Los Angeles Ends Free Public Transportation Experiment with Plans of Future Reduced-Fare Transits

Metro Transit - LA. Image © 2019 LACMTA Metro

Metro Transit – LA. Image © 2019 LACMTA Metro

Following California’s Covid-19 health regulations in early 2020, Metro, the Los Angeles public transit agency stopped collecting fares on its busses as a safety precaution measure. However, the company’s decision turned into the United States’ biggest free-transit experiment, as ridership never dipped below 50 percent, even with the stay-at-home orders enforced by the government. Following 22 months of the decision and around 281 million fare-free transits, the company has decided to restart collecting fares, but is planning on using the information gathered throughout these two years to implement future improvements and introduce other free or reduced-fare programs in the city.

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