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Maximising Modernity In Transitional Neoclassical Interiors

August 30, 2021 HD Staff 0

Neoclassical decor first emerged in 18th-century Britain and France, drawing from classic Roman and Greek architecture and art. It originally highlighted ornamental columns and reliefs, gilted accessories, plush swags, and opulent furniture. As time moved on, the neoclassical interior style evolved to include chic modern pieces that gently meld with the classical influence. Now, the […]

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Mid-century Mix: What Happens When The Famous Style Melds With Others

August 13, 2021 HD Staff 0

Mid century modern meets a crash of contemporary and classical decor themes in these three home designs. Each exquisite interior takes a sip from multiple eras and styles to create interesting combinations that excite the eye. We travel first to a lakehouse that incorporates an eclectic combo of elements to shape a chic and sophisticated […]

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Neoclassical Interior Spliced With Sage Green & Pink Decor

July 15, 2021 HD Staff 0

Lovingly preserved historical heritage brings neoclassical intricacy to this exquisite apartment that overlooks Bolshoi Prospekt, at the very heart of the Petrogradka District of St. Petersburg, Russia. Visualised by Rindes, this elegant residence boasts original crown moulding and deeply decorative stucco moulding across impressively high ceilings. Wainscotting has been manipulated to disguise interior doors, and […]

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Two Art Focussed Neoclassical Home Interiors

July 12, 2021 HD Staff 0

Amongst an array of classic wainscot and decorative boiserie, we find a counterbalance of modern furniture pieces and unexpected colour palettes in these two glorious neoclassical style home interiors. Classic art makes statements of discerning taste and a certain social status, whilst the contemporary influences bear testament to forward-thinking and awareness of moving trends. Our […]

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Subtle Grey Interiors With Classic Details

June 21, 2021 HD Staff 0

Subtle grey decor covers this modern apartment interior with a sense of calm and sophistication, whilst classic details add history and character. Visualised by Alexander Belkov, the home is designed to encompass the modernly coveted open plan living space arrangement with a large kitchen dining island and a dedicated spot for the obligatory home workspace. […]

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Light & Luxury Interiors With Elegant Neoclassical Style

March 31, 2021 HD Staff 0

Elegant light layers, smooth luxury marble features, exquisite boiserie and smart wainscot panels come together to create three stunning neoclassical style spaces. Shapely modern twists spike the classical backdrops to create homes that are relevant and functional whilst exquisitely beautiful. It is perhaps the exceptional modern lighting options that form the most significant element in […]

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3 Ultra-Modern Takes on Neoclassical Interior Inspiration

August 15, 2019 HD Staff 0

Bridging the gap between the traditional and contemporary, neoclassical design offers a rich method of self-expression that differs from eclectic and transitional styles in a few important ways. Neoclassical interiors embrace luxury – far from modest, but careful to remain tasteful. It offers a playground for bold colors more than its transitional pastel-hued neighbor. It […]

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Intense Neoclassical Interior with Cobalt and Emerald Coloured Accents

May 31, 2019 HD Staff 0

Emerald and cobalt coloured accents cross this dramatic dark grey canvas, which is adorned with neoclassical flair. Moments of raw concrete cool some utilitarian floors, whilst rich natural wood tone elements bring cosy warmth, and metallics add in luxurious sheen. The open plan interior, visualised by Oleg Tyrnov, is a bold scheme of contrasts. Contemporary […]

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Grey Based Neoclassical Interior Design With Muted & Metallic Accents

April 26, 2019 HD Staff 0

Adding metallic and muted colour accents to a grey based neoclassical interior, like this one designed and visualised by Quadroroom, brings the sophisticated aesthetic to life. This particular interior is a family home, so there are beautiful kids rooms here too, with a mixture of new and classic style inspiration. The entire apartment scheme straddles […]

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Two Neoclassical Home Interiors In Shades Of Grey

March 18, 2019 HD Staff 0

We’ve coupled together two sophisticated home interiors that illustrate how grey decor melds beautifully with the neoclassical style. The first is a chic and sleek, modern meets classic affair. Wall panel molding has been added into the surroundings to trim and accentuate some more contemporary pieces. Gold and copper trims and accessories add shine and […]