How to Challenge the Design Brief? An Interview with ATELIER XI

Miniature Series I - PEACH HUT. Image © Chao Zhang

Miniature Series I – PEACH HUT. Image © Chao Zhang

ATELIER XI has been selected for ArchDaily’s 2023 New Practices and is one of the few firms still rooted in traditional architectural design. Founded in 2017, ATELIER XI began their practice in Shenzhen, one of the fastest-growing and urbanizing cities in China. Their work represents the current state of a generation of architects, with major projects in small-scale urban architecture, exhibition design, interior design, renovation, and rural architecture. While they may not become urban landmarks, they can still influence the lifestyle of the community through small-scale design.

The studio aspires to create spaces that bring unique poetry and profoundness to contemporary urban and rural environments: “We see architecture as an art of mediation between social, economic, and political interests. We strive to create meaningful places with minimal resources. We aim to convey emotions and memories through spatial poetry. We believe that each space, whether grand or tiny, offers a glimpse into the vastness of our world and serves as a testament to the glory of everyday life. By planting these quiet and resilient spaces one at a time, we envision architecture branching out and flourishing with life and narratives.”

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