Million Bonus! Fengyuzhu Metaverse Digital Art Museum Global Bidding Announcement

Fengyuzhu Metaverse Digital Art Museum is a virtual art world open to M generation users, which is created by Fengyuzhu on Xirang, a metaverse platform of Baidu. As one of the cultural facilities cluster of Fengyuzhu metaverse, the museum carries out 3D design and development based on virtual engine. In the future, it will introduce top-notch digital artists at home and abroad. Users can enjoy immersive exhibition viewing, entertainment, social networking, and also buy digital art collections there. The opening exhibition of the museum is now under planning.

Fengyuzhu Metaverse Digital Art Museum global bidding is open to all creatives (architects, programmers, game players, avatars…), the winner will receive a design fee of 1 million yuan. This project is also the first bidding for the design of metaverse virtual architecture in China. The goal is to become a cultural landmark in Xirang.

Guidance unit: The Architecture Society of Shanghai China,ASSC

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