Modern Luxury Country House With Skylights & A Majestic Bonsai Garden

Grosvenor House in Koncha Zaspa, Ukraine, is not your typical country house. This fabulous 3071.1 square meter home, visualised by YoDezeen, is a leader in style. A vast double height living room is the setting of a mesmerising mirrored fireplace, a grand rock face TV wall and a bed of majestic mature bonsai trees. The indoor trees set down a peaceful connection with nature, surrounded by a bed of mossy rocks that give the interior landscaping an ancient sense of belonging. The other side of the huge space is opened wide with massive windows onto a lush green garden. Long skylights cut away the roof over a steel sided staircase, and a spectacular walk in wardrobe.

A magnificent dual aspect modern fireplace lays a mirrored volume across the width of the large living room, lightly dividing the space between a TV lounge and a conversational sitting room. Strings of illumination loop into the centre of the living room, and across to a mezzanine landing to artfully connect the two.

Over by the TV, a designer table lamp washes a bright glow over the rugged texture of a tremendous rock face feature wall. A unique floor lamp springs tall from between two modern lounge chairs with a warming cappuccino colourway.

Massive windows blow open the side of the luxurious living room, creating an immersive connection with the garden.

The L-shaped couch forms a cosy sofa bed at one end, where an adjoined side table offers a handy surface for a laptop.

The double height living room feels like an outdoor space under views of the sky and changing weather.

A large modern coffee table complements the elongated line of the contemporary sofa, and exaggerates the generous proportions of the room.

Wooden ceiling panels promote a cosy feeling in the vast room. Recessed track lights settle into the smooth plane, drawing evenly spread light around the entire room layout.

A custom TV stand is pieced along the sustained length of the spectacular rock wall.

The rock is applied in vertical tiles and columns to instill the sharp edge of modernity. Majestic bonsai trees appear more ancient than the modern home allows, and grow a feeling of wise and noble calm.

More tall floor lamps border the sitting room on the other side of the open flame.

A round shape theme curves a swivel armchair and modern side tables. A light creamy rug unfurls to define the area, and to bring out the fireplace’s light marble hearth.

The staircase design unfolds beneath a glorious skylight. Floor-to-ceiling steel rods have been installed to draw due attention to the fabulous height of the room, and to distribute natural light throughout.

From the side view, the angular steps of the staircase appear suspended in midair, with the steel rods pouring like thundering tropical rain onto the bonsai garden.

Uplights raise golden highlights under outreached branches and moss blanketed rocks.

Linear chandeliers hang tripled across a twelve place dining set in the luxury dining room.

A live edge wood dining table brings the nature element to this space, stretching beautiful wood grain through its centre. Taupe dining chairs complement the table with natural timber legs.

At the back of the room, a luxe marble kitchen arrangement is extended with a natural wood dining island.

One of the marble walls holds a secret. The elegantly veined white panels slide back to reveal a nook of state of the art kitchen appliances.

The square shaped kitchen island accommodates a sociable sIx kitchen bar stools. An impressive modern chandelier adds a unique focal point.

A small lounge has been situated between the kitchen and the formal dining room. A chic settee and a set of round nesting coffee tables add metallic notes to the neutral decor.

Earthy brown accents and wooden elements are employed to build warmth in each area of the spacious home.

Brown accent chairs are mirrored by colour matched accent cushions over on the couch.

Metal rod chair frames hark back to the towering steel balustrades of the staircase design.

Eye catching sculpture and wall art bring in culture and fluid form. The glass coffee table set is kept simple with decorative glass vessels.

The master block has three zones: bedroom, bathroom and wardrobe, each constructed in bright and warm shades.

Cosy brown accent pillows and a matching throw dress an imposing platform bed. The extended headboard is fitted with reading lights in its wings, which work in tandem with gorgeous bedroom pendant lights. A light grey end of bed bench blends quietly with the beds light upholstery.

The walk in wardrobe is a breathtaking experience in and of itself. A skylit walkway stretches off into the treetops, flanked by light reflective glass cabinets.

At the end of the glass corridor, a tasteful vanity chair is situated to take in the view over a modern vanity table.

A sophisticated array of hat boxes and accessory trays stylishly populate the shelves of the glass fronted wardrobes.

The master suite’s luxury bathroom is a hall of mirrors and glass, causing outdoor trees to reflect deep into the space.

Elegant bathroom vanity lights fall over a marble and lattin vanity.

Tinted glass is fixed from floor to high ceiling to construct an impressive shower enclosure.

Natural stone climbs the bathroom walls.

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