51 Bud Vases for Go-Anywhere Botanical Decor

Bud vases are a smaller version of a vase, intended to hold a single stem or a small botanical arrangement. These charming accents are exceptionally versatile – they make it easy to decorate with fresh or dried cuttings from your garden, making a nice visual impact without taking up too much space or requiring too much planning. We’ve collected our favorites from around the web. This buying guide covers inexpensive bud vase sets, luxury designer picks, versatile mini-vases, and bold sculptural designs. There’s something here for any corner of the home.


Opalescent Bud Vases Set: This bud vase set includes three small containers each with a different shape but finished with the same opalescent effect – this can make any selection of flowers or plant cuttings look coordinated even without any flower arranging experience.


White Ceramic Bud Vase Set of 3: Different sizes and shapes add variety while the white glaze provides unity. These simple bud vases maintain a sense of uncomplicated simplicity, allowing even the most basic blossoms or foliage to take center stage. Use this coordinated set as a dining table centerpiece, place on a side table, or display unfilled on any shelf.

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Kubus White Bud Vase: Small accessories offer an approachable way to enjoy the work of the world’s most prominent designers on a more accessible budget. The attractive Kubus Floral vase is a design by Søren Lassen inspired by the Bauhaus movement, the cylindrical vase hanging within a geometric frame for a smart structural look.

$210BUY IT

Vitra Nuage Céramique Bud Vase: Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec designed the Nuage Céramique vase in several sizes that can be used alone or grouped together in a seamless modular arrangement. Each one includes eight individual compartments, making it easy to create expressive botanical arrangements that stay securely in place.


Matte White Sculptural Bud Vase: Standing at just over 7 inches in height, this bold ceramic vase creates a sculptural impression that looks just as beautiful alone as it does when filled with botanical cuttings. Organic curves and a textural finish soften the look, perfect for your most relaxing interior placements.

$110BUY IT

Seletti Anatomical Heart Bud Vase: This clever bud vase by Marcantonio design is shaped like a detailed anatomical heart, bringing an edgy sense of romance to any botanical arrangement. This piece is crafted from fine porcelain in a simple white finish and contains many small holes where stems can be inserted.


Jonathan Adler I-Scream Bud Vase: Jonathan Adler is known for creating beautiful but unexpected takes on everyday objects. This bud vase is shaped like a ruffle-sleeved hand grasping an ice cream cone, dripping with real gold around the rim. Use to bring a pop-art touch to any table arrangement or decorative display.


Menu Wall-Mounted Bud Vases: Note Design Studio elevates the concept of a simple bud vase, transforming any botanical cutting into a dramatic work of wall art. This piece features a large round ring that frames and amplifies whatever you decide to place within.


Set of Black Glass Bud Vases: This bud vase set is crafted from hand-blown glass in a rich smoky tint, each one uniquely shaped. Use these vases individually or place together as a bold grouping. This set is also available in a variety of elegant jewel tones and a solid opaque white. Use in your own home or give as an always-appreciated housewarming gift.


Geometric Black Bud Vases Set: Geometric decor elements remain just as hot as ever. This bud vase set features faceted sides accentuated with an offset gold-finished frame. Do not use with water – these are for dry cuttings or standalone display only.

$224BUY IT

Echasse Glass and Brass Bud Vase: Echasse is a popular collection of vases and containers by designer Theresa Arns, named for the solid brass stilts that prop up each vessel. This small size is ideal for use as a bud vase, able to hold a few large blossoms or a small arrangement. This piece is also available in amber glass with bronze stilts.


Brass and Clear Glass Bud Vases: Klong’s Orbis vase features a petite mouth-blown glass orb perched on a polished brass base, a timeless combination that will retain its beauty and relevance even as decor tastes change over time. Use to highlight the beauty of even the tiniest blossoms.


Short and Tall Bud Vases Set of 5: Double-walled design allows these bud vases to look like ethereal sculptures floating in the air. Each set includes five pieces from small bud vases to traditional vase sizes. Borosilicate glass construction ensures longevity.


Geometric Small Glass Bud Vases: Mix and match these fun-shaped bud vases to create an exciting arrangement that perfectly suits your decor. Choose from four shapes and four color options, each bud vase made from durable borosilicate glass.


Mini Colorful Glass Bud Vases Set of 5: These small bud vases are especially petite, offering a fantastic way to decorate smaller surfaces like desks and makeup vanities. Choose from three shapes and seven color options – mix and match to create your own beautiful botanical landscape.


Balloon-Shaped Recycled Glass Bud Vases: These balloon-shaped vases are crafted from recycled glass for eco-friendly appeal. These vases stand at almost 14 inches tall but have a narrow lipped mouth, making them ideal for giving small botanicals a big presentation.

$167BUY IT

Alvar Aalto Glass Bud Vases: Legendary architect Alvar Aalto was a multi-faceted talent, his structural work with heavy concrete and steel balanced by weightless wood furniture and ethereal glassware. His vases quickly became among the most iconic glass pieces ever created – now widely available in a diverse range of colors and sizes, but still always produced by Iittala’s skilled glassblowers in Finland. This small size is perfect for use as a bud vase.

