51 Crystal Chandeliers to Hypnotize Your Guests

A crystal chandelier is back and more modern than ever, for a good reason. It offers a fantastic way to represent your style while enhancing the atmosphere of any room in your home. It’s not just a plain lighting accessory. A stylish crystal chandelier unites elegance, cutting-edge fashion, and a vintage flair. Furthermore, there’s a crystal chandelier for any kind of interior, including luxury, progressive, or farmhouse charm. You can choose just as much glitz as you like, from an understated sparkle to a full-Dynasty mode.

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Spherical Crystal Chandelier: Exquisitely beautiful raindrop chandelier is a gorgeous ceiling light fixture which is impossible to compliment enough by a picture. Solid construction features fragile-looking, superior quality materials like first-class crystal glass raindrop sleek stainless steel. The modern contemporary chandelier pendant lamp is a functionally beautiful asset to any interior.

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Exquisite Raindrop Crystal Chandelier: This medium size chandelier suitable for a variety of spaces features a 39” high spiral of premium crystal glass. The set of strings is finely crafted, with high sparkle and clarity, to provide astonishing effect day and night. Clear crystal in combination with mirror steel catches and reflects an abundance of light, reflecting a multi-color spectrum around.

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Spiral Raindrop Crystal Chandelier: Impressive and large, this chandelier will bring an extra oomph to any interior with its glitzy spiral of premium crystal glass. Its design is brimming with Hollywood glamour, elevating the luxury vibe together with visibility. Clear parts catch and emit light, sending waves of multicolor reflections all over the room

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Spherical Raindrop Crystal Chandelier: This extravagant flush mount light is suitable for high ceilings, foyer, and stairwell of a two-story house or a villa. If you use warm white bulbs it will create an atmosphere that is soft rather than dazzling. To dress to impress, use cool white bulbs and keep crystals to reflect more light and provide a seriously glamorous effect.

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Square Raindrop Crystal Chandelier: Strikingly beautiful, yet sophisticatedly fragile, this square raindrop crystal chandelier sparkles from every angle. It can do well over a dining table, in a living room, but also in a foyer. Modern contemporary design fits a range of styles and interior design solutions.

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Starlight Crystal Chandelier: The modern and elegant design of this stunning lighting fixture looks fantastic wherever you put it. Try the bathroom and create a glamorously dramatic atmosphere, or hand it as a central focal point over your dining table. It’s such a festive fireworks eye candy that every day will be July 4th.

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Striking Crystal Chandelier: This raindrop crystal chandelier is more than a simple ceiling light. It’s a handmade pendant lighting, composed of adjustable metal aluminum branches, with a gold plated finish. Waterfall of droplet bling crystals glitter like diamonds, elegant, luxurious, chic. It’s clearly very easy to fall in love with this stunning centerpiece.

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Modern Crystal Chandelier: The distinctively modern chandelier features numerous stainless steel lines. Crystal petals extend in every direction from a small sphere, resembling fireworks, or a starburst. The sphere, rods, and petals are made of metal and feature an antioxidant eco-friendly finish, stunning as much as durable.

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Antique Crystal Chandelier: Inspired by the rustic style of a farmhouse full of natural materials, this crystal chandelier combines the look of a round wagon wheel with a modern triangle structure. The result is more than success, embodied in this modern farmhouse chandelier. You can use it as a pendant chain light if you have a high ceiling, or without a chain, if you have a lower ceiling.

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Oil Rubbed Bronze Crystal Chandelier: The orb chandelier lighting comes in a bronze finish as a clean, elegant fixture. This design will look great in a foyer, over a dining table, above a staircase, entryway, or in a kitchen. Its unique shape can pivot freely in order to create your own desired look, making. each light authentic in its own subtle way. The bronze finish is suitable for traditional, warm contemporary, or industrial settings.

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Modern Crystal Chandelier: With its clean and elaborated form, this modern piece boasts a rigid yet classy appearance. Its unique shape fits a range of styles and interiors. Sticks of crystal are arranged in a way that breaks the light into many fragments, sending them to dance over your walls. This chandelier will look great over your dining table, but also in a living room or a bedroom.

