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Dongan Lake Sports Park Landscape Corridor / Atelier sq

Dongan Lake Sports Park is located in Dongan New Town, Longquanyi, the core area of Chengdu’s “Eastward”, which is the venue for the opening ceremony of the 31st  Chengdu FISU World University Games. The park contains “One Stadium Three Gyms” —  main stadium with a capacity of 40,000 people, an Aquatics Centre, a Multi-Purpose Gymnasium, Multi-Ball Games Gymnasium.

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Yabuli Entrepreneurs’ Congress Center / MAD Architects

April 20, 2022 韩双羽 - HAN Shuangyu 0

The project is located in the city of Yabuli, Heilongjiang Province, a well-known ski town, which has the largest snow training center in China, and the longest alpine ski slope in Asia. On a site of 22,000 square meters with a total interior area of 16,000 square meters, the building consists of a library, exhibition halls, and more than 20 well-equipped multi-functional rooms. This new permanent site is designated to host the annual event of the China Entrepreneurs Forum (CEF) as well as the Chinese Entrepreneurs Museum. The center also hosts educational programs for entrepreneurs and corporations, which can accommodate big conferences, exhibitions, corporate training programs, and think tanks simultaneously. 

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Qintai Art Museum / Atelier Deshaus

April 13, 2022 韩双羽 - HAN Shuangyu 0

Qintai Art Museum is located on the lakeside of Moon Lake in Wuhan’s Hanyang District, facing Meizi Hill across the lake to the south. In order to reduce the weight of the architectural mass on the natural surface of the lake, the form of an undulating natural terrain is used in the direction of the lake, while sinking part of the exhibition spaces underground. This both uses the underground space, and also minimizes the massing on the ground. On the side facing the city road, on the other hand, a vertical facade continues to uphold architecture’s urbanity.

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ArchDaily China’s 2022 Building of the Year Awards are Now Open for Nominations

March 8, 2022 韩双羽 - HAN Shuangyu 0

As we successfully launched our 13th Building of the Year Awards earlier this year, we want to thank you for being part of our community for over 10 years. Together we have been growing and contributing to the architectural scene, aiming for a better world. Now, we are proud to announce the 6th edition of The ArchDaily Building of the Year China, celebrating the best architecture in China, as chosen by you, the reader.

By nominating and voting, you form part of an interdependent, impartial, distributed network of jurors and peers that has consistently helped us celebrate architecture of every scale, purpose, and condition, and architects of all profiles. Over the coming weeks, your votes will result in 700 Chinese projects filtered down to just 10 best projects in China.

The 2022 Building of the Year Awards China is brought to you thanks to Dornbracht, renowned for leading designs for architecture, which can be found internationally in bathrooms and kitchens.

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China Academy of Art Liangzhu Campus / Atelier FCJZ

November 18, 2021 韩双羽 - HAN Shuangyu 0

Towards a New Mode of Education. Liangzhu is an area in the city of Hangzhou where a new campus of China Academy of Art (CAA) is sited. At Liangzhu, this art-based comprehensive university plans to have four academic divisions, which are College of Innovative Design, College of Art Management, College of Foundational Education, and College of Continuing Education and will house 3000 full-time students and 1000 continuing education students. The four main objectives of this new campus include developing interdisciplinary innovative talents; promoting design and informational economy; integrating artificial intelligence technology; and setting another benchmark for contemporary design education. At the stage of the campus design competition, CAA asked the participating architects to envision an educational system that would meet the mandates given.

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McNeal 020 Pavilion / Atelier David Telerman

August 31, 2021 韩双羽 - HAN Shuangyu 0

McNeal 020 emerged from the desire of David Telerman and a private client based in France to build a perennial structure in the American desert, Southern Arizona, in response to the shared fascination for the surrealist nature, which brought years before artists such as Max Ernst in search of new forms. By bringing together the raw elements of the surrounding place, the building must offer a landscape to experience, as a photographer or a painter would do with their own means, with precise attention to the vastness of the desert, the weight of the wind, and the geometrical precision of the light. 

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Prequalification Announcement on the Tendering for Architectural Scheme and Design Development of Fucheng Guanlan Industrial Land Development Overall Interest Coordination Project of Meiguan Innovative Industry Corridor (Plots 01-03)

August 30, 2021 韩双羽 - HAN Shuangyu 0

Fucheng Guanlan Industrial Land Development Overall Interest Coordination Project of Meiguan Innovative Industry Corridor (Plots 01, 02 and 03) is the first land development overall interest coordination project of Longhua District, which has a total land area of about 102,400m2. The project is located at the core zone at the northeast segment of Jiulongshan Intelligent Technology City, one of the 18 municipal-level key areas of Shenzhen, being an important engine to push forward the development of Jiulongshan Intelligent Technology City. The project plans to fully integrate the diverse programs of residence, office, industry and retail, construct the community public supporting services at high standard, build the diverse urban comprehensive service cluster, develop the smart residential community, shape the regional landmark, create the benchmark project for city industry integration, and become the role model for land development overall interest coordination projects of Shenzhen City.

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Call for Entries: Announcement of Soliciting for Architectural Design of Yangtze River Delta International Medical Center General Hospital and Detailed Urban Design of Yangtze River Delta International Medical Center

August 19, 2021 韩双羽 - HAN Shuangyu 0

Design Scope: 1. Architectural design of the General Hospital of the Yangtze River Delta International Medical Center (approximately 294.49 mu) ; 2. Detailed urban design of the Yangtze River Delta International Medical Center (approximately 1,000 mu); 3. Research on areas around the Yangtze River Delta International Medical Center (covering an area of about 4,718 mu)

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“Transform the City into a Highly Complex Block System”: SOM on TOD Projects

July 29, 2021 韩双羽 - HAN Shuangyu 0

Archdaily had the chance to speak to SOM regarding the Transit-oriented development (TOD) projects. SOM has extensive engagement in planning, design and engineering on various means of conveyance, and TOD is definitely one of the speciality the SOM team has to offer. Through the interview, we will walk through the design strategies and their changes over the years of TOD Development, the challenges and new area of focus of TOD development, and most importantly, the interview will focus on the design strategy in developing TOD in China, where SOM has participated in many TOD projects, including the South Gateway of Guangzhou Central Axis, Guangzhou Nansha Pearl Bay and Xiong’an District Planing.