luciana Pejić 0

Gold Digger is an installation that explores the world of curiosity and discovery. This was the theme of the 2021 edition of the festival “A Cel Obert”, a festival of ephemeral interventions that has been held annually since 2014 in the city of Tortosa in Catalonia. The festival aims at transforming unknown historical spaces into a stage for artistic creations and reclaiming the architectural heritage of the city through ephemeral art.

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Plume Installation / CLB Architects

Plume references a geyser in sculptural form, cyclically undulating to the rhythm of the earth’s core and the prevailing weather of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. A reinforced, wood frame skeletal system is draped in layered white fabric that is illuminated from within.

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FaceTime Installation / CLB Architects

March 29, 2022 Bianca Valentina Roșescu 0

Park(ing) Day occurs the third Friday of every September. Started in 2005 in San Francisco, the worldwide event calls for creative people to transform parking spots into temporary public parks. The Jackson Hole Park(ing) Day event was the first display of The Facetime structures.

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Scale Less Installation / Colab-19 + MoBo

March 28, 2022 Valeria Silva 0

Two young Colombian architecture studios, Mo.Bo. and Colab-19, have designed an innovative hempcrete installation in London to pay tribute to Rogelio Salmona (1929 – 2007), arguably the most influential architect in Colombian history.