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40 Wood Accent Wall Ideas That Will Give Your Space New Life

June 5, 2023 HD Staff 0

A wood accent wall brings instant character, texture, and warmth to any room. Whether you’re looking to create a sleek modern living room feature, add wow factor to a dining room, or add a touch of natural beauty to your bedroom headboard wall, wood statement walls are transformative. With so many different types of wood, […]

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Black and Gray Decor Spiced With Hot Red Accents & Lush Terrariums

June 2, 2023 HD Staff 0

Black and gray home decor, spiced with hot red accents, makes a sleek and edgy look that leaves a lasting impression. In this inspirational black, gray, and red home interior, visualized by Dasha K, bright accents are incorporated through statement lighting and throw pillows in the sophisticated living space. The warm accent takes a turn […]

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Unpacking the Elements of Successful Beige Interiors

May 26, 2023 HD Staff 0

Two home designs, each unique in layout, furniture, and features, are united by their enveloping beige and natural wood tone color schemes. These two shining examples of contemporary home design are brimming with ideas to help us create our own beige living spaces, bedrooms, and bathrooms, so, let’s unpack the elements. The first in our […]

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51 Room Dividers That Partition Space With Panache

May 24, 2023 HD Staff 0

Room dividers separate a large living space into smaller areas without cutting off connection entirely. This visual screening can be imperative in studio apartments, desirable in family homes, and decorative in spacious dwellings. Here, we show a myriad types of room dividers and the spaces they complement. You’ll find ideas for floor-to-ceiling room dividers that […]

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Powerfully Cohesive Blue and Red Accent Home Interior

May 8, 2023 HD Staff 0

Splashes of blue and red boldly accent this home’s pale canvas, like strokes from an artist’s brush. Visualized by Diana Chalbash, this 72-square-meter apartment has a powerfully cohesive design that evokes high energy. The upbeat eclectic blue elements and pops of red create a thrum of unwavering excitement from the home entryway and open plan […]

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Gorgeous Modern Interiors With Gray Marble Accents

May 4, 2023 HD Staff 0

Marble accents distinctively elevate a modern home interior. They can be few or many, the mere presence of this stunning stone has transformative effects. Sleek marble slabs take a plain room perimeter into luxurious realms and marble furniture elements build a sense of grandeur. In these two gorgeous gray home interiors, we’ll discover inspiration for […]

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Elegant Beige And Brown Interiors With Modern Flair

April 7, 2023 HD Staff 0

A combination of greige, beige, and brown shades creates a calming interior decor scheme, but how does this muted palette translate into interesting, modern spaces? In this gallery of two contemporary home designs, we’ll witness neutral decor that is applied with modern flair. Our first featured home design is a contemporary apartment interior with an […]

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Modern Monochrome Moments: Black And White Home Decor

March 17, 2023 HD Staff 0

Black and white interior decor is striking in its high contrast but can lack interest if not executed with care. In these two modern home designs, we’ll see a plethora of inspiration for successfully decorating black and white living rooms, dining areas, kitchens, and bathrooms. Home design number one demonstrates how to create a bespoke […]

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Handmade Resin Night Lights With Breathtaking Scenes

February 27, 2023 HD Staff 0

We’re unsure whether these night lights will give you sweet dreams or vivid nightmares but they’re all extremely cool. Each handmade resin and wood lamp contains a breathtaking scene that will set your imagination racing. In this collection, you’ll discover a starry, out-of-this-world space adventure, a wild dragon-filled sky, and mystical undersea adventures. Whether your […]

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Maintenance-free Moss Terrariums

February 22, 2023 HD Staff 0

Moss has all sorts of qualities. It can absorb large amounts of harmful toxins and its water-absorbing properties prevent soil erosion. It’s even loved in herbal medicine, where certain moss varieties are processed and used as a diuretic or cough remedy. Irish moss is used as a general emulsifier in food and is known for […]