Stylish Modern Home Interior With Unique Accent Pieces

Unique accent pieces pepper this 900-square-meter luxury home in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China. Visualized by Shexia Space Design, this home interior is a modern vision that amuses the eye at every turn. From colorful accent chairs to striking light fixtures, there is always an interesting focal point or two to elevate every room. We’ll find a unique TV wall in the open-plan living space, observe the grand aesthetic of a double-height dining room void, and tiptoe up an elegant spiral staircase design. There is also a welcoming entertaining area with a games table, bar, traditional tea table, and a cozy conversation pit that’s set beneath a huge skylight.

A curved sofa breaks up the linearity of the long, open-plan living space. Its dark upholstery is contrasted by a bright red accent chair on the opposite side of the room.

A round coffee table with a clear glass extension forms the core of the lounge furniture layout. The rounded table component curves gently into the bend of the sofa design, whilst the glazed element draws in line with the TV feature wall.

Magazines and coffee table books gather alongside a modern fruit bowl and a glass vase to fashion a homely centerpiece.

The TV feature wall ends in a rough, freeform edge beside the red accent chair. Together, the two eye-catching elements form a unique vignette.

An open doorway allows the eye to wander past the TV wall into the hallway, where a piece of driftwood serves as a decorative column between two modern storage units.

The open-plan lounge flows into a bright and airy, double-height dining room. The beige upholstered dining chairs feature a curved silhouette, which complements the living room sofa.

Huge beaded pendant lights loop down through the double-height void, like two great strings of pearls. Beneath them, the wooden dining table slots directly into a stone kitchen island to create one continuous volume.

The kitchen island is a solid, monolithic design with the kitchen sink and an induction hob set into the countertop.

The kitchen walls are clad with wood panels that merge with the cabinetry to achieve a seamless look.

Gray marble wall shelves attractively display a collection of drinking glasses.

A hot water tap is installed right alongside the black kitchen faucet for convenience. A planter is built into the window sill, placing indoor plants in direct sunlight.

A charging point is installed on the stone kitchen countertop.

This smaller lounge area is part of the master bedroom suite. A white sofa and a warm brown accent chair are arranged around a cool gray area rug to create a tonal ensemble.

Out on the balcony, a rocking chair offers a restful spot for reading in the fresh air or gazing out upon the view.

A black TV mount darkly contrasts the white room decor.

Beside the sofa, a unique suspension bookcase forms a sculptural focal point.

An elegant white spiral staircase design curvaceously divides the lounge area from the sleep space. Wood flooring continues through the open plan space to create cohesivity.

Clear glass balustrades cause minimum disruption to the view and flow of natural light through the balcony doors.

A white slatted screen partially closes off the bedroom space to further define the two separate zones.

Inside the sleeping quarters, an upholstered bed introduces a bold, deep red accent. A slimline end of bed bench rests on a textured rug.

A unique wall light snakes up a wood-paneled headboard feature wall. Small wooden bedside tables tuck inside the winged headboard design.

Indoor plants add a flash of contrasting greenery against the rich red headboard upholstery. A faux fur scatter cushion layers texture upon a fresh white bed linen set.

White stucco blocks extrude from the wall at the foot of the bed to create an intriguing, abstract statement.

The minimalist bathroom has a crisp black and white decor scheme and a beautiful arched window reveal. A freestanding bathtub is well-placed to appreciate the view. White pebbles form textured borders around the polished concrete floor.

A second arched window reveal hosts a modern pedestal basin. A freestanding faucet fills the streamlined vessel.

The entertainment room has a fun and welcoming vibe. A round conversation pit is sunken into the floor at the foot of a gray marble staircase design. Positioned at the heart of the room, it calls together friends and family for a catch-up, drinks, and laughter. A full bar is installed across the back wall, making this a great party room.

A games table is set up in the corner of the social space. Red upholstered chairs create a bright, energized buzz in the white scheme. An indoor plant adds a homely touch to the wooden table.

On the opposite side of the room, there is a traditional Chinese tea table.

A huge skylight mirrors the shape of the round conversation pit. Outdoor plants sway around its edges.

Courtyard areas fringe the room, adding textured green accents and an uplifting touch of nature.

Cobalt blue accents enliven the modern home office in the shape of two upholstered desk chairs. A wall of glass bricks shares natural light with the neighboring room.

A two-tone wood effect desk design introduces a geometric motif.

A unique floor lamp adds a bright gold accent to the decor palette.

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