Color-Dashed Neoclassical Interiors On Contrasting Scales

Brief dashes of color disrupt these two pale home interiors, which illustrate the neoclassical aesthetic on two different scales. Our first featured home design is a large and luxurious space with wide, open archways and modern linear furniture choices. Large paintings with bright, acidic color combinations shatter the peaceful look. Mermaid-worthy shell-like chairs add a sea-green spray in the dining room, which contrasts with a lairy purple chandelier. The second of our two neoclassical home interiors is set on a much smaller scale. Here, multicolored abstract art shakes up the living room palette. Bright blue dining chairs give a tiny dining area a bold presence, and red walls define a compact entryway nook.

Visualizer: 梦太初  

The larger of our two featured home interiors has an open-plan luxury living room. Huge windows fill the airy space with natural light.

Arched framework builds an elegant silhouette around the windows, which ties in with a wide archway that leads the hallway. Intricate crown molding trims the perimeter of the neoclassical living room, like a laced hem.

A glass living room chandelier carries a golden yellow tone. The color loosely ties in with a piece of illustrative wall art, though the hues in the painting are much more vivid. The acidic multicolor art piece makes a striking juxtaposition with refined, classical beige wall paneling.

White marble coffee tables restore sophistication at the heart of the large room. A tall floral arrangement and a small stack of coffee books fashion a chic centerpiece. The TV slips away inside its integrated wooden mount when not in use.

A column side table speaks of ancient Greek architecture. Another piece of colorful wall art disrupts the panel-molded beige walls.

A large planter pot reflects light with its chrome finish. A well-populated book column climbs the corner of the room.

Out in the hallway, white marble tiles complete a smooth, luxe floor treatment. Glass balustrades build a clear boundary around a descending stairwell, which is reflected in a mesmerizing, mirrored ceiling. A unique wall sconce lights the way.

Double doors lead off the living room in two directions, making it a central hub.

A restful treetop view stretches across the arched windows.

Wood herringbone flooring adds a layer of warmth to the pale, formal neoclassical decor scheme.

A plush pink accent chair brings deep texture to the room. Its fluffy profile complements a feathery, decorative mirror frame.

In the neoclassical dining room, a white marble dining table is wonderfully framed by an arched backdrop.

Shell-like swivel chairs introduce a clear, sea-green element, which makes playful contrast with an attention-grabbing purple chandelier.

A freeform convex mirror pools above a fluted glass buffet unit.

The kitchen features a long, wide layout with a white marble island in the center.

A fabulous modern chandelier threads above the large kitchen island, spreading illumination across the dining table extension.

Upholstered dining chairs seat four people at the white marble dining table.

A modern bench smartly furnishes the home entryway.

Visualizer: Maxim Shpinkov  

The smaller of our two neoclassical home examples illustrates a smart use of space.

Textured white walls and pale furniture keep the compact living space looking bright and airy, while abstract wall art delivers a punch of color.

A small circle chandelier gracefully crowns the living room and draws attention to an exquisite ceiling rose.

A small coffee table reflects light with high-shine brass sides.

The small sofa faces the TV wall, where two shelving columns house audio equipment.

A black and white area rug lays bold pattern onto the wood herringbone floor.

The tiny home entryway nook is briefly defined with deep merlot red paintwork. The rich hue solidly covers the ceiling and all three walls, including the baseboards. A matching dark red door completes the color-blocked effect.

A glass screen lightly divides the lounge area from the kitchen, retaining the visual depth of the apartment.

The transition area between the living room and the kitchen is utilized as a cozy dining area for two. A tall plant provides a subtle screen between the cooking area and the eating zone.

An industrial-style dining room pendant light complements a wall of exposed brickwork in the kitchen, stylistically tying the two zones together.

Bright blue dining chairs flank the small dining table, giving the mini dining area a much greater impact in the multifunctional living space.

Large wall art assists in visually anchoring the small eating area. A decorative vase and a dried floral arrangement fashion a pretty dining table centerpiece. A vertical radiator squeezes into the narrow gap that remains between the two windows.

Inside the small kitchen, exposed brickwork, a raw concrete statement wall, and pipework shelving build a distinctly industrial vibe.

A full-length window fills the small kitchen with sunshine and a view over the city.

The one wall kitchen installation features clean white cabinets and warm wooden accents.

A rustic bed and a matching wooden bedside unit bring warmth to the white neoclassical bedroom design.

A dainty brass bedroom chandelier is teamed with modern bedside pendant lights.

Delicate crown molding counterbalances the rustic features.

The soft gray bedroom rug relates to a dark gray knitted bed throw and a matching vanity chair.

An indoor tree thrives by the large bedroom windows.

At the foot of the bed, a white console unit serves as the bedroom TV stand.

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