$130BUY IT

Iittala Ruutu Bud Vases: The elegant Ruutu vase is an Erwan and Ronan Bouroullec design available in a range of ethereal color options and versatile sizes. Use the larger sizes for traditional bouquets or standalone display and allow the more petite sizes to host your smallest buds or botanical cuttings. Each one is handcrafted in Finland by Iittala.

$445BUY IT

Riflessi Glass Bud Vase: Riflessi is a vase collection by Paola C., every piece mouth-blown by Venetian artisans. Each one diverges from the expected, the cylindrical base branching into a curved collar that gently supports the botanical cuttings placed within.


Bubbled Blue Bud Vase: Thick glass construction gives this small bud vase a weighty heft, able to support even longer cuttings without any risk of tipping. Choose from blue, yellow, or teal colorways. Each one is crafted with a bubbled effect that plays with the light – an enchanting selection for sunny window placements.


Tinted Glass Globe Bud Vase: This small globe-shaped bud vase is the work of Danish design house AYTM, the glass resting on a radiant ring of brass for a sophisticated look. Use on a desk, shelf, table, or anywhere that could use a touch of glamour.

$175BUY IT

Orrefors Carat Globe Crystal Bud Vase: Designed by Lena Bergstrom for Orrefors, the Carat Globe Vase draws inspiration from sparkling gemstones. Each vase is carefully faceted like a diamond to capture and scatter the light as it hits the surface. This vase is available with a 7-inch diameter or as a small 4.5-inch diameter bud vase.

$109BUY IT

6″ Waterford Bud Vase: Waterford Crystal has a long-held reputation for producing fine glassware, with over 200 years of history informing every piece. This crystal bud vase is brilliantly faceted and features a gentle taper to elevate your finest cuttings. This vase is packaged as part of the Giftology series, equipped with attractive packaging ready to gift.


Vintage Glass Bud Vases Centerpiece Set: This charming set includes five small bud vases, each with a different shape and pattern. Invest in a set of 5 or 10 – use as a centerpiece for a wedding reception or other elegant event. This set is also available in a multicolor option.


Vintage Glass Bud Vases Set of 6: This mixed bud vase set features highly patterned designs and classic shapes, each one reminiscent of vintage glassware. Each set includes six unique pieces, all breezily coordinated. They’re perfect for a farmhouse or traditional decor theme.


Fluted Glass Bud Vases Set: These fluted vases provide a more contemporary approach to the mixed-and-matched bud vase theme. Choose from sets of 4, 8, or 16 – great for events and everyday decor alike.

$150BUY IT

Tom Dixon Mini Bud Vase: The weighty and refined Press Vase by Tom Dixon is created with exceptionally thick glass, created by dropping the molten material into iron molds to create a distinctively fluted silhouette. This designer bud vase is crafted to last a lifetime.


Mid-Century Modern Bud Vase: A walnut-finished wood base gives this orb-shaped bud vase a touch of mid-century modern flair. Use to display single stems, small cuttings, or use as a vessel for sand art. Each one is handmade and stands just over 5 inches in height.


Hanging Bud Vases / Propagators: The creative possibilities are endless with this hanging wall planter system. This piece features fifteen beaker-shaped bud vases suspended by wood racks and twine yarns. Use as a decorative way to propagate your houseplants – or use as a standard bud vase system to create colorful living wall decor.


Mini Bud Vases with Gold Stand Set: Stately gold framing elevates these beaker-shaped bud vases for a bigger visual impact and a sleek sophisticated look. The frames are also available in rose gold to suit other decor themes. These are ideal for contemporary, glam, and minimalist decor themes alike.


Gold Hinged Bud Vases: Hinged framing allows these bud vases to be arranged in a straight line, a gentle curve, or bunched close together. Use to propagate houseplants in a stylish way, or to display your favorite fresh or dried cuttings. At just over 10 inches in height at the tallest vase, this piece is sure to make a dramatic impression on a dining table or side table.


Wire Frame Gold Bud Vase: This whimsical little bud vase features a modern glass beaker design, supported by gold wire framing shaped like a traditional vase – it blends classic and contemporary with effortless ease. This small bud vase measures at just over 6 inches in height.

$135BUY IT

Jaime Hayon Ikebana Bud Vase: This gorgeous bud vase by Jaime Hayon is named for the centuries-old Japanese art of ikebana flower arrangement, a style that emphasizes the uniqueness of the plants themselves. This design features brass-plated discs that hold the flower stems upright so that the entire cutting can be enjoyed.

$135BUY IT

Ikeru Bud Vase High: Ikeru is another ikebana-inspired vase by designer Jaime Hayon, consisting of aluminum tubes and perforated disks for flexible arrangement possibilities. Choose from a high or low format.

$149BUY IT

Zaha Hadid Crevasse Bud Vase: Legendary architect Zaha Hadid was known for her unforgettable structures that used unconventional geometry and perspective, qualities that are reflected beautifully in the twisted form of the Crevasse flower vase from Alessi. This piece is crafted from polished stainless steel for a gleaming silver look, standing at just over 16 inches in height to suit larger flower cuttings.


Antique White Bud Vases: This charming vase set features a weathered glaze effect for a timeworn rustic appearance. Pair with dried pampas grass for a farmhouse look, wildflowers for cottage chic, or use as a stately transitional element within any decor theme.