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Circular Crystal Chandelier: This stunning piece is the result of a successful fusion of vintage, industrial style with a modern flair. Bold and effective design features clear glass prisms, placed on a large round iron frame with a black finish. This crystal chandelier will lend an extraordinary atmosphere to every home.

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Vintage Crystal Chandelier: If you are looking for a warm and familiar atmosphere of granny’s house but with a modern twist, this crystal chandelier might be the right piece for you. Vintage flair is supported by modern features, and with some fancy lightbulbs, it will easily become the centerpiece of your interior design.

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Flower Shaped Crystal Chandelier: Astonishingly elegant, this crystal chandelier is literally blossoming from your ceiling. Its timeless, both classic and novel design features polished stainless steel, and top-class K9 crystal prisms. This chandelier will find its place in a variety of room styles, creating a glamourous and brilliant ambiance.

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Raindrop Crystal Chandelier: Raindrops come from clouds, so what could make a better design for a modern crystal chandelier? Sleek but striking, it will effortlessly dominate any space, attracting all eyes with its sophisticated flair. It’s an ideal choice for a dining room, but you can easily incorporate it wherever you wish.

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Gold Crystal Chandelier: Glamour and refined style are embodied in this gold crystal chandelier, designed to bring effortless luxury to any room. Its texturized body is made of stainless steel, treated by multiple processes to take out the exquisite and elegant shine. Fine, K9 crystal beads are bright and dazzling to elevate both style and mood of your place.


Foyer Crystal Chandelier: This mini size crystal chandelier is a perfect flush mount ceiling light for a hallway, or to highlight the vogue of your walk-in closet. Its polished stainless steel base is filled with K9 clear crystal, put together in a geometric shape. The crystal arrangement ensures even distribution of light fragments, creating a gorgeous atmosphere.

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Gold and Crystal Chandelier with Chain: This modern pendant crystal chandelier is energy-saving, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly. A contrasting combination of clear and gold provides an attractive visual feature, while clean lines and geometric form make the fixture suitable for a broad range of interior styles.

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Chrome Crystal Chandelier: A chrome crystal chandelier will never chip, fade, or tarnish. This unique design features a futuristic flair that can still find its place in an eclectic or transitional setting. Dangle this pendant anywhere you need a shot of glamour highlighted with faceted clear crystal balls and diamond-shaped accents.

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Modern Crystal RaindropChandelier: With 26 alluring crystal balls spiraling downward, this modern crystal chandelier will add elegance and ambiance to a staircase, foyer, or any room with a high ceiling. This sparkling work of art takes only a few minutes to install all the crystal balls and light up the room with an amazing effect.

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Modern Crystal Beaded Chandelier: Fashionable design with a plethora of fine crystal elements arranged in a firework lampshade design will surely attract many compliments. The long golden branch features eight large fixtures to provide plenty of light for fragmentation and scattering around a room. Assembling is easy, you just need to hang all wired beads according to the instruction.

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Modern Pendant Crystal Chandelier: The modern and elegant design of this crystal chandelier is a great way to decorate your bedroom, living room, kitchen, even bathroom for some bonus vogue points. The lamp body is a fashionably carved aluminum tube, sturdy and durable. Yet, it provides a slender, fragile appeal, reminiscent of a star when the light is turned on.

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Industrial Modern Crystal Chandelier: This luxury, elaborately designed chandelier is impossible to pass unnoticed. It incorporates tree branch style with the crystal lights finely cut into diverse planes, making a remarkable effect with lights turn on. Its high-end quality, together with, exquisite workmanship will fill your room with a sense of modern, refined luxury.

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Drum Crystal Chandelier: Utterly modern, this crystal chandelier features a clear glass strip and a gray glass strip fixed on a sturdy, stainless steel frame. Its gorgeous yet low key design provides better light efficiency while sleek sparkling crystals create a superior and classy atmosphere for any room.

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Metal Orb Crystal Chandelier: An incredible effective fusion of vintage and modern, this uniquely designed crystal chandelier will elevate the sophistication of your dining room or grand foyer. Its globe-shaped shell features an antique finish and encases a vintage-style lighting fixture. This four-light crystal chandelier comes with a durable, sturdy base with a pull chain for added convenience and easy operation.

