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House of Circles / LAND Arquitectos

February 19, 2023 Clara Ott 0

The commission was to build a second home for the grandparents of the family, the idea is to share with all their children and grandchildren at the same time, the site is located on a privileged rocky point facing the sea about 300 kilometers north of Santiago, where It could be evidenced that the Chilean desert begins, the terrain presents a gentle slope and is covered by clusters of native vegetation type creeping scrub and cacti of important ecological value that are key to preserve.

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Betono Fabrikas Concrete Factory Conversion / DO Architects

February 18, 2023 Clara Ott 0

“The Concrete factory” is a place where industrial meets creative. The building is situated in the old industrial district of the capital city Vilnius. A former industrial territory was entirely dedicated to making various concrete elements for housing blocks that were widely built around the country during the Soviet period. After the fall of the soviet union, the area got abandoned and scattered, however, most of its distinct character industrial buildings remained untouched.

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Afterlife of Pavilions: Exploring Reuse in Temporary Architecture

February 16, 2023 Clara Ott 0

Temporary pavilions and installations, such as those used in events, exhibitions, or festivals, present themselves as a great challenge when addressing the circular economy in architecture due to their ephemeral condition. It seems contradictory to address resource management and try to extract the maximum value from the materials and minimize waste and pollution while designing a structure that is meant to be used for a limited period of time. However, there are several strategies to rethink the way we are designing these structures in order to promote circularity.

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Operations Within Apartments / Natura Futura Arquitectura

February 10, 2023 Clara Ott 0

In the last 40 years, the city of Babahoyo, Ecuador, with a population of approximately 150,000 inhabitants, has suffered a significant decrease in the construction of government-supported collective housing in favor of the development of speculative urban models with an economic focus on the outskirts of the city. This and other urban processes have resulted in the continuous deterioration of multi-family blocks, social segregation, the privatization of public space, abandonment of housing units, and an increase in the perception of insecurity.

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House in the Rodeo / Pablo Senmartin

February 4, 2023 Clara Ott 0

This single-family home is located in the closed neighborhood of El Rodeo, La Calera, which is part of a succession of suburban closed neighborhoods located to the west of the city of Córdoba, with the idea of living with greater security and contact with nature, just a few minutes from the city.

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Ovenbird House / BAUEN

January 25, 2023 Clara Ott 0

“There, if the mud is soft,
sings its sincere joy.
I would like to be a ovenbird
and make my hut singing.

As its house is the center
of all love and skill,
he takes it out of his head
and puts his heart inside.

He works it in straw and mud,
he works it beautifully,
that in mud and straw
is a bizarre architect.”

“El Hornero” – Leopoldo Lugones

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Houston Endowment Headquarters / Kevin Daly Architects + PRODUCTORA

January 12, 2023 Clara Ott 0

The Houston Endowment headquarters has been thoughtfully designed to be the center of a network, equally a meeting place for members of the community and for the distribution of resources and expertise back to the community at large. The headquarters was imagined to have an anchoring quality in a transient city, a measure against the significant urban transformation that has followed the restoration of the Buffalo Bayou and the surrounding neighborhood.

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Therese Livable Sculpture / BUREAU

December 23, 2022 Clara Ott 0

This is a story that began in the Swiss mountains as an echo of the writings of the Swiss novelist Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz. This plot gave birth to Antoine, a peculiar architectural creature that welcomes many nomadic inhabitants and nature enthusiasts since 2014, offering them shelter inside the figure of the boulder. The story continues, becoming a short series with the appearance of a new member, Thérése, built in 2022.