Colour Connected Interiors Under 85 Sqm (900 Sqft) With Floor Plans

When thinking up a cohesive colour scheme, it’s easy to go down a path of neutrals or a safe tonal spectrum. However, a boldly creative colour combination will fashion a much stronger connection through a modern interior, just like the two intriguing home designs we feature here today. Each measuring under 85 sqm (900 sqft), these home interiors come alive under rich green and blue accents. Our first tour is an industrial style space, where a hint of tan and muted copper join the palette to complement ruddy exposed brickwork. The colour palette explodes with pink and bright yellow additions in our other featured abode, where art deco inspired elements help shape a daring family home.

Visualizer: Alexander Savinov  

This 82.5 square metre home design features an industrial style interior with exposed brickwork walls. Traditional wainscotting has been added around the lower portion of the walls to style a smooth, sophisticated finish that will take a pristine coat of deep green paint. Square coffee tables tie in with the square panel moulding.

A modern TV stand colours a matt copper accent across the living room TV wall, which is backed with fashionable wood slatted boards and finished with panel moulding up to the ceiling line.

A modern tufted sofa continues the square motif in its upholstery. An ottoman places a sapphire blue accent at the centre of the grey arrangement.

One chic lounge chair adds another deep blue accent to balance out the ottoman. A swing arm wall lamp sheds reading light across the couch.

A textured area rug dapples a tonal blue design beneath the black coffee tables, which has an uplifting effect.

Out in the home entryway, a round mirror and a vanity unit are set neatly into an alcove, with two small pendant lights to chase away the shadows.

The open plan lounge blends into the dining area and onto the kitchen. A large modern dining room chandelier darkly matches with jet black kitchen cabinets.

The rectangle dining table is set right up against the kitchen island to save space in the open concept.

Inside the green bedroom, two unique bedroom pendant lights descend in front of a wainscot headboard wall.

Wooden bedside units flank a plush grey upholstered bed.

A KAWS statue is poised by a glass wall, which leads to an ensuite bathroom and a walk-in wardrobe.

A home workspace is set up by the window.

Grey drapes frame the grey painted window frame. The modern wood desk and tan desk chair place warm accents at the centre of the sill.

Quirky artwork paints a tongue-in-cheek sense of grandeur.

Floor plan.

Designer: AG Design Studio  
Visualizer: Igor Krainov  

Measuring 83.2 square metres, this daring home design belongs to a small family. In the living room, we’re introduced into a boldly split red and green interior scheme, where an unusual sofa design changes colour halfway.

The decor palette quickly incorporates a burst of bright yellow in a set of nesting coffee tables by the couch, and along the edge of a dividing wall that supports the TV. An art deco-inspired metalwork screen opens up the top of the dividing wall to accept light from the adjacent kitchen diner.

Multicoloured dining room pendant lights also shine through the metalwork and stained glass room divider, creating beautiful colourplay between the two. Yellow upholstered dining chairs add a bright buzz around a grey terrazzo dining table.

Contrasting pink and green kitchen cabinets join the bold colour party.

The L-shaped kitchen wraps its colourfully cubist arrangement around the compact dining area. A few white cabinets are interspersed within the wall of colour, along with a white countertop and backsplash to break the saturation.

Inside the pink bedroom, a blue bed lays down a wonderfully contrasting element.

A white bedside table stands at one side of the bed, whilst a blue counterpart serves the other.

Decorative vases elegantly adorn a bespoke built-in desk.

A blue light fixture balances out the boldness of the bed.

Painted components and decorative framework form an abstract feature wall around the bedroom TV.

Two more empty frames are hung above each bedside to create height and layering.

Creative use of tile and colour shapes an extraordinary bathroom scheme. Despite the small proportions of the room, the look is dramatic and memorable.

A punchy yellow vanity unit makes bright contrast with deep blue floor tiles. A long bathroom vanity light complements the unique mirror design. See more bathroom vanity lights here.

The unusual blue floor tiles continue up and around the bathtub to thrilling effect.

In the kid’s room, blush, blue, green and yellow accents colour a fun play space.

A fabulous wallcovering brings the whole room palette together behind a pretty blush daybed and an all-seeing modern wall sconce that looks like a giant eye.

The opposite wall is dedicated to the kid’s study. A tower of colourful storage adds a unique touch.

An indoor climbing frame builds more space to play in a small bedroom floor plan.

Cute kids’ decor fills the window sill, next to a cheerful yellow window frame and a matching radiator.

3D tiles carve an interesting wet zone in the shower room.

Geometric tiles fashion a black and white sketched effect around the vanity area and across the floor.

Another art deco-inspired screen decorates the hallway with stained glass.

Solid blue decor defines the entryway.

Door hardware and recessed shelves pop in vivid yellow.

Floor plan.

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