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Modern Net Crystal Chandelier: This gorgeous and unique rectangle crystal chandelier effortlessly captures everyone’s attention while doing its job of lighting up your home. It is iron shell is perfectly made to encase a high-grade glass crystal that sparkles from every angle. The fixture is fully dimmable to create the perfect atmosphere.

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Rectangular Crystal Chandelier: This glittering five-light crystal chandelier can look perfect when centered over sprawling dining tables and breakfast bars, bringing sparkle to your space. Faceted crystal details cascade down in a geometric pattern, drawing the eye of your guests, while an iron frame provides a clean, tailored edge on top. It’s compatible with both vaulted ceilings and dimmer switches.

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Crystal Beaded Chandelier: The warm and welcoming glow of this crystal chandelier is a wonderful way to greet your guests in the entryway or elevate the vogue of your dining room for a dinner party. Its frame is a curving branch design finished in mystic gold, while six lights create an even gleam, so that the dripping crystal accents can immerse the room in luminary shine.

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Globe Contemporary Crystal Chandelier: This comprehensive and beautiful globe chandelier will never fail to dazzle your guests. It features an inner cylindrical dome full of sparkling crystals, while the chrome frame houses three candelabra style lights to provide abundant light in your space. Its chain is adjustable and the fixture can be dimmable for diverse mood settings.

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Drum Shade Crystal Chandelier: The beautiful ornate design of this piece will make a strong style statement of your home. Oversized polished nickel drum hosts a plethora of K-9 crystal jewels, making the chandelier a perfect addition to modern or glam decor styles. With a double-layered medallion pattern featuring 76 strands of 335 individual hanging faceted crystal pieces, this luxurious piece is ready for compliments.

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Statement Geometric Crystal Chandelier: It could easily be a part of the scenery for some science fiction movie with its crystal chrome finish and unique, progressive design. This chandelier comes equipped with 5 lights. Their platinum division is constructed to resemble a swirling pattern that is unusual and captivating, as a real statement of fashion-forward taste.

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Modern Beaded Crystal Chandelier: Eight dimmable lights and hundreds of crystals make this chandelier as dazzling as it is unique. It lights up both the room and your mood, with hundreds of jewels glimmering on wires, shooting out from a chrome sphere. Candle size bulbs and a dimmer switch will immerse your space in a special atmosphere and unexpected beauty.

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Square Drum Crystal Chandelier: Dazzle contemporary decor ensures an unbeatable upscale feel for your space, with this elegant linear chandelier. This style delivers sophisticated bling with stunning grade-A K9 crystal rods that orderly cascade from a base with a handcrafted shade. Its modern geometric shape will ideally fit over your dining table, in a living room, or a bedroom.

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Modern Round Drum Crystal Chandelier: The refined and classy shimmering chic of this enchanting crystal chandelier is sure to make a statement in your home. Taking on a drum silhouette, its openwork wire shade is embellished with crystal dots, for a refreshing glamour and fragile charm. Eight candelabra-inspired lights sit inside this gleaming piece, ready to allure your guests.

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Round Drum Shade Crystal Chandelier: Boasting a vintage art deco flair in a modern edition, this crystal chandelier is crafted with a sophisticated translucent double drum shade. The shell showcases a bouquet of glimmering hanging crystals to produce a stunning polka dot shadow when lit. This chandelier adds a polished final layer of oomph to any home space.

$120BUY IT

Single Cylinder Pendant Crystal Chandelier:
This crystal pendant light will properly showcase your chic style when displayed in your traditional or glamorous abode. It flaunts clear crystals attached to a cylindrical metal shade, hanging from a matching metal download. It is fit even for sloped ceilings, and ready to provide more than just illumination.

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Rectangle Pendant Crystal Chandelier: If a very tidy person would have tried to collect fragments of Pollock’s painting and put them in order, it would result in something like this stunning piece of light. The square drum showcases a plethora of crystals, ready to spark at night in a beautiful and classy manner, making a strong visual accent that attracts many eyes and even more compliments.

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Geometric Raindrop Crystal Chandelier:
This chandelier brings a very luxurious futuristic vibe with its galaxy-like design. Nine dimmable lights accompany a plethora of strings, embellished in swirling crystal drops. It will effortlessly elevate the elegant flair of any ambiance, from your stairwell to any room with a high ceiling.

