Adding Heat To Neutral Interiors With Fiery Orange Accents

Orange is the flames of a winter fire, the blazing summer sun, the new nectar of spring and an autumn pumpkin harvest, making it a vibrant all year round choice for decor accents. This strong colourway is actually very versatile and can be manipulated to bring a warming bloom into all kinds of interior spaces. In its bright form it is fun & playful and suited to filling sociable living spaces with a cheerful upbeat mood. Darker variations work in sophisticated spaces with rich undertones and natural wooden elements. These three home interiors work their way through the whole juicy spectrum, putting versatile orange zest to the test.

Visualizer: Mai Trang Nguyen  

Tonal orange infusions of pumpkin, rust and paprika bring variation to the white open plan living space of our first interior. A set of round nesting coffee tables combine rust and white gloss finishes in the centre of the lounge, whilst sofa scatter cushions combine emerald, pumpkin and grey.

Natural wood builds sophisticated moments, like this sleek wood slatted statement wall with a floating tv stand. Two glass vases dress the unit’s cool grey granite top.

The room is encased in clean white wall panelling, which cools the scheme’s brighter accents. A large wall clock adds an area of interest to the smooth surround.

A light wood island and matching soffit add subtle texture to the pale kitchen.

Paprika coloured kitchen bar stools add heat and energy to the neutral design.

A contemporary wood slatted ceiling caps the dining area.

Delicious chocolate orange accents sweeten a grey bedroom scheme. A single bright orange cushion pops against a grey bed set and chocolate brown platform bed. Bedroom pendant lights are tipped with gold to add a little lustre.

A charcoal rug grounds the look.

Designer: Studio M3 & Lia Mood  
Visualizer: Nastia Perchyk  

An industrial concrete ceiling passes above the spiced orange and white interior of our second home tour. The lounge is a neutral arrangement with a taupe sofa, and a duo of white round coffee tables upon a natural woven rug. A colour block kitchen raises an orange accent wall behind the ensemble.

Orange is said to bring out sociability. In this living room, modern art replaces the TV in the lounge layout, leaving furniture placed for conversation…

… However, the paintings can be moved aside to clear a plain white projection wall. A ceiling mounted shelf holds the projector tucked in by some trailing plants.

A modern wingback chair is nestled by a narrow bookcase and floor reading lamp to form a comfortable nook.

A second narrow storage unit slides in beside a modern makeup table.

The neat vanity table features a lift up lid with a mirror concealed inside.

Directly behind the sofa, a rectangle dining table seats four.

Balcony doors add an open and sunny dimension to the compact eating spot.

An unusual decorative vase and modern fruit bowl dress the sleek white tabletop.

Orange is said to stimulate the appetite, making it a great choice for kitchens. An orange kitchen backsplash makes an exact tonal match for these orange wall units. A ribbon of cool white LEDs accentuate the obscured line.

A black sink and faucet balance out the black integrated oven.

Orange hooks bring our hot accent to the hallway.

A bedroom cube is defined from the rest of the studio space with a cosy orange interior and an inspirational neon sign. Grey and white bedclothes balance out the brightness.

Orange dashed terrazzo patterns the bathroom. Rattan laundry baskets and bathroom linens add cooling grey counterbalance.

A crisp white faucet and bathroom sink clean up a concrete and orange tile vanity area.

With lack of a laundry room, utilities are conveniently included in the bathroom space.

Bathroom storage is hidden over the toilet cistern.

Visualizer: Quadro Room  

Juicy bursts of satsuma enter our third interior via a piece of cool dog art.

A grey rug sets out the lounge perimeter under a comfy fabric couch and a square black marble coffee table.

Orange accents are translated through dining room art too; a stylish dining room pendant light hangs low into the frame. A pedestal dining table mirrors the pendant’s flat circular outline.

Gubi beetle chairs complement the rounded dining room aesthetic.

A small kitchen island draws forth the white element of a black and white kitchen design. Cabinet lighting brightens the darker wall.

Shelves of wine glasses, carafes and flatware are highlighted within the glass wall units, for an open fronted effect that keeps the dust off.

A large piece of art adds a citrus stripe behind a silvery tufted headboard.

A unique light continues the bright note over one of the bedside tables.

The entryway into the master bedroom passes by an open fronted closet. A glass side cleanly divides the storage/dressing area from the sleep space.

A floating vanity unit attaches to a slatted and mirrored focal wall at the foot of the bed.

Cadmium accents colour this upbeat bedroom. A unique headboard design creates a sunrise over the bed. Bright handles and trims draw focus to bedside storage closets, and a tall built in bookcase draws the eye up to a modern chandelier.

A fun desk chair colours a white workspace in the corner of the bedroom.

The bathroom eludes the energised orange accent. Peaceful grey decor fills the space instead.

Linear forms create a calm and controlled sense of zen.

Dashes of LED light frame the modern bathroom vanity.

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