Creating Cosy-Chic Interiors With Grey Decor & Wood Accents

Tonal grey decor and wooden accents culminate into a cosy-chic aesthetic within these three modern home interiors. In our first inspirational home design, we visit a living room with a textural decor scheme and a host of high-end furniture. The stylish living space, however, is completely overshadowed by a striking entryway design with a punchy orange colour blocked treatment and a cool modern staircase design. Our second featured home interior is a deeply shaded design with atmospheric mood lighting, a plethora of indoor plants, and an industrial feel. Finally, we’ll complete our trio of tours in a lighter, limewashed living space, where en vogue arches and subtle boho flourishes add elegance and intrigue.

Architect: MAA Architects  

This 145 square metre home design is located in Frankfurt Germany. A host of tones and textures are brought together to create a cosy modern apartment, with just a hint of bohemian essence. A tan ottoman makes soft, tonal contrast with a grey tufted sofa design, whilst a small side table cuts a crisp white silhouette.

Behind the tufted sofa, ridged gypsum wall panels draw deep textural interest, which is exaggerated under dark graphite paintwork. Two modern art pieces pull together several decor hues, to form one cohesive focal point.

A Traveller’s palm fills the corner of the living room with nature’s architectural beauty and rich emerald colour. A slender floor lamp matches its height.

A pair of living room chairs are set in front of the window to form an L-shaped furniture layout without blocking too much of the natural light. At the end of a large area rug, the final living room wall is dedicated to a bespoke media cabinet that smoothly wraps around into the neighbouring kitchen.

The wide doorway between the lounge and kitchen maintains an open flow.

Out in the home entryway, a fabulous floating staircase design winds around a wide stairwell. The modern design is elevated by a bold orange colour blocked paint feature that rises and falls in abstract silhouette.

Built-in bookcases and storage units make practical use of the spacious entryway. Indoor plants loll from the black book niches to form small explosions of vibrant greenery.

A glass balustrade maintains the floating effect of the staircase, allowing the edges of the treads to show through without obstruction.

Decorative vases and small sculptures make up an interesting pitstop in the hallway.

Back inside the kitchen diner, a mature cactus complements the vertical linearity of the textured wall panels.

A bank of full-height grey kitchen cabinets forms the partition wall between the living room and the extraordinary orange hallway.

Visualizer: Dmitry Matveev  

In our second featured home design, a cosy modular sofa is settled centrally in the lounge, leaving a small walkway around it to access the kitchen. A striking floor lamp fills the vacant corner behind the couch, whilst a modern coffee table occupies the area in front.

The grey living room gains depth from a dark concrete focal wall, which is atmospherically lit from above by a bright ribbon of LEDs. A second ribbon of light runs beneath a floating media unit at the base of the wall to complete the moody effect.

A slatted partition draws a subtle visual divide between the living room and the hallway.

Walnut flooring makes rich contrast with the grey lounge furniture and light area rug.

In the kitchen, the sophisticated grey and walnut decor scheme continues. A plethora of lush green indoor plants uplift the look.

A large wall clock casts shadow onto a concrete statement wall. Modern planters make black, hourglass silhouettes.

Concrete countertops wrap the grey and wood kitchen design.

Grey storage closets smoothly line the hallway of the home.

Inside the bedroom, a smoky grey upholstered bed contrasts against a light area rug. Dark grey bedside cabinets flank either side, adding to the tonal ensemble.

A glass closet causes bright reflections to form across the shadowy bedroom decor scheme.

At the foot of the bed, a grey wall mounted media unit morphs into a vanity table by the window. A punchy yellow vanity stool adds a moment of bright colour underneath.

A backlit mirror forms an atmospheric halo of light above a built-in chest of drawers.

The home entryway is a darkly dramatic little space that’s made to appear larger with the help of a custom-cut mirror. A bespoke console unit threads across the front of the mirror, above a simple grey vanity stool.

Inside the compact bathroom, large-format grey tiles and wood wall panels combine to create a chic aesthetic.

A frameless vanity mirror exudes mood light from around its square edge.

The shower room follows a similar grey and wood grain design, but this time goes even darker with recessed spotlights instead of bright perimeter illumination.

Black shower fixtures fade into the deep shadows.

Visualizer: AV Tikhomirov  

Our final home tour leads us to a light grey limewashed living space with en vogue arches.

A curvaceous accent chair complements the arched alcove and doorway.

A racetrack-shaped side table continues the smooth shape theme.

The lounge leads directly into an open plan kitchen, where light wood and rattan make warm contrast with the stony grey surroundings.

A kitchen island divides the open layout.

Situated by the window, the dining area benefits from natural light.

Three modern wood kitchen bar stools are teamed with the concrete kitchen island to fashion a stylish breakfast bar.

White kitchen appliances lighten the look.

Macramé bedroom pendant lights give the decor scheme a boho vibe.

A grey upholstered bed melds softly with the limewashed backdrop.

A macramé wall hanging adds beauty to the bedroom TV wall.

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