51 Large Area Rugs to Underscore Your Decor with a Designer Touch

An area rug is the perfect piece to tie a room together – it can underscore a solidified decor theme or bring together eclectic elements in a way that feels cohesive. But they also serve important functional roles as well, from protecting your floors from regular foot traffic to providing warmth and comfort for cozy days indoors. In this post, we’ve collected 51 large area rugs from around the internet that measure up at 8′ x 10′ or above. These large area rugs are ideal for accent placement in larger rooms and for central placement in smaller areas. This compilation includes design-forward selections for every style and every budget. And best of all, each one is available for sale online right now.

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Modern Moroccan Large Area Rug: Moroccan rugs have quickly become a staple across multiple decor styles from mid-century modern to Scandinavian and more. This piece is woven from 100% wool, a soft yet durable material that offers inherent resistance against many types of stains. Because of its shaggy accents, this piece is ideal for a statement placement within a seating arrangement.

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Large Heathered Grey Area Rug: Minimalistic area rugs like this one offer endless decor possibilities throughout the home. This piece is made with performance-driven durability in mind, woven from strong synthetics derived from recycled plastic bottles for eco-friendly appeal. Use this piece in higher traffic placements like living rooms and entryway foyers.

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Marbled Grey Large Modern Area Rug: Marbled patterns present a truly luxurious first impression well-suited to glam interior themes. This piece is woven from polypropylene for durability and resistance against staining. It’s perfect for demanding placements like living rooms and dining rooms.

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Large Wool and Viscose Area Rug: An oversized trellis and smaller diamond motifs bring a geometric edge to this casual striped area rug. This piece is made from a combination of wool and viscose for a captivating textural experience. Rugs with large scale patterns like this one are ideal for large open spaces but the decorative possibilities are nearly endless.

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Tonal Grey Large Area Rug: Designed by Urd Moll Gundermann for Danish rug company Linie Design, this large area rug boasts carved geometric patterns and subtle tonality for bold artful appeal. This piece is handcrafted from premium quality wool, with every section rendered in a different texture for added dimensionality.

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Leather Large Round Area Rug: Large round area rugs fill a specific niche in the world of home decor. They’re ideal for use beneath round dining tables and for adding definition to open spaces like reading nooks – among so many other possibilities. This unique round area rug is made from strips of natural hair on hide leather, stitched together in a striking starburst design.

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Dark Abstract Large Wool Area Rug: Neutral area rugs are a fantastic investment because they can adapt to a variety of decor themes even as your interior may change over time. This piece is handcrafted from 100% New Zealand wool for lasting longevity and comfort, durable enough for higher traffic areas like dining rooms.

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Contemporary Large Neutral Area Rug: Diagonal strokes help this rug break away from the strong right angles that often dominate modern interiors, offering a useful source of implied contrast. This design is made from 100% polypropylene for inherent resistance against staining and wear.

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Large White Bamboo Silk Area Rug: Brighten your favorite space with this off-white area rug, made from renewable 100% bamboo silk for a super-soft hand feel. This piece is ideal for lower traffic areas like home offices and formal living rooms.

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Ombre Grey Large Square Area Rug: Striated ombre coloration brings contemporary sensibility to this versatile area rug design. Grey offers endless decor possibilities – but for a bolder look, this piece is available in a wide variety of brighter hues as well. This smart synthetic design features a shaggy pile for comfort yet proves durable enough for demanding placements.

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Bordered Grey Large Oval Area Rug: Braided rugs are a classic favorite. This design offers a modernized look, rendered in shades of grey and ivory for easy coordination. This piece would make a nice complement to interior themes like contemporary rustic, farmhouse chic, French country, and more.

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Flatwoven Wool Large Area Rug 8 x 10: Flatwoven kilim-style rugs are especially trendy, likely in part to their true versatility. These pieces feature a tightly woven surface rather than shaggy pile, allowing for easier cleaning and easier movement when the time comes to rearrange. This piece keeps things simple with an ivory base and attractive grey stripes.

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Moroccan Large Shag Area Rug: Shaggy area rugs are a favorite for spaces where comfort takes top priority. This design features an on-trend Moroccan pattern and boho-chic braided fringes, the pile cut curly and long for incomparable coziness underfoot. Consider this model for use in interior themes like mid-century modern or Scandinavian hygge.

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Large Black and White Wool Area Rug: Abstract area rugs like this one can double as a piece of modern artwork that you can display right on your floor. This piece is hand-tufted from sumptuously soft New Zealand wool, the decorative elements woven in a lower pile for dimensional appeal.

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Dalmatian Large Wool Area Rug: Dalmatian-like spots lend tremendous character to this versatile beige-colored area rug. This piece is hand-tufted from 100% wool in a low and practical pile that will prove simple to maintain for longer-lasting appeal. Choose from a wide variety of large rug sizes.

