A High-Ceiling Home with Bold Pops of Color

A neutral color palette is typically the safest choice when it comes to a clean, modern design. But in the right hands, neutral tones can act as a simple foundation from which the designer can take big, bold leaps. In this home, white and off-white set off big splashes of burgundy red, deep blue, and even black. Without the calming neutrals, these bolder choices could come off as too loud or garish, but here, a balance is struck and the result is sophisticated with a pop of playfulness.

Visualizer: BODES Studio  

In the main living area, a creative wall light is mounted just above the sofa.

Choosing a small sofa is an easy way to save space when there isn’t a lot to spare.

By mounting the television above the piano, a living room becomes a piano room as well.

The piano stool is both a necessity for the instrument and a stylish accessory.

An open floor plan and fairly small footprint means a living room dining room combo design is most practical.

A round small dining table and upholstered dining chairs are both sleek and cozy in the designated dining area.

A blue door and entry way are a calming option for the first thing residents see at the end of a long day.

The small kitchen uses the same rich red hue that we first saw in the living room area.

Indeed, the red kitchen is a bold choice since the space is so small.

An entryway mirror makes the space feel immediately bigger upon entering.

Colorful confetti tiles add a bit of playfulness.

A built-in entry nook is the perfect landing space for knicknacks, mail, and keys.

Though the entryway is small, it makes a big design impact with its palette.

In the bedroom, an upholstered bed with soft headboard is welcoming and cozy.

Colorblocked paint in a beautiful peach hue is perfect for a bedroom.

The use of soft textures in the staging as well as a dangling bedroom pendant light are another cozy choice.

A nesting bedside table has a look that’s a bit of an 80s throwback.

The wall light in this bedroom comes softly from behind the upholstered headboard.

A projector is mounted over the bed in place of a television.

The bedroom closet and an office area are hidden behind blurred glass panels.

A tall floor mirror is always a good choice for making a small room feel bigger.

The home workspace tucked away behind the glass panels is small but does the job.

A black swivel chair is both professional and stylish.

In the en suite, a bathroom mirror uses an inverted arch design, which is visually unique.

A washing machine is tucked away underneath the bathroom countertop.

A sprig of fresh plant is always a nice touch in a bathroom.

The confetti tile with a neutral shift is perfect in the bathroom and shower.

A built-in bathtub and shower is most practical for a small home.

A black rain-style shower head is a luxurious option.

Finally, a simple white door provides privacy and simple elegance.

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