Impressive Luxury Villa In Spain With Landscaped Gardens [Video]

Located in an enviable position in Sotogrande Bajo, Villa The Hill is a luxury home with dazzling views of the coastline. This is one of the most impressive residences in the Sotogrande development, which is home to some of the most lavish properties in Spain. Created by Ark Architects, this unique villa boasts crisp contemporary architecture. Despite its contemporary design, the villa conveys a classic elegance that oozes sophistication and class. State-of-the-art technology adapts the house to the cutting-edge lifestyle of the 21st century, whilst stylish interiors offer the deepest comfort in design. Outside, lush green landscaping rushes up to the stone walls in shrub and tree-filled beds.

With clean sandy white beaches, abundant forests, horse-filled fields, and glorious views of the sea, Sotogrande is a slice of heaven. It is one of the most upmarket residential resorts in the whole of Europe and is renowned throughout the world. Sotogrande is divided into three distinct areas of luxury villas, with Sotogrande Bajo being located near the coastline.

Villa The Hill is a substantial property that gains privacy on a huge independent plot of land. Surrounded by areas of dense forest, the home feels blissfully secluded and wonderfully peaceful. Faced out to the horizon, the home soaks in panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea.

As we step inside the villa, an impressive double height living room unfolds. Double-banked windows fill the ground floor and an overhanging mezzanine with natural light. A huge sectional sofa draws a solid perimeter around the lounge area. A custom-made area rug completes the zoning.

Two sofa tables display a collection of coffee table books and ornaments. Small side tables are placed intermittently between the sections of the sofa to catch drinks and sundries.

A massive living room chandelier of three parts descends upon the room. The commanding light fixture creates an air of grandeur and a mesmerizing moment of modern design. A pair of coffee tables punctuate the center of the room.

Two ottomans and a small side table make up a relaxed sitting area next to a tranquil modern courtyard design. Smooth, stone-clad pillars surround the square courtyard, which features a majestic gnarled olive tree growing at its core.

The old olive tree is planted beneath a skylight where it may flourish.

A blanket of pure white pebbles covers the raised tree roots and the rest of the courtyard. Rugged boulders are placed around and about to add natural interest.

Moving on into the luxurious kitchen, we meet a bold, gray stone dining island. The kitchen island is a deep volume with storage drawers banked inside. Three modern kitchen bar stools seat three at the black marble countertop.

The stove and sink are installed on the large kitchen island so that the chef may chat more easily with guests sitting at the bar. A second kitchen sink is helpfully situated along the back wall of the kitchen where tea and other beverages are prepared. Open kitchen shelves display an array of ceramics and glassware.

The property boasts a number of swimming pools. This large swimming pool design is located indoors for when the weather isn’t favorable. A sitting area is arranged under an indoor pergola beside the pool. Modern chaise lounges make up a restful spot for sociable conversation or solitary contemplation.

LED strips are installed above the pergola roofline, inside recessed shelves, and around the perimeter of the pool room. The low glow provides soft and atmospheric illumination that suits any time of day.

Bathrooms are luxurious and spa-like. Veined stone cladding meets with rich wood tone and smooth travertine to conjure a luxe look that is stylish yet elegantly timeless. In this bathroom, a fitted bathtub is set up against a floor-to-ceiling window to make the most of the fabulous coastal vista.

The contemporary family home rests neatly in its surroundings. Sotogrande has a very low building density, which allows Mother Nature to dominate.

Between the villa and the coast, impossibly tall palm trees serenade the sky, their silhouettes gently brushing the blue horizon. Clear glass balustrades are erected around the perimeter of the outdoor swimming pool so that the amazing views remain entirely unobstructed. A stone staircase leads down from the outer pool terrace to the tiered gardens below, which are landscaped for privacy.

Up on the paved terrace, an open skyscape reigns. Sections of lush green lawn add color and life to the flat expanse, where an infinity pool appears to plunge over the edge. Stepping stones make a clear path from the water’s edge into the home.

A sweeping driveway travels from the lower road up to the grand entryway of the home. The block-paved approach is wide enough for two vehicles to pass easily, and the driveway wide enough for several vehicles to park.

A perforated overhang causes light play upon the paved driveway, and lightly shades the interior of the home from the beating sun. Curved borders bring elements of the unblemished forest right up to the front door of the home.

Among its other sophisticated amenities, Villa The Hill also includes a home gym where the homeowners and their guests can work out in air-conditioned comfort. As a quiet forest area near the coast, this is also an incredible destination for nature walks and horseback excursions, plus watersports at the beach.

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