Luxe Home Interiors With Staple Accent Colours

Glossy white marble, gold fixtures, and high-end furniture all come together to instil a sense of enviable luxe into these large living spaces, bedroom designs and chic bathrooms. What makes each home design stand out though, is one solid staple accent colour that is utilised to create cohesivity between the open plan living zones, from scatter cushions in lavish lounges to upholstered dining chairs and plush bedroom accessories. The colourful elements work to enrich the intricacies of the interiors, which include custom-made feature walls of stone, textured gypsum, mirrored glass, classic moulding, and sumptuous upholstery. Grand modern chandeliers create a magical glow in each area, brightly illuminating the bespoke look.

Designer: Masar Architects  
Visualizer: Soha Khaled  

Lustrous gold tables shine across the living room of our first luxe home interior design, alongside luxury gold home accessories and designer wall lights. A deep green accent colour is established in plump scatter cushions across the sofa and carries through in mature indoor plants.

The living room sofas and matching lounge chairs are high-end and highly detailed with contrasting trims. A chic modern chandelier shimmers above.

On the round coffee table, a collection of glass vases mirror the chandeliers sparkle.

A second lounge area is furnished with soft grey tufted sofas, where they form a symmetrical arrangement at either side of a spectacular bookmatched marble feature wall. A bright gold frame trims the bookmatched marble and wood grain panels behind. Twin gold coffee tables shine beneath matching chandeliers.

A crystal chandelier drips light along the length of the impressive home entryway, causing light reflection across a glossy black and white marble tiled floor.

Ribbons of gold cut through the high-quality floor treatment, which ties in with a gold console table, wall sconces, and gold door hardware.

The dining room chandelier adds a flutter of gold above a very formal eating area. Emerald green dining chairs line up along two sides of a long dining table, whilst the head and foot of the table are defined with contrasting grey counterparts.

A feature wall of round and racetrack-shaped mirrors reflects the natural light from an enormous dining room window.

The opposite wall features another fabulous piece of eye-catching bookmatched marble.

The dining tabletop and a console table echo the white marble element.

Classic wall moulding frames either side of the mirrored focal wall to create symmetry.

The racetrack shape theme is repeated in the bathroom mirrors, where they steal the eye upward from striking gold bathroom sinks.

Designer: Masar Architects  
Visualizer: Soha Khaled  

Our second luxe home design features a rich brown accent colour, which effectively earths the luxe gold and white marble decor scheme. A piece of metal wall art decor adds shape and interest to the sophisticated lounge arrangement.

A mixture of brown and monochrome scatter cushions dress the greige sofas.

A glass vase and an interesting sculpture adorn a unique gold coffee table design.

The round coffee table creates a central core for the conversational U-shaped lounge furniture layout.

Built-in glass cabinets emit a golden glow on either side of the large living room window.

White marble panels build a chic TV wall.

In the dining room, the upholstered dining chairs carry the rich brown accent colour that was established in the lounge to create cohesivity.

The white marble floor includes a black marble inlay that boldly frames the outline of the dining table.

A mirrored focal wall rises from behind a white marble buffet.

A light divide is marked between the dining area and the lounge with rotating marble screens.

Visualizer: Leyla Salayeva  

This luxurious home interior takes us back to a green accent colour, but this time in a lighter, mossy shade. Moss green accent chairs, a matching bench, and green scatter cushions create an uplifting effect inside the predominantly white living room.

A wall of white bookmatched marble separates the lounge from the neighbouring dining area.

The kitchen area occupies the adjacent space with an antique grey-green hue.

An elegant hanging chair swings like a golden birdcage in the home entryway.

Visualizer: Mahmoud El-Sa’idy  

Finally, we come to our fourth featured home design, where periwinkle blue accents create a calming effect in luxury surroundings. A piece of natural wood wall decor adds a warming element against a cool white marble accent wall.

An upholstered coffee table puts the periwinkle blue accent right at the heart of the lounge design, where it splinters off into accent cushions and throws on grey sofas and lounge chairs.

A modern fireplace flickers underneath the TV and a grey marble mount. Ribbed gypsum panels bring fashionable texture to each side of the fireplace, where they supply added interest to back-lit display shelves. A modern chandelier expands upon the golden radiance.

Fluted glass vases decorate the coffee tables.

The large living room is split into two smaller sitting areas. In the second, a curved sofa cosily embraces a set of nesting coffee tables.

The other side of the open plan living space is dedicated to the dining area.

Upholstered dining chairs and modern wall art bring peaceful blue accents to the luxurious dining room decor scheme.

A modular blue console unit continues the colour theme into the home entryway.

As we move away from the living spaces and into the master bedroom, the staple colour is switched from blue to green. Modern bedroom pendant lights drop loops of bright illumination onto a custom made headboard wall of sumptuous upholstery and mirrored glass.

A modern end of bed bench and matching vanity pouf communicate the fluted texture trend in upholstered panels.

Slatted wood panels draw out geometric pattern across the bedroom TV wall.

Gold framed glass doors protect designer clothing from dust inside of the walk in wardrobe.

A beautiful marble motif fills the floor of the bathroom.

A luxury stone bathtub is raised on an illuminated plinth.

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