Expressive Espresso And Cream Interiors

Rich espresso, walnut, and cream decor elements combine to create these three tasteful modern home interiors. The warm color blend builds expressive spaces that are cozy and welcoming, while highly fashionable and sophisticated. Chic furniture pieces and bespoke storage units make up refined layouts where functionality is key. Accessories are pared back to allow ample space for busy daily life to unfold. Attractive wooden paneling and 3D wall treatments bring interesting texture and added depth to the modestly proportioned living spaces. Home lighting is soft and subtle, with unique pendants, wall sconces, and recessed LED strips that are strategically placed to highlight and accentuate.

Visualizer: Nina Oganova  

A wide espresso leather sofa sits solidly at the center of our first featured living room. Chunky, color-matched coffee tables nest down in front.

The dark espresso decor elements are counterbalanced by pale cream and warm beige accents. Accessories are few and far between to create a refined look.

Behind the large leather couch, we enter a formal dining space with a trendy racetrack-shaped dining table. The wooden dining chairs are the iconic Easy chair designed by Pierre Jeanneret.

One side of the living room is dedicated to storage. Made-to-measure cabinets utilize the entire width of the wall. Open shelving nooks offer opportunities to display decorative items, books, and lamps. Although in this instance, it is mainly used as a sorting area for mail packages.

The kitchen is a modern wooden design with handle-free units and a built-in shelving area. Appliance housing units are cleverly camouflaged with cream wall stucco.

The stucco-effect panels wrap around from the kitchen onto the walls of the home entryway. A wooden entryway bench catches more mail.

Frameless interior doors are coated to match the cream wall paneling, achieving one cohesive visual flow.

Behind one of those color-matched doors lies a child’s bedroom. Patterned walls create an energized aesthetic that’s well suited to a kid’s play space. A unique wooden platform bed features a built-in bedside table that keeps the furniture layout neat and simple.

A kid’s desk is built into a niche at one side of the bedroom. A built-in shelf with a wooden backdrop emulates the kitchen design.

In the master bedroom, a bespoke headboard design fuses with a wall of wood paneling. A modern wall sconce shines above a small bedside table to offer reading light.

A large bedroom window looks out upon the city.

The wood-paneled statement wall merges into a soffit that’s fitted with recessed lighting. The focussed illumination serves a cushioned reading bench below it.

The opposite corner of the room is home to an elegant workspace with a bespoke desk and shelf combo.

An Eames bird playfully decorates the home workspace.

In the bathroom, fluted glass panels frame the freestanding bathtub.

Mosaic tiles install a freeform pattern behind the toilet.

A floating double sink bathroom vanity holds two matching espresso-colored vessel basins.

Apartment floor plan.

Visualizer: Nina Oganova  

In this living room dining room combo, wooden wall panels make a rich espresso focal wall behind a modern leather couch.

A chic black living room floor lamp provides focussed task lighting at one end of the sofa. Sculptural side tables display a decorative glass vase in the window light.

At the other end of the couch, the dining area is defined by a large canvas of 3D relief art.

The textural wall decor complements an extraordinary, oversized ​​dining room pendant light.

This large light makes a bold and determined visual anchor for the small dining area within the open-plan living room. The pedestal dining table beneath it features an equally textural base. Four Easy chairs complete the stylish dining room ensemble.

The entryway is small and succinct under a creamy white colorway and punchy black fixtures. A full-length mirror offers a convenient place to check over outdoor clothes before leaving.

Opposite the mirror, bifold louver doors cover the coat closet.

A small galley kitchen stands at the end of the living space. Walnut wood-effect cabinets make deep contrast with cream walls and countertops. A single wall shelf displays a restricted number of attractive kitchen items.

The hallway to the bedroom is lined with made-to-measure closets.

A stone console unit and a bank of walnut wall cabinets are atmospherically lit by recessed LED strips, which accentuate their linearity.

Inside the master bedroom, mood lighting glows along a paneled headboard. The soft illumination highlights deeply textured wall stucco.

A small, slender floor lamp lights a bedside table at each side of the upholstered platform bed.

Black sockets and switches sink darkly into the espresso headboard.

Black sanitaryware makes an edgy modern statement in the bathroom.

Designer: Sandra Stepanets  
Visualizer: Ekaterina Gracheva  

Our final expressive espresso and cream interior features smooth curves and elegant arches.

A fabulous arched window forms a bright focal point in the open layout.

A curved sofa complements the architectural arches.

A contemporary wooden sideboard features a repeating arch motif.

Behind the curved sofa, a formal dining area is furnished with a round dining table and rounded wooden chairs.

A circular pendant light echoes the outline of the round dining table.

The walls in the entryway are smoothly curved to create a grand and tactile aesthetic.

A statement wall of wooden tiles forms a captivating 3D finish. The unusual 3D feature makes an instant stylish impact upon guests right at the front door.

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