Energised Modern Interior With Glass Wall Home Office

Lustrous gold accents, a prominent glass wall home office, and an eye-catching illuminated cactus terrarium add unique character and high energy to this modern interior design. Visualised by morede.studio, this light and spacious apartment design is located in the heart of Moscow, Russia. The contemporary apartment spans an area of 162 square metres, which allows plenty of room for a chic open plan living space and a stylish master bedroom concept. Built-in cabinetry keeps the borders sleek and streamlined whilst providing practical storage solutions. Decor is unique and attention-grabbing, causing various visual stops across the layout. Bathrooms are bold, textured and patterned to complete the brave cohesivity.

As we enter the open plan living space of this modern apartment in Moscow, we’re immediately struck by the chic glass wall home office design. The glass volume reflects the light from large living room windows. A modular sofa stretches out in front, cutting into the edge of an understated grey living room rug. The elegant Sampei floor lamps are designed by Davide Groppi and Enzo Calabrese.

At the opposite side of the living room, a floating tv stand threads a beautiful grey stone accent in front of fresh white wall panelling. The TV is tidily wall-mounted above.

A small tree makes an uplifting addition to one side of the TV wall arrangement, whilst a fluffy faux fur lounge chair balances out the other. A round coffee table lays down a lustrous gold accent at the centre of the comfortable layout.

A large cactus terrarium wraps the walls of the living room and the kitchen.

Uplights provide atmospheric illumination inside of the eye-catching terrarium.

LED perimeter lights add to the warming glow.

The kitchen and dining areas collide where a solid black kitchen island meets a formal white marble dining table.

The stunning black and white dining chairs that surround the formal dining table are the stylish ​​Neuss Miss chair. Glamorous gold legs shine from beneath the luxe marble tabletop.

Three glass dining room pendant lights line up along the length of the dining table, whilst neat track lights provide focussed task light to the rest of the kitchen.

A unique decorative vase holds a pretty display of dried botanics beside the kitchen sink, which is adorned with an attractive satin gold faucet.

A modern fruit bowl serves as a simple centrepiece for the dining room table.

Out in the entryway of the apartment, built-in cabinets float weightlessly above the floor. LEDs illuminate the void beneath the units, providing a bright storage spot for shoes. A lively yellow pouf offers a comfy place to be seated whilst taking footwear on and off.

Stone floor tiles clad the home entryway with a practical hard-wearing surface. These are replaced by warmer wood chevron flooring in the open plan living space.

An inviting sitting spot by the window is furnished with a couple of gold-framed accent chairs and a fashionably fluted indoor planter.

Inside the master bedroom, a black platform bed is set against a unique headboard design with a wraparound aesthetic.

A tufted end of bed bench and a throw pillow add hot chocolate accents to the grey bedroom decor scheme.

A round and fluted bedside table design is complemented with a dome-shaped modern table lamp.

Opposite the foot of the black platform bed, an elegant console table builds layers of luxurious white marble. The table design is the Console Thalie by Joris Poggioli.

Another indoor planter houses a small tree by the large bedroom window. See more inspiration for unique plant stands.

Inside the bathroom, a textured brown accent wall patterns the vanity area. The feature wall makes an earthy backdrop for a contemporary bathroom mirror trio that spans the full length of the double sink unit.

Small side tables provide additional surface space beside the double sink bathroom vanity.

A red glass bathtub has a stunning illuminated appearance in front of the wide bathroom window.

Mature indoor plants make fresh contrast against the unique red bathtub.

A large shower enclosure awaits within luxe gold framework.

Gold shower fixtures pop against a plain cream coloured wet wall inside the shower area design.

The second glass bathroom enclosure houses the WC. A unique black side table matches with a black wall hung toilet.

Inside the luxury home office, a round rug complements the curves of a racetrack-shaped desk.

The modern home office desk faces into the room, giving it a commanding presence.

A stylish desk chair backs onto a modern bookcase.

A small library and decorative items fill the gold and black bookshelves.

The second bathroom design features a swathe of tiny black mosaic tiles across the shower zone and toilet cistern concealment wall.

A unique metallic toilet design, metal flush plate, and wall mounted chrome brush holder shine off the black backdrop.

A tinted glass screen divides the shower area from the rest of the bathroom space. Once outside of the shower and toilet enclosure, the floor changes from black mosaic to contrasting white ceramic.

The black stone ceramic tile treatment reaches up behind a solid black modern bathroom vanity and an uncomplicated frameless bathroom mirror. LED strip lights highlight the edges of the mirror and the vanity unit, and draw extra attention to the bold tile design.

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