Muted Modern Home Interiors That Promote Calm & Relaxation

We could all do with a little more tranquillity in our fast-paced, technologically turbulent modern lifestyles. Muted cream and soft white interior decor creates a peaceful fusion that promotes calm and relaxation, which is elegantly demonstrated in these three inspirational modern home interiors. Soft lighting accentuates the restful cream and white decor palette and sets a warmly atmospheric scene for daily life. High-end furniture pieces shape upmarket layouts within spacious lounges, stylish dining areas, sleek kitchens, smart home workspaces, and luxurious bedroom designs. Natural wood components, indoor plants and wicker accessories pull complementary natural elements into the mix, whilst stark black accents build sharp contemporary contrast.

Visualizer: Design Town Zhumengya Botaofirm  

A unique modern sofa design leaves spaces for a sunlit courtyard view to filter through into our first featured interior. An indoor plant brings the greenery into the living room at the edge of a textured rug. The ribbed rug design that emulates the raked sand of a Japanese karesansui garden.

Dark green bolster cushions are inspired by the green courtyard vista and the indoor plants that flourish around the room. Perimeter LEDs softly illuminate the projector-friendly living room design without creating intense pockets of light.

A modern staircase design rises behind the open plan living room. LED strips brightly illuminate each wooden tread. A frameless glass balustrade almost disappears from sight.

A fabulous spherical planter rests by the modern fireplace. A spotlight is projected onto the elegant foliage to create an artistic silhouette against the crisp white wall. See more ideas for unique modern planters.

A Spun chair, designed by Thomas Heatherwick for Magis, stylishly rounds out the lounge furniture layout.

Just off the open plan lounge, a Japanese tea room is formally set out in true ceremonial style. An authentic cast-iron Tetsubin teapot provides practical use and decorative value to the modern wood and glass table.

The courtyard provides a perfectly peaceful background for restful tea drinking.

The kitchen is a sleek wooden design with contrasting black and white wall cabinets. A white marble kitchen island steals the spotlight at the centre of the layout. Modern bar stools fashion a breakfast bar along one side of the island.

A white marble backsplash matches with the luxe island finish.

Inside the bedroom, a glass display case lightly screens the entryway from the ensuite bathroom.

Black and white artwork makes a bold focal point opposite the bedroom window.

The second bedroom design features a warm wooden headboard design and a geometric hand-tufted area rug.

A modern chaise lounge chair reclines by the wide window.

The last bedroom features wood panelled corners that create a cosy cocoon around an upholstered grey bed. LED strips subtly highlight the edges.

A backlit wardrobe adds atmospheric light beside a home workspace.

This dedicated home office space is furnished with a built-in window seat, where the home owner can take a few moments of relaxation between projects. A muted green seat cushion adds a pop of fresh colour.

A double workspace fills the opposite wall with a bespoke floating desk design.

Visualizer: KPLV Studio  

In our second featured home design, a deep-seated modular sofa runs flat below the window line to maximise the flow of natural light into the living room.

A contemporary white swing arm wall lamp drops focussed reading light over one end of the contemporary couch.

Vents in the wooden window sill allow heat from the radiators to filter out.

The open plan lounge area connects with a kitchen dining space.

Modern wooden stools gather around a small wood dining table that attaches onto the side of the kitchen island. A sleek white TV stand rises in front of the kitchen island, facing the sofa in the lounge, to crisply separate the two living zones.

As we enter the bedroom, we discover a unique stone headboard feature wall.

An upholstered bed creates a soft juxtaposition with the rustic stone headboard cladding.

An Oda style bedside table lamp adorns a round bedside unit.

Another stone focal wall makes an eye-catching background for a floating wooden desk design and a fresh white office chair.

Designer: studio J  

Our final tour takes place in a modern apartment with soft pink decor accents. A round rug pulls a black and pink accent chair into a conversational arrangement.

Wooden wall panels warmly wrap the minimalist lounge space.

A terrazzo coffee table nests with a black counterpart.

Modern art replaces the obligatory TV set on a long, wall mounted media unit.

A modern wall sconce brightly illuminates a small storage unit by the window, where a sculptural ornament and a clear glass vase add understated adornment.

A home office is accessed through an open doorway off the lounge space. Interior windows allow natural light to be shared between the two.

The kitchen borrows light through a fluted glass sliding door.

Attractive shelving units flank each side of the kitchen doorway.

Inside the home office space, White and wood storage units tuck away all of the unsightly office supplies to leave the compact space uncluttered. A rattan chair naturally complements the wooden wall units.

WIcker planters dot natural tone all around the city apartment interior.

Indoor plants add splashes of greenery to the living room and home office.

The bedroom is a minimalist design with a compact, built-in workspace.

A wall light is mounted directly onto a bespoke wooden headboard design, which doubles as a bookshelf under the window.

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