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Tribeca Restaurant – Alicante / Noname 29

May 16, 2022 Clara Ott 0

Five hundred kilos of Calatorao stones, stainless steel 3mx1.5m plates, solid Spanish walnut wood 50 mm thick. Thickness is the word that would define the proposal and the “raw” presence of the material, responsible for building its friendly atmosphere. Five large blocks of stone, which seem to float, build a fluctuating “magma”.

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Luce and Pablo Residence / Mínimo Común Arquitectura

May 4, 2022 Clara Ott 0

It was January 23, 2020. A hot morning, like so many during the summers in the capital of Paraguay, Asunción. The temperature hovered around 29 degrees Celsius at just 8:30 am. The characteristic sound of the mobile phone makes its appearance inside the office of the small studio, located in the Ricardo Brugado neighborhood, better known as the Chacarita neighborhood. At the third repetition Solanito picks up:
-Hello, what are you doing, Tapiti?
-Of course, Tapiti, I remember, right away.
-Alright, see you on Friday Tapiti, greetings to Luce.
Before any questions, an answer. Pablito wants to get together to discuss his house that we talked about yesterday after soccer. The story of some determined friends building a future home.

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Yorck Kino Passage Cinema / Batek Architekten

April 27, 2022 Clara Ott 0

One of Berlin’s oldest cinemas shines again. With their signature sensitivity towards existing spaces, Batek Architekten has brought new allure to the foyer and two smaller auditoriums of the Passage cinema through a series of precise interventions. This has allowed the historic aura of the hundred-year-old building in Neukölln to unfold in new ways yet simultaneously fulfill the functional and aesthetic requirements for a visit to a contemporary cinema.

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ArchDaily Chile Headquarters / SITE Oficinas

April 25, 2022 Clara Ott 0

The reformulation of the organizational structure of Archdaily’s central offices, with the consolidation of meeting spaces so necessary to its way of working, was the starting point of the project. Today the value of workspaces is not only found in individual activities, but also in the potential of spaces that foster the exchange of ideas. Kitchens, dining rooms, stairs and terraces come to play a leading role in the work of a creative organization.

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Ichihara Life and Work Commission Office / kurosawa kawara-ten

April 22, 2022 Clara Ott 0

In 2020, with COVID-19 raging, the remote work has been installed semi compulsorily, a very innovative lifestyle for Japan, it was thought that more people would consider leaving densely populated areas such as central Tokyo and Chiba City to live in the suburbs or more rural areas. In response to the emergency situation caused by the corona crisis, Ichihara City in Chiba Prefecture established “the Ichihara Life and Work Commission”, a public-private partnership to accept people who wanted to move to the satoyama area, while at the same time taking measures to prevent infection.

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The Exo-interior Restaurant / Paad Architects

April 19, 2022 Clara Ott 0

By its very definition, the architectural threshold is the operational device to delineate the interior condition as it relates to, while standing out, against the exterior condition. The very same architectural device, allows for negotiation between what is owned by the owner and the city that is shared among all.

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Chiripa Building / PALMA

April 18, 2022 Clara Ott 0

Chiripa is a project that seeks to experiment with the way users relate to each other in an undefined typology, a hybrid between house, apartment and hotel. Six units that, depending on the needs of the visitors, can be used in different configurations, constantly changing the way they are inhabited.

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Casa E15 / Centro Cero

March 28, 2022 Clara Ott 0

The project is located in a country club on Route 6, in the district of Marcos Paz, province of Buenos Aires. In a predominantly rural setting, the neighborhood takes the form of two leaf-shaped clusters, containing a large central park. Bordering on this void, at the end of the area, is the lot on which the house stands.

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Casa Rampa / Baquio Arquitectura

March 23, 2022 Clara Ott 0

The project, is a single-family house located in Valle de los Chillos in the city of Quito, Ecuador. The client’s main request is a house without stairs or obstacles, a home that is easy to walk around.