Luxury Home With A Cinema, Bar And Spa [Video]

Shaped with luxurious flair and a lavish lifestyle in mind, this contemporary modern home design features a cinema, bar, and spa. Designed by the architect team at Ramón Esteve Studio, the modern home exterior has a crisp white concrete facade that is raised upon a contrasting rustic stone base. The stacked, linear volumes reflect in the cool blue water of a swimming pool that wraps around the perimeter. Smaller pools are dotted between patio slabs to continue the reflective, watery theme. Outdoor living areas make full use of the sun terrace to encourage indoor-outdoor living. Inside, the home interior is finished in high-end materials and understated style.

The modern house exterior is an impressive three-story arrangement that crisply reflects the bright sunshine with its clean white render.

Around the base of the home exterior, stone walls build a warm and welcoming rustic appeal. The stone walls are left exposed on the inside of the house too, creating a cohesive aesthetic.

Massive windows give the large home a lightweight look. The fenestration allows sunlight to enter the home interior in abundance.

A large terrace stretches across the back of the home. This makes plenty of space to incorporate outdoor living areas for lounging, dining, and entertaining guests.

A modern swimming pool wraps the edges of the terrace in an L-shape. At night, the pool water becomes a giant mirror, reflecting the golden glowing lights of the home.

Recessed spotlights shine from the concrete overhangs that cover much of the terrace. By day, the overhangs provide shade from direct sunlight and shelter from rain.

Massive windows give the outdoor living areas a comforting connection with the interior of the home. They also share an abundance of illumination.

On the widest part of the sun terrace, three outdoor sofas are arranged in a conversational U-shaped arrangement around a coffee table.

High-end vignettes are viewable through the fenestration. LED strip lights highlight special features, including the rugged stonework in the walls beneath board-formed concrete.

Modern landscaping forms a green and picturesque plot. Ancient olive trees grow stunning scenery.

The paved terrace climbs the sloping topography. Small pools are placed intermittently between the paving slabs to create jewel-like areas of cool blue reflection.

Green shrubs and colorful flowers flourish in the borders that surround the terraces, creating a beautiful and interesting walkway.

A tiered water feature gently trickles down the steps of the terrace, composing a relaxing soundtrack.

At the front entrance, edge-to-edge glass reveals a modern staircase that rises to the second story of the house. To the right of it, a large open-plan living room unfolds.

A wide, pivoting wooden door creates a feeling of grandeur upon entering the space.

The formal dining room is conveniently located near the wine storage room. This provides a quick and easy selection of beverages to complement the evening meal.

On one side of the living room, a small pool creates the illusion of being connected to the outdoor swimming pool. The two meet on either side of an almost frameless window.

A copper room divider splits the living areas, separating the sitting area from the dining room. Copper pendant lights and matching copper table lamps complement the bespoke partition.

Wood wall panels give the living room a warm and cozy aesthetic. A stone chimney breast draws the eye over to a snug sitting area by a modern fireplace and a games table.

The fireplace is installed in line with a log storage box outside the window. The wingback chairs and floor lamp fashion an inviting place for evening conversation.

A plush home theatre room is furnished with comfortable chairs and authentic dark decor.

A home bar is located next door to the wine storage room. An illuminated countertop creates a unique place to sample and enjoy.

The home bar is decorated to resemble a nightclub, creating a fun space in which to entertain friends and family long into the night.

The wine storage room is situated within glass walls so that the tempting collection can be admired by all who pass by.

Upstairs, the master bedroom boasts an edge-to-edge dual aspect that looks out upon the swimming pool and sun terrace.

A walk-in wardrobe is accessed via a concealed pocket door in the wood-clad headboard wall.

A skylight bathes an internal swimming pool area in sunlight. This pool is connected to the spa area of the home.

Fixtures and fittings in the spa are picked out in lustrous rich copper, which sings out against white marble wall slabs and built-in seating.

The bathroom is decorated with the same luxurious white marble and copper finishes. Industrial-style copper faucets bring character to a marble double sink bathroom vanity. Lighting is soft and subtle, with a golden glow shining from thin LED ribbons.

A built-in marble seat underlines the window and a blissful treetop view.

A second large window offers another green vista and fills a white marble bathtub with sunlight. A copper bath tap shines in the sunbeams.

Thanks to generously proportioned windows, nature plays a principal part in the home design.

Water is a recurring theme throughout too, which gives the home a calm and peaceful spirit.

The natural environment is allowed to feather the borders of the home. Plants creep along outdoor steps and perimeter walls to bed the house into its habitat.

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