Inside the Innovative Design of a 186 Sqm Apartment in Kyiv

Nestled within the urban Podilskyi district of Kyiv, Ukraine, we find a remarkable 186-square-meter apartment transformation, visualized by One More Buro. Crafted with meticulous care and an eye for innovation, this exceptional space seamlessly integrates comfort, functionality, and aesthetic brilliance. At the heart of the project was the task of accommodating the couple’s professional demands, with a special emphasis on incorporating a generous workspace that would seamlessly blend with their daily living environment. The couple’s desire for shared experiences manifested in an open expanse, ingeniously combining the kitchen, dining, living, and working areas into a fluid and expansive zone. Exposed brick walls inspire a red accent decor theme that builds bold visual energy.

The brief called for the conversion of an open space into comfortable housing for the young owners and their pet cat. The couple like to remain in each other’s company as they work at home, so an open-plan living space was integral to the floor plan.

The home office area is not merely a workspace; it was intended to foster a sense of presence and connectivity, even during moments of relaxation. The couple’s desire for shared experiences manifested in a living, dining, and kitchen combo with an easy flow. The original red brickwork of the building inspired the punchy red colorway of the home office and upholstered dining chairs.

Another red dining chair serves as a color-coordinated desk chair in the red color-blocked home workspace.

The vivid red workspace is lightly counteracted by beige living room decor. A beige rug, modern sofa, and matching window drapes make up a peaceful neutral ensemble. A coffee table with storage places a simple wood-tone accent at the center of the room.

A tripod floor lamp adds a black anchor point to the beige living room decor scheme.

A curvaceous cutaway takes color to the ceiling.

The creatively curved canopy hovers below the lofty 3.45-meter ceiling.

A few decorative items break the solid red colorway of the desk and its attached bookcases.

Another bookcase makes part of a deep red framework around an exposed brick feature wall. Indoor plants make vibrant green contrast.

The kitchen is a clean white installation that merges with white wall paneling on either side. Common lines and heights are replicated throughout every room of the apartment to achieve spatial integrity.

Red grout threads color onto the fresh white kitchen island. A stainless steel kitchen faucet fills a matching sink.

The tiled countertop forms an informal breakfast for the young couple.

The brick red accent color continues inside the master bedroom with a striking canopy bed and two matching bedside units.

Lightweight fabric falls in romantic folds above the bed.

Charcoal gray bedclothes and a dark gray statement wall boldly contrast the brighter decor elements.

A modern wall light provides reading light over the pillows.

Wood chevron flooring runs throughout the apartment, completing a seamless aesthetic.

Huge windows drink in natural light. The bedroom opens out onto a large terrace where the homeowners enjoy relaxing in the evening or having barbecues.

Huge windows drink in natural light. The bedroom opens out onto a large terrace where the homeowners enjoy relaxing in the evening or having barbecues.

The master bedroom has a private ensuite bathroom and two walk-in wardrobes.

The first walk-in closet includes a vanity table and generous storage opportunities.

A freeform mirror creates a pool of light upon the orange-red backdrop.

Garment rails and shelves are color-coordinated with the red closet interior to create an impactful color block.

There is a sliding door at one end of the first bedroom closet, which leads into the second.
This secondary clothes storage space functions as a transitional space that connects to the home entryway.

Concealed closet space keeps bulky coats and out-of-season items tucked away.

A large, round wall mirror assists with outfit selection and makes the narrow closet feel more spacious and bright.

A modern vanity chair makes a sculptural moment.

The home gym lacks a natural lighting source. Instead, a glass block wall borrows light from the neighboring home office. Perimeter lighting highlights a brick feature wall and creates an atmospheric glow.

The private home office works double duty as a guest room. A white sofa, a knitted pouf, and a small tray table make a compact furniture arrangement. A green tiger-print rug adds a touch of whimsey to the youthful decor scheme.

The round coffee table is lightweight so that it can be utilized elsewhere in the apartment as needed. A tall bookcase slots into a narrow alcove beside the sofa. Its teal colorway adds a splash of interest to the pale room perimeter.

A wall of mirrors elevates the workout space. Natural light from the glass block wall reflects in the mirrored panels to conjure a bright and uplifting ambiance.

More mirrors brighten the home entryway. A teal entryway bench makes punchy contrast with the orange-red wall finish.

The young couple can gain entry to their bedroom directly from the front door of their apartment by passing through the walk-in closet. A second-level route has been created for the cat.

The spacious master bathroom contains a modern freestanding bathtub and a roomy shower area.

Textural wall tiles create a 3D effect.

Arched mirrors deliver a trendy motif above the wooden bathroom vanity.

The guest bathroom has a special nook under the sink for the cat’s needs.

Wall-to-wall tiles make the space easy to clean.

Even the floating sink is clad in matching tiles and contrasting red grout.

Apartment floor plan.

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