Light & Luxe Modern Home Interiors From China

Light & luxe, these two modern home interiors from China are elegant examples of how plain white decor translates to high-end living. A double height lounge space and cut away voids flood our first residence with copious amounts of bright natural light. Black accents create sharp anchors within the chic scheme, whilst wood grain and woven elements up the visual temperature. Scaling down on ceiling height but upping the ante on colour infusions, our second white home interior is adorned with punchy green and red accents. A courtyard of cactuses and a bathroom full of indoor plants brings the great outdoors to root inside the apartment, creating luxury that feels enlivened.

Visualizer: Shexia Space Design  

We’re greeted by a luxurious double height living room in this 660 square metre home, located in the city of Guangzhou. The interior was designed to work around family life, which led to the creation of living spaces that are separate yet interrelated.

An elegant black and white decor palette exaggerates the scale of the expansive lounge and its open link with a glass sided mezzanine.

A decorative mirror reflects the large room, and feeds focus to a classic arched fireplace.

A floral addition highlights a unique rectangle coffee table, and builds connection with the courtyard view.

Coffee table books are stacked alongside the glass vase to complete a simple homey arrangement.

Woven textures thread warmly through the white scheme, in the TV unit doors and a modern wicker chair.

A bird themed rug spreads out beneath the two sided modular sofa arrangement, sending surprising scattered motifs across a white backdrop.

Designer kitchen bar stools take the wooden element to a sleek bar design with lustrous bronze sides.

A huge drawing desk is blessed with copious amounts of natural light from a floor to ceiling window. A unique ceiling fan moves cool air through the sunny space.

Colourful artwork pierces the blank white wall.

Inside the kitchen, a round dining table set is positioned by patio doors to the garden, where it can benefit from the breeze. White cabinets wrap around the remainder of the perimeter, under a luxe white marble countertop.

A hallway has been created with the introduction of a tensioned bookcase, which shares light from the neighbouring room.

At the end of the hallway, a sculptural chair holds a vase of greenery, drawing the garden inward.

There is a second lounge space linked onto the home art studio. A reuleaux triangle coffee table slides into the embrace of a curved sofa.

A Pierre Jeanneret Chandigarh chair adds a darker note to the lounge grouping.

A designer floor chair pales away in the opposite corner, in a soft shade of smokey grey. Translucent white pendants tumble from the double height ceiling behind the couch in cascading effect.

Windows stack double inside the ceiling void to absorb a generous flow of natural light. An archway opens up the kitchen.

Built-in bookcases line the back of a private workspace with an unusual modern home office desk. Matching swivel chairs mirror one another across the black stained wooden desktop.

A games console is left by the computer keyboard to make this a flexible place for work and play.

In the industrial city of Dongguan, this light 250 square metre interior is punctuated with deeply colourful accent pieces.

A rectangle glass coffee table leaves the space clear beside an emerald green fabric sofa. Huge doors extend the living room out onto a balcony, where a welcoming cane chair awaits.

A tall log store is recessed into the window reveal, fully stocked to feed the modern fireplace. A unique floor lamp adds to the glow.

Another colourful addition spices up the white lounge, in the shape of a bright red and blue side table. White lounge chairs quietly flank each side of the eye-catching focal piece.

Made-to-measure wooden bookcases and a modest library add a cosy element to the living room.

A vanity area slots in behind the lounge, with a stylish ceiling mounted mirror and a beautiful marble countertop.

Palest pink dining chairs encircle a black dining table in the neighbouring kitchen space.

A striking branch chandelier complements the stark finish of the round dining table.

Fluid modern art partners the curvaceous lines of the dining furniture

A courtyard of cactuses brings nature into the apartment.

A bed of pebbles tuck in the large succulents. A skylight feeds them sun.

Mosses grow a green touch inside the bedroom, in contrast to ruby red decor elements.

A duo of bedroom pendant lights hang from decorative beaded cables, A small side table continues their sangria splash.

White bedclothes create a fresh and inviting hotel-like appeal.

A comfortable reading chair and footstool place a bright red accent by the bedroom window.

The sculptural Gehry Wiggle Chair furnishes a spacious dressing area in the bedroom.

The designer reflects “We walk and live among arts, and the passage of time becomes full and romantic”.

The bathroom is filled with more indoor plants to compensate for living with lack of a garden. Huge leaves loll over a freestanding bathtub and white pebbles border the floor to give the room an outdoor feel.

Another of the indoor plants makes a distinction between the bathroom and a glass wall closet. Concrete blocks build the bathroom’s statement wall and a unique toiletries nook.

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