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The Mosque Between the Past, Present, and its Function Beyond a Religious Space

April 12, 2023 Dima Stouhi 0

The mosque; the Islamic holy place of prayer, carries a distinct structural characteristic and identity. It is a serene and spiritual architecture that brings individuals closer to their faith and divine entity. Prophet Muhammad’s original house in Medina (in present-day Saudi Arabia) is believed to be the first place of prayer, and served as a model for early mosque architecture; a mud-brick structure with living quarters on one side of an enclosed rectangular courtyard. Soon after, the allocation of open spaces in the center of towns where Muslims could gather and pray became more frequent, resulting in several spaces of worship with a universal spatial characteristic: their orientation towards Mecca.

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7 Lighting Trends and How They are Illuminating Today’s Interior Spaces

March 24, 2023 Dima Stouhi 0

Luis Barragán’s legacy lies in the way he uses light and color. Tadao Ando’s sensitive approach to natural light established his own architectural language. James Turrell’s dramatic interior transformations explore a unique perception of visual experiences where “light is not a tool to enable vision but rather something to look at itself“. Olafur Eliasson’s immersive installations play with the psychology of viewers using just light, water, and air. These architects and designers, among others, have reimagined how light is perceived, inspiring generations of architects to follow suit with the way they understand and employ light.

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Projects from Mozambique, Serbia, and Australia Selected Among the Winners of the 4th Abdullatif Alfozan Award for Mosque Architecture

March 8, 2023 Dima Stouhi 0

Under the theme of “Mosque: a cross-cultural building“, the 4th cycle of the Abdullatif Alfozan Award for Mosque Architecture (2020-2023) has announced its 5 winning projects hailing from Australia, Turkey, Serbia, Slovenia, and Mozambique. The award ceremony took place at the Riyadh National Museum on March 5th, 2023, followed by a 2-day architectural seminar in which the architects explained the design process behind their winning projects.

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Biophilic Interiors: 21 Projects that Blend Architecture with Nature

February 3, 2023 Dima Stouhi 0

Humans are hard-wired to respond positively to nature; the crackling sound of fire, the smell of fresh rain on soil, the healing characteristics of plants and the color green, being in proximity to animals, etc. That, along with today’s critical environmental conditions and rapid urbanization, shifted architects’ focus towards eco-conscious projects to bring people closer to nature. Architects explored numerous approaches: rammed earth structures, recycled materials and furnishing, designing around the site’s sun orientation… The practice was so driven by green architecture that the lines became blurred between what is truly sustainable and ecological and what is “greenwashed“. But what proved to bring about the most innate biological connection with nature was biophilia, and “bringing the outdoors in” through design.

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10 Interior Design Trends of 2022

December 8, 2022 Dima Stouhi 0

As we wrap up 2022, we take a look back at how this year introduced new adaptations to the way we live, work, and interact with our built environment, especially after emerging from years of unprecedented changes. One way to describe this year’s design identity is that there isn’t one. Going through this transitional period, inspiration came from foreign travels, immersive virtual worlds, being one with the planet and the serenity that came with it, platforms that promote expressionism and individuality, and a trend-setting generation known for its bold perspectives.

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The 3rd International Conference on Mosque Architecture in Kuwait Explores the Mosque as a Cross Cultural Building

December 1, 2022 Dima Stouhi 0

Organized by the Abdullatif Alfozan Award for Mosque Architecture and the College of Architecture at Kuwait University, the 3rd International Conference on Mosque Architecture was held in Kuwait on 14-16 November 2022. Under the theme of “Mosque: a cross cultural building,” 101 architects participated in this year’s edition, showcasing their state-of-the-art designs and how they reimagined religious buildings in a more contemporary context, taking into account the importance of community, privacy, its religious significance, and the environment.

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Meet the Winners of the 2022 Arab Architects Awards

November 28, 2022 Dima Stouhi 0

The Association of Arab Architects has announced the winners of the 2022 Arab Architects Awards. This year’s winning architectural projects highlight the importance of inclusive design, taking into account sustainability and designing with a sensible response to the local communities and landscapes they inhibit. The two-day ceremony was held in Amman, Jordan on November 16-17, 2022, and gathered hundreds of regional architects, urban planners, engineers, and designers of all demographics to explore and engage in discussions about architecture and the future of the built environment in the Arab region.

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Embracing the Curves: 28 Projects that Highlight One of 2022’s Dominating Interior Design Trends

October 26, 2022 Dima Stouhi 0

Interior design has progressively become a subject of interest among architects and designers. Having spent more time indoors recently, practitioners have been experimenting with their spaces and exploring different approaches to scale, comfort, and aesthetics. Much like everything else, design is highly influenced by external factors; any change to people’s lifestyle influences how they respond to it, whether consciously or subconsciously. And while this dynamic is often seen in fashion or graphic design, it has been noticeable in interior design as well. Following years of linear, clean-cut, and refined spaces, curved silhouettes were revived, becoming one of the dominating interior design trends across the world. 

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What is a Good Interior Design?

September 23, 2022 Dima Stouhi 0

The world’s recent shift towards prioritizing wellness has influenced people to seek healthier lifestyles by understanding the body and the mind collectively. External factors such as the geographic location, the environment, the community, financial status, and the relationships with friends and family have all shown to have considerable impacts on an individual’s health. However, it became evident that ensuring physical and mental health was not limited to having access to medical facilities and professional treatments, but was also determined by several factors related to the quality of the built environment. 

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First Look at Burning Man 2022: Installations and Pavilions that Explore the Transformative Power of Dreams

August 31, 2022 Dima Stouhi 0

Nevada’s annual Burning Man is underway at the Black Rock Desert. Under the theme of Waking Dreams, this year’s festival is exploring the “transformative power of dreams, both literal and figurative, and celebrating the dreamers who channel this potent energy in eye-opening, often surrealistic, sometimes life-changing ways”. The “temporary metropolis” is running until September 5th, and is expected to showcase numerous installations and pavilions that celebrate “community, art, self-expression, and self-reliance”.