Making Decor Magic With Stone Feature Walls

Stone feature walls build pure magic inside these two very special interior designs. A rough rockface accent wall forms a fabulous room divider in our first property. This unique element of decor supplies the modern living room with an edgy statement piece and serves as a TV wall. The dramatic stone partition is split apart by a fissure of clear glass, which creates an internal picture window that links to the bedroom suite. In our second home design, a black stone feature wall is incorporated into a moody lounge scheme. The tactile accent wall is joined by raw concrete and fluted finishes to create a deeply textural interior.

Visualizer: Alina Larionova  

Our first home tour begins in a modern lounge that has a multi-sided modular sofa arrangement. The sofa sections are directed to observe all four sides of the room to create a flexible and sociable solution.

One part of the sectional sofa takes in the view through an end-to-end wall of floor-to-ceiling windows. Another part of the modern sofa is situated to enjoy the TV, which tucks away neatly into its stand. Behind it, a striking stone feature wall cracks apart to feature an internal picture window.

Behind the lounge, a large kitchen island is positioned to enjoy the window view, TV entertainment, and rockface feature wall too.

A stylish small side table is just big enough to hold a couple of glass tumblers.

A second small side table adds a shining metallic accent at the opposite end of the couch.

Soft brown accent cushions add moments of warmth to the crisp white sofa upholstery.

A unique floor lamp provides focussed reading light in the lounge.

An ottoman coffee table divides the modules of the sofa with a useful pause.

Glossy beige kitchen units smooth across the back of the living room, interspersed with rich wooden elements and stark black accents.

Decorative wall mirrors pixelate between the lounge and bedroom, representing the transition. The reflective wall decor fetches natural light into the most distant part of the room from the window.

A wooden breakfast bar overhangs the kitchen peninsula to make a deep dining surface.

Two linear suspension lights illuminate the kitchen eating area, adding white and copper finishes into the modern kitchen decor palette.

The centre of the gloss beige kitchen island is interrupted by a monolithic stone volume, which houses the hob and a pop-up kitchen extractor.

A short span of kitchen countertop serves as a decorative surface for a couple of Tetra candle holders by Naoto Fukasawa for B&B Italia.

At the opposite end to the dining peninsula, another kitchen island overhang creates space for an integrated dish draining area by the sink.

Kitchen bar stools fit around the dining peninsula on both sides.

Pale microcement floors and wall stucco create a laconic backdrop for the interior design. Interior doors follow suit under a cement effect finish that camouflages them into the cool canvas.

The bedroom unfolds on the opposite side of the rockface room divider. A warm tan upholstered bed pushes up against the cool grey stone partition. White and copper bedroom pendant lights echo the colourway of the breakfast bar pendant lights in the adjoining living space.

An open wardrobe design applies dark wood grain units across one whole wall of the light bedroom.

A wraparound bedside table pulls snugly around the channel-tufted bedstead.

See more ideas for stylish modern bedside tables.

A grey throw contrasts coolly with the warm tan platform bed.

Whilst the glazed stone feature wall serves as a TV wall for the living room, it becomes a headboard feature wall in the bedroom.

Mature indoor plants detonate an explosion of natural greenery that uplifts the laconic microcement interior.

A modern dressing table is situated by the bedroom window to make use of the natural light there.

A bronze vanity stool complements the built-in vanity mirror.

Visualizer: Asgard Interior  

The living room in our second home is dominated by an imposing black stone accent wall. A modular sofa arrangement and modern living room rug lift the decor scheme with multicoloured sections.

A stone side table brings the textural black accent deeper into the lounge layout.

An enormous living room light distributes an even amount of illumination over the entire couch. Opposite the black stone feature wall, a unique TV wall is fashioned with a fluted inverted arch design.

Another arch on the opposite side of the TV wall is moodily lit around its edge by a ribbon of LEDs.

The illuminated archway provides atmospheric light to a luxurious dining room design.

An enormous botanical arrangement forms the dining room pendant light above the table.

The large dining set seats up to eight people.

The modern dining chairs are almost sculptural in effect.

A textured rug zones the open plan dining area from the adjacent kitchen.

Wall art depicts more arch motifs.

Behind the dining area, the long kitchen island design crashes smooth concrete against a fluted fascia.

Four unique kitchen pendant lights hang closely together above the breakfast bar.

Open kitchen shelves are warmly lit to gather attention behind the breakfast bar. Decorative vases and attractive kitchenware make a chic display.

Black base units and tall kitchen units form a dark installation across the back wall of the living space. A matching black countertop crowns the pale kitchen island.

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