Geometric metal fixtures feature in Wuhan’s QYF fashion boutique

Curved stairs in QYF fashion boutique by Sun Concepts Office

Chinese design studio Sun Concepts Office has accented the pale interior of the QYF boutique in Wuhan with straight, curved and squiggly metal fixtures.

The interior’s clean, geometric look is meant to reflect the modern womenswear on offer in the store, which occupies two storeys on a prominent corner plot of Wuhan’s Tianyuan Street.

Interiors of QYF fashion boutique in Wuhan with curved metal bench
The store features creamy walls and matching stone floors

As customers come through QYF’s entrance, they’re welcomed into a large open room.

Here, the floor is lined with cream-coloured stone tiles while a matching shade of paint was applied to the store’s walls, ceilings and chunky structural columns.

Curved bench in retail interior by Sun Concepts Office with burnt-orange cushions
A curved bench sits at the centre of the floor plan

At the heart of the plan is an arced bench, comprised of a shiny metal base and seating cushions upholstered in burnt-orange velvet.

Nearby, a cream-coloured sideboard is outfitted with a built-in bench and a small stool.

Interiors of QYF fashion boutique with linear metal rails
Clothes are hung from linear metal rails

Otherwise, Sun Concepts Office left the store free of bulky display solutions so as to “protect the integrity of the space”.

Garments are showcased on metal rails at the periphery of the store, some of which are finished with squiggly crossbars. A couple of clothing rails were also concealed behind alcoves in the walls.

Accessories are presented on tiered platforms that run along the outer edge of the store, or on circular metal stands that are affixed to the central bench.

Extra rows of metal shelves can be seen on the store’s rear wall, positioned beneath an illuminated sign that reads QYF’s French brand slogan.

Several rectangular mirrors were added to enhance the interior’s sense of depth.

Curved stairs in QYF fashion boutique by Sun Concepts Office
Curved stairs lead to the second floor

A curved set of stairs leads up to the store’s second floor, which was finished in the same style.

Sun Concepts Office also updated QYF’s facade, installing a huge metal door and several expansive glass windows to tempt passing pedestrians inside.

Mirror in Wuhan boutique designed by Sun Concepts Office
Mirrored panels help give the room a sense of depth

Other striking retail spaces in China include KVK, an all-black jewellery boutique that plays with customers’ spatial perception, and Harmay, a cosmetics shop designed to resemble a 1970s office.

The photography is by Liu Zheng and Wang Minjie.

Project credits:

Design team: Sun Concepts Office
Chief designer: Liu Zheng
Lighting: Wuhan Lighting Design

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