$2440BUY IT

Statement Gold Crystal Chandelier: Absolutely gorgeous. It is the only way we can speak about this truly exquisite piece. Like a golden forest canopy, it displays cascades of glistening glass beads, leaves, and branches. Its organic nature comes with a modern twist in a black iron finish. This crystal chandelier doesn’t spark only light, but also curiosity and conversation.

$325BUY IT

Candle Style Globe Crystal Chandelier: This industrial-style crystal chandelier is unique in every detail with its vintage inspiration and a touch of glam. A metal sphere boasts industrial chic, gracefully surrounding six shadeless light bulbs in a central display. The unusual setting sparkles with both glamour and a rustic charm.

$460BUY IT

Modern Drum Shade Crystal Chandelier: Luxurious light brims from this delightfully dimmable, stylish mount. Hanging from a steel base in a brushed nickel finish, two tiers of clear glass crystals make a perfect fit to any glam-inspired ensemble. A fabric drum shade and a satin white acrylic diffuser secure a subtle ambiance and refined mood of your home.

$233BUY IT

Contemporary Round Drum Shade Crystal Chandelier: This modern lighting fixture features beautiful raindrop drippings that glide gracefully down the globe, adding texture in the process. A drum shade is open at the top and bottom to allow ample light flow through, providing brightness against the contrasting dark glass. This chandelier will create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere in your foyer, living room, or even your bathroom.

$630BUY IT

Empire Modern Crystal Chandelier: The elegant design of this crystal bouquet makes a beautiful and impressive looking chandelier. Due to the sumptuous and refined appeal of every detail, the fixture as a whole looks like a luxury piece. Nineteen compact fluorescent lights are included to light up your home and your mood in a unique way.

$720BUY IT

Modern Square Pendant Crystal Chandelier: This chic four-light crystal chandelier will illuminate your space in dramatic, contemporary fashion. The fancy fixture features an open, clean-lined rectangular outer frame in a crafted, designer finish. A matching inner frame is encrusted with gleaming faceted crystals for a splash of shimmering style.

$960BUY IT

Traditional Crystal Chandelier:A warm and welcoming glow characterizes this chandelier that blossoms from the ceiling in a gentle, refined manner. The frame features branches decorated with a plethora of crystal leaf accents, offering a glint of glamour that will surely attract many compliments. It will make an ideal accent point over a dining table but can be equally effective in the foyer or living room.

$3590BUY IT

Brass Crystal Chandelier: This showstopping addition to the entryway or formal dining room is a poetic waterfall of crystals on a polished nickel structure. A striking addition to a fashionable interior, this sculpted chandelier is crafted of brass and extravagantly ornamented with crystal beading.

$5790BUY IT

Contemporary Crystal Chandelier:
This brass chandelier could be the crown jewel of your dining room, living room, or even bathroom interior design. The hardwired structure boasts strong but sleek lines. Modern, faceted crystal sticks reflect a stunning display of light, bouncing off a polished nickel finish.


Flush Mount Square Crystal Chandelier: This small size crystal chandelier is an excellent choice of ceiling light for a hallway, a bathroom, or a walk-in closet. It’s packed with crystal elements attached to a polished stainless steel base in a geometric shape. The setting creates a charming atmosphere by scattering light fragments all over the place.

$1921BUY IT

Beaded Ring Pendant Crystal Chandelier: The Caboche Chandelier is a result of a desire to mimicked the look of a pearl bracelet in a lighting fixture, boasting a transfixing arrangement of spheres. This elaborated setting offers a collage of reflections and refractions, diffusing light to provide full coverage to surrounding areas while sending direct illumination beneath.

$7140BUY IT

Statement Birds Crystal Chandelier: The Birds Birds Birds Chandelier by Ingo Maurer creates an enchanted atmosphere in any room where it casts its ambient glow. This chandelier is imagined as a tribute to the first Edison light bulb by elaborating the design of the historical light source. Each bulb features goose feather wings attached to wires and can be easily twisted to create different bird shapes.

$15800BUY IT

Angel Fall Crystal Chandelier: Simply hypnotic, the Terzani Angel Falls 36 Suspension casts a divine light on wingless “angels” handcrafted from high-quality lead crystal. All figurines are illuminated by halogen lamps from a canopy, in order to create a unique dance of light and shadows, in an original and identifiable character.

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