Colourful & Quirky Home Interior With Unexpected Accents

From a floral tile wall between the living room curtains to fish-shaped pendant lights hanging in the master bedroom, this colourful home interior is full of unexpected accents. Visualised by Lake & Walls, the home design takes us on a journey of discovery through characterful schemes. Unique wallcoverings and a variety of patterns form individualistic backdrops at various visual stops. An eclectic curation of furniture styles and colours culminates in a joyous mixture that keeps the eye moving. Classical motifs build an air of elegance, which gracefully counterbalances the more contemporary pieces. The neoclassical trend is swapped out for abstract elements inside the guest room and bathroom with dazzling results.

A living room rug lays down a tonal blue base for a taupe sectional sofa. The arrangement is planted solidly in the centre of the open plan living space, leaving plenty of open space to manoeuvre around it.

A wooden media wall is installed opposite the couch, which adds warm texture to the white room decor. An indoor plant adds a burst of greenery alongside it.

There is a round coffee table is set on the blue rug to make playful contrast. Between the two living room windows, a narrow wall of floral tiles peep from under sheer white drapes.

A brown lounge chair and a brass floor lamp make a bright reading spot by the window.

Elegant crown moulding makes a decorative border around the ceiling. In the neoclassical dining room, an assortment of stylish chairs make up a unique dining set.

Unusual dining room pendant lights drop green, abstract pattern low over the modern dining table.

An extraordinary console table introduces a flash of bright cobalt blue at one end of the dining room. A quirky bird motif flies over its surface. Behind the eye-catching unit, a monochrome wallcovering fetches abstract pattern.

An arched doorway is highlighted under golden wood tone within the monochrome abstract wall. On the other side of the archway, a display shelf is adorned with modern ceramic vases, plants, and a small library of books.

An assortment of candle holders are grouped to form a shapely dining table centrepiece. A number of red candlesticks coordinate with small red accents in the kitchen design behind.

Wood laminate flooring lays smooth texture in the lounge area. In the kitchen diner, the oak laminate floor treatment is switched out for a hardwearing tile. The tile spreads a cheerful blue colourway that reflects the light.

The blue floor makes a pleasing contrast with the red elements of the modern kitchen design. A red kitchen faucet and small red kitchen appliances dot the wooden kitchen and its striking white marble countertop.

From the living room’s arched doorway, we gain an open view into the hallway of the home. Red-stained baseboards make hot contradiction with cool wall decor. Recessed spotlights draw the eye down the hallway toward the front entry door.

In the front entryway, black and white floor tiles are laid to create a striking bordered design.

A racetrack-shaped entryway bench drps in a soft splash of blue. Built-in shelves provide a small focal point. Floral tiles are applied behind the shelves to make a pretty backdrop for decorative vases and bowls.

A red glass light fitting sends a puddle of colour across the ceiling.

A sage green bedroom decor scheme with blue accents doubles as the master bedroom and the nursery. Bespoke white and green wardrobes fill one wall of the room, whilst the headboard wall is taken over by a huge blue art piece.

At the end of the bed, a unique dresser pulls together green, blue, and blush accents.

Two fabulously outlandish bedroom pendant lights hang just safely out of reach of the baby’s crib. They resemble two fish hanging on fishing lines.

A bold bedside table lamp places a glossy coral accent on a metallic green bedside table.

A frame of green bookcases are built around the door frame to make the most of unused wall space.

Floral wallpaper, classical artwork, and a rocking chair form a traditional vignette.

In a second bedroom, abstract artwork introduces a multitude of colours.

A round bedside table complements a muxarabi screen design.

Ceramic vases are displayed upon colourful floating shelves, which are works of art themselves.

The muxarabi screen creates a beautiful headboard design.

A home workspace is arranged across the bedroom window wall at the foot of the bed.

Decorative vases make a stylish desk adornment. A brass pendant light descends upon the workspace.

The desk is integrated into a wall of storage.

The designer table lamp on the desk is the Pulse table lamp by Versmissen.

The bathroom is an explosion of bold colour and pattern. Red waves undulate across the floor of the room. Blue tiles climb the wet zone, whilst the tub itself is encased in red ceramic.

White marble frames the top of the bathtub with a luxe touch.

Red bathroom fixtures make a bright statement.

A unique bathroom mirror is mounted onto a beautiful white marble backsplash.

A blue bathroom faucet adds an unexpected flash of contemporary colour to the marble vanity top.

A red toilet is tucked out of sight behind a marble half wall.

The laundry room is awash with blue tiles and a hot red accent sink.

Black wall shelves score the light blue backdrop.

A garment hanging rail tucks beneath a row of blue storage cabinets with punchy red handles.

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