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Large Wool and Cotton Tassel Area Rug: Textural area rugs like this one can add tremendous decorative impact to space without complicating your color palette. This piece is crafted from wool and cotton, the base flatwoven with a handsome trellis pattern cut into a playful shag.

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Large Fluffy Wool Area Rug: Flokati-style wool rugs can transform any space into a luxuriously cozy retreat. Use to complement quiet reading nooks, comfortable bedrooms, home offices, nurseries, and other quiet low-traffic areas.

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Large Thick Wool Area Rug: The handsome Wellbeing Chobi area rug by Nanimarquina is expertly handcrafted from 100% Afghan wool for an incomparable underfoot experience. This piece boasts authentic hand-knotted construction, one of the most durable and highest quality production methods in use today.

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Handmade Contrast Large Wool Area Rug: Created by Christina Tullock and Sam Moradzadeh, the Esker rug boasts an expressive decorative look through the use of texture and tone. This piece is hand-knotted in rows that alternate between flatwoven and tufted to create a dramatic ridged effect.

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Large Modern Rustic Area Rug: Jute rugs are a favorite option for those who want to emphasize natural elements within the home. This beautiful piece is handwoven from jute in alternating stripes of natural and ivory, each end finished with a lengthy fringe. Use to complement rustic and minimalist themes alike.

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Patchwork Large Neutral Area Rug: The handsome Tres Vegetal area rug by Nanimarquina is so named for its unique material composition – it is flatwoven from a combination of New Zealand wool, felt, and natural hemp. These materials each lend their own distinct texture and natural tonality, joined together in a patchwork pattern for a casual yet sophisticated look.

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Large New Zealand Wool Moroccan Rug: Natural tones ensure this Moroccan area rug remains easy to coordinate, especially within interiors that tend to fall more on the natural side such as Scandinavian or rustic lodge. This piece is handwoven from New Zealand wool in stripes that alternate between flatwoven and shaggy. The trellis pattern is lightly raised for added definition.

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Large Brown Shag Area Rug: This natural showstopper features a low flatwoven section that runs like a river through extra long shaggy pile. This piece is handmade from pure wool for comfort and longevity. Use this large brown area rug to complement interior themes like mid-century or rustic chic.

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Braided Large Jute Area Rug: When searching for a braided area rug, you may notice that the most abundant offerings tend to be round or oval. This piece features a rectangular shape for more versatile placement possibilities. Natural jute provides a distinctive texture underfoot while complementing interior themes like rustic, bohemian, and coastal.

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Handwoven Jute Large Red Area Rug: Do you love the texture of jute but prefer something with a more contemporary color palette? This large jute rug is available in a range of bright hues in addition to a variety of versatile natural tones.

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Large Black and Red Area Rug: This large rug is flatwoven in black with offset white stripes, with one pair of stripes in vibrant red to serve as a bold focal point. Use this kilim as a source of contrast within a lighter interior or to make a wide open space feel more intimate.

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Wool Tasseled Large Area Rug: Traditional motifs are given a striking modern update with this energetic geometric rug. This large flatwoven design is decorated with colorful dashes of pompom pile around the edges for a playful twist.

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Wavy Rainbow Large Colorful Area Rug: This abstract rainbow area rug is sure to become a favorite statement piece even within the most eclectic interior decor themes. This unique design by An Aesthetic Pursuit is hand-tufted from plush wool for endless comfort and charisma. Use to unify a kaleidoscopic color palette.

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Multicolor Large Plush Area Rug: Geometric color blocking makes this area rug a natural fit for contemporary decor themes. Hanne Kortegaard designed this piece for Linie Design – it is hand-tufted from 100% wool, available in two bold color palettes.

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Retro Large Wool Area Rug: A bold graphical quality ensures this large area rug stands out with tremendous charisma. This hand-tufted area rug features capsule shaped ovals outlined in dramatic black, some decorated with circular motifs that guide the eye to dance across the surface. Use this piece to coordinate flawlessly with mid-century and retro interior themes.

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Yellow Large Braided Area Rug: This playful jute and cotton design showcases the beauty of natural fiber while delighting with sunny yellow hues. The retro geometric pattern makes this piece perfect for mid-century and bohemian interior decor themes.

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Yellow and Blue Large Area Rug: The charming Palani kilim rug features a bold geometric pattern in playful shades of blue and yellow against a versatile ivory base. This piece was handcrafted using traditional looms and boasts a lightly ridged texture that beckons tactile exploration.

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Mustard Yellow Large Wool Area Rug: Contemporary pebble-like patterns trace across the surface of this large area rug, leaving intriguing negative space between each stripe. This piece boasts a modern pattern in trendy mustard yellow, hand-tufted from 100% New Zealand wool for satisfying comfort in high-traffic placements and cozy retreats alike.

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Asymmetrical Large Modern Area Rug: Sandra Figuerola’s inventive Rustic Chic Geo collection features a striking asymmetric profile that looks like multiple different rugs laid side by side. This design is made from jute and wool, each section woven using different techniques and different textures.

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Handmade Wool Large Floral Area Rug: The delightful Flora Promenade Rug showcases the artwork of painter and sculptor Santi Moix, with large scale floral motifs rendered in sumptuous wool rather than paint on canvas. This large area rug offers both subdued and vibrant hues to admire, providing endless possibilities for creative coordination within your decor.

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Green Striped Large Area Rug: For a bold pop of color that offers flexible coordination options, the Gradient Rug by Gus lets you keep your options open. This striped rug is available in a green or orange colorway, both featuring a bold gradient that goes from dark to light. This is a mid-pile rug made from New Zealand wool for a fabulous combination of softness and strength.

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Abstract Large Contemporary Area Rug: Painterly coloration and bold abstract shapes ensure this large wool rug will enhance the atmosphere of any room with its strong artistic charms. This piece is tufted from New Zealand wool and fine banana silk for exceptional comfort.

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Justina Blakeney Large Colorful Area Rug: Prolific designer Justina Blakeney created the Cielo collection to provide a contemporary take on traditional motifs. This large blue area rug features intricate patterns inspired by classic heirloom rugs, enlivened with a striated effect to lend a vintage look. This polyester rug is perfect for high-traffic places like living rooms and beneath dining tables.

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Abstract Large Colorful Area Rug: These vibrant colors are made for ultra-contemporary interior themes that go big on playful character. This large area rug is ultra-plush, tufted from pure wool for excellent underfoot comfort. Take advantage of the fun abstract shapes to give your decor a break from straight lines and right angles.

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Handwoven Large Navy Area Rug: This dark navy area rug is flatwoven for chic uncomplicated style, a traditional pattern woven in thick textural yarns that pop from the surface. This design is made with durable synthetic fibers derived from recycled plastic bottles for eco-friendly appeal you can feel good about.

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Large Area Rug 12 x 15 Industrial Blue: High-low pile gives this area rug a distinct textural look that suits its industrial aesthetic well. Use this durable synthetic design to complement a contemporary or minimalist interior decor theme.

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Textural Large Blue Area Rug: Exquisite texture makes this area rug a delightfully intricate piece that will captivate the attention of guests. This sophisticated design is handwoven from natural wool in stripes of alternating trellis patterns, each one elegant like lacework. Select from a wide range of light and uplifting color options.

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Solid Large Teal Area Rug: Whether you’re decorating a minimalistic space or need a dependable grounding element to balance out a complex decor theme, it’s hard to go wrong with a simple solid. This large teal area rug offers a splash of refreshing color while remaining easy on the eyes. This piece is also available in a range of other bright hues and versatile neutrals.

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Striped Wool Large Plush Area Rug: Wavering stripes give this large area rug a painterly look. This piece is the Lepark wool rug by GAN Rugs, an ultra-plush and practical hand-tufted wool rug that combines warm earth tones, versatile neutrals, and a few choice stripes of vibrant color.

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Large Textural Handwoven Area Rug: Stripes of welcoming earth tones decorate this charming Bohemian area rug, interspersed with deep neutrals and blush pink throughout. A closer look reveals wide textural variation between bubble-like yarns, flatwoven planes, and rich bands of tufting.

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Pink Kilim Large Area Rug: This large area rug features geometric patterns inspired by traditional kilims, reinvented in a fresh contemporary palette to suit the modern home. This gorgeous handwoven design is made from New Zealand wool and natural cotton.

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Kilim-Style Large Red Area Rug: The Ndebele rug by Sandra Figuerola draws its inspiration from the colorfully hand-painted home facades of the Ndebele people of Africa. This piece is flatwoven in traditional kilim style bringing exceptional clarity to its geometric motifs.

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Large Washable Area Rug: For some, the prospect of maintaining an area rug can seem daunting – especially in a home with pets or active children. Washable area rugs might present an attractive alternative. This design by Ruggable features the timeless aesthetic of a traditional Persian rug, but the top layer easily disconnects from the rug pad and can be washed right in a standard home washing machine.

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Large Indoor Outdoor Traditional Area Rug: Rugs that are designated as indoor/outdoor are the perfect option for your most demanding placements. They typically resist water damage, staining, and fading from the sun – all features that this attractive traditional design proudly boasts.

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Moroccan Large Indoor Outdoor Area Rug: This large Moroccan-inspired area rug is made from durable polypropylene – comfortable enough to use indoors but strong enough to use outdoors. Use in hardwearing placements like entryways, dining rooms, playrooms, or outside on the patio.

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Blue Striped Large Outdoor Area Rug: This large outdoor area rug is stain-resistant, weather-resistant, and fade-resistant. It’s an exceptionally durable piece with smart nautical styling. Looking for something to match a different type of decor? This piece is available in a spectrum of colors to suit any theme.

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