Neoclassical Interior Design With Confident Flair

This neoclassical interior design scheme pushes the boundaries of bold design with confident black marble elements and sculptural furniture. Visualized by Milana Ruslanovna, this luxurious apartment features a stunning open-plan living space with custom-built shelving units and a chic neoclassical kitchen concept. An enormous, traditional ceiling rose crowns the lounge area with exquisite carving, while panel molding dresses trendy greige walls with a smart aesthetic. Pendant lights, wall sconces, and kitchen island lights are chic yet understated, and rugs take a backseat to eye-catching statement chairs and tables. The bedroom is a plush, high-end haven, and the bathroom a place of absolute luxury and relaxation.

A modern, curved sofa forms the elegant centerpiece of this symmetrical neoclassical living room layout. Its white upholstery appears clean and pure under the sunlight that pours through large black-framed windows. A black accent cushion punctuates the fresh white seating.

Wood herringbone flooring covers the entire open-plan living space to create a cohesive link between the sitting area, dining space, and kitchen.

The curved sofa rests at the edge of a plush living room rug. The rug’s soft greige colorway gently complements greige paintwork around the perimeter of the room.

A unique coffee table lays down a heavy, rugged stone component. Its striking texture makes a hard juxtaposition with the elegant neoclassical decor scheme. Coffee table books serve as casual accessories.

Chic panel molding trims the room, framing a wall-mounted TV and two modern wall sconces.

Deep crown molding disguises the curtain rails.

Two black sculptural chairs flank a bold black media console unit. These are Etcetera lounge chairs by Jan Ekselius for Swedish brand Artilleriet

The formal dining space floats between the sitting area and kitchen in the open plan arrangement. Black marble display shelves serve as a bold visual anchor for the eating area. The shelving unit also doubles as a light-permeable dividing wall between the living room and the hallway.

A large but understated dining room pendant light hovers elegantly above the round pedestal dining table.

The marble dining table features a matching Lazy Susan and a ceramic planter at its center.

The neoclassical kitchen benefits from a long island with a dining bar.

Black bar stools seat up to four people at the dining island.

A large kitchen island chandelier lights the full length of the countertop.

An enormous, intricately molded ceiling rose gives the subtle dining table pendant light a grand presence.

Wine glasses are dramatically displayed within a column of backlit shelving in the kitchen.

The black marble display shelves also conceal structural columns.

A large art print is framed by panel molding in the hallway.

A backlit decorative wall mirror burns brightly in the home entryway, completing an attractive vignette with a modern upholstered bench.

Open kitchen shelving is backed with mirrored panels to reflect light.

Exquisite moldings edge the kitchen island lighting.

A white marble waterfall countertop encases the kitchen island.

A matching white marble backsplash patterns the back wall of the kitchen with fine gray veining.

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The neoclassical bedroom is a large and airy space with high ceilings and stunning decorative moldings.

A moon-like wall light glows above a curved headboard. Two unique bedroom pendant lights descend upon round black bedside tables.

Interior doors are camouflaged within the wall molding so that they almost disappear from view. Only their black hardware gives them away.

The black tufted end-of-bed bench is complemented by a dark bed throw.

A pair of back bedroom chairs are teamed with a small side table to form a conversational seating area between two large bedroom windows. Monochrome artwork fills the blank space between the glass. Sheer white voiles gently filter the sunlight.

The translucent side table is topped with a stack of chunky coffee table books, a small decorative vase, and a ceramic incense burner.

A curved media console table makes a fun addition to the TV wall. A glass vase displays a small floral arrangement.

The bathroom is a luxurious space, clad from floor to ceiling in smooth white marble slabs. A freestanding bathtub is elevated upon a raised platform floor. A ribbon of LED light draws attention to its stage. A contemporary chandelier spotlights the bathtub from above.

Two small side tables are teamed with the freestanding bathtub to give the homeowner a place to put toiletries and towels, or wine and candles. A sculptural vase adds a unique touch.

A tower of recessed shelving houses a larger collection of toiletries, as well as a sweet-smelling reed diffuser and a mini decorative vase.

A black wall-hung toilet and bidet set make dark contradiction with the light, panel-molded bathroom walls. The black sanitaryware set is matched by a black marble wet wall inside of the shower space.

Brass bathroom fixtures provide a subtle, warm sheen around the pale room.

Open shelves provide a decorative element to the shower space. LED perimeter lighting adds a moody glow.

Frameless, sliding glass doors seal off the shower without a fuss.

Glass globe bathroom vanity lights hang in clusters, like shiny jewels.

The marble double sink bathroom vanity melds with matching white marble walls.

A custom-cut, frameless vanity mirror is illuminated around its edge. The linear glow joins with the clustered bathroom pendant lights to create a stunning light feature.

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