Powerful Interior Designs With Stone Feature Walls & Furniture

Powerful rockface feature walls and stone furniture pieces create this exhilarating collection of inspiring home interiors. We’ve included a selection of home designs that explore different depths of stone texture to create fabulous feature walls. From shallow grooves to magnificent mountainsides, there is something here to impress every want and desire. We’ve also thrown in a plethora of hero pieces to impress the stone aesthetic without taking it to the walls, such as a unique stone kitchen island, and one-of-a-kind bathroom designs with stone sanitaryware. Many of these abodes are built right into the natural rockface, which towers as vaulted ceilings over wide-open, wonderful living spaces.

Visualizer: NT viz  

Breathtaking in its connection to nature, this awesome home design seems to straddle modern indoor and natural outdoor aesthetics. A towering rockface wall dominates a large bedroom space, where a canopy of greenery pools on an enormous round skylight.

A round bed and round bedroom rug reflect the circular skylight. Muted green bed covers and a matching green bedroom chair tie in with the thick and shady canopy of plants. Slender floor lamps leap high to highlight the rocky bedroom feature wall.

A vanity area is situated to one side of this unique bedroom design. A stone pedestal sink blends into a curtain of climbing plants, as though it were part of a garden. An open shower space design is cut smoothly into the textured rock.

One slimline mirror slices thinly down the wall, throwing soft illumination from its sides.

Visualizer: Mario Maleš  

Our second stone home interior includes the hot red hue of the desert.

A flat ceiling drops between the red boulders.

The bedroom area is set upon a level floor.

A modern linear bed design contrasts cleanly with the rolling red rockface.

A modern bedside lamp dramatically highlights the texture of the contoured walls.

Plants grow amongst the crags.

With so much natural detail in the room, the bed set is kept simple in solid grey and white.

Visualizer: Nazar Tsymbaliuk  

The textured rockface feature walls in our third featured home design are balanced with smooth white rendered counterparts. Soft grey sofas pull out the natural hue of the rock, threading it around the edges of the predominantly white decor scheme.

A continuation of the rockface wall builds a dramatic backdrop for a modern staircase design. Glass balustrades and open risers allow the rugged feature to be admired from every angle in the home entryway. A dual aspect fireplace complements the glass edges of the staircase.

In the master bedroom of this home, a rock headboard wall makes an attention-grabbing statement.

A round rug works toward softening the rugged appearance of the rock bedroom design. A bespoke platform bed appears to float weightlessly above it.

The stone wall continues for the full length of the bedroom and into an open plan ensuite bathroom area. Here, a smooth stone bathtub adds a unique touch with tactile curves.

Visualizer: Nazar Tsymbaliuk  

This Norwegian mountainside home is blessed with a uniquely textured stone feature wall and a matching mountainside view to boot.

Blush pink accents sweeten the grey rock statement wall and grey lounge furniture arrangement.

The lounge opens into a spacious kitchen and formal dining area.

Visualizer: Tetro Arquitetura  

Next, we travel to an inspiring abode with a sloping mountainside structure.

The back of the kitchen cuts right into the rock face, whilst a sleek island design slices cleanly in front. A long dining table matches the impressive scale of the kitchen island.

A games room and bar nestle cosily into the mountainside.

Retractable glass doors and clerestory windows drink in every bit of the breathtaking panorama.

Visualizer: Bartosz Domiczek  

In this deep green accent home interior, the contrasting red rock wall gains added oomph from the addition of LED perimeter lights.

Visualizer: Denis Kalyan  

Another rich red rockface wall inspires a deep red bedroom decor scheme. This time the atmospheric perimeter lights dip below an open plan ensuite bathroom too.

Visualizer: Igor Sirotov  

This mountain home appears almost ecclesiastical with its steeple shaped ceiling. A stainless steel kitchen and chrome kitchen bar stools slide through the interior like a flow of liquid mercury.

Exposed ductwork adds to the industrial appearance of the steel kitchen.

The stainless steel kitchen units and worktops reflect natural light deep into the mountain.

Shadowy corners are given a magical appearance with LED uplights.

Spectacular contoured rock negates the need for wall decor of any kind.

Designer: YOHO DESIGN  
Visualizer: Moroes  

In this amazing home interior, the mountainside touches down in different spots, like bolts of black lighting.

The black rock divides a chic bedroom space from its bright ensuite bathroom.

A TV set and media unit attach to one side of the rock, to serve the bedroom, whilst the opposite side is occupied by the bathroom vanity.

This beautifully tonal stone wall belongs to an enviable home workspace with a dreamy view.

Visualizer: Maxim Stavskiy  

Torn between two aesthetics, this unique neoclassical design features artistically crumbled boiserie panelling that gives way to bold rockface.

A grey upholstered bed and a glass closet add modern flavour.

A bright bedside table lamp brings the rock texture to life.

Visualizer: Studio M6  

Whilst this home does feature a rock accent wall, it is the fabulous stone kitchen island that steals the show. A strip of unique kitchen pendant lights add to the extraordinary attraction.

Visualizer: Lidija Grozdanić  

A rockface reading room is the stuff of dreams and wild imaginations. A comfortable reading chair counteracts the cool effect of the solid stone.

Visualizer: Mahmoud M. Abd El Aziz  

Cognac brown poufs and rich wood tone fashion a warming counteraction for the black stone statement wall in this sophisticated bedroom concept. Elegant pendant lights add delicate distraction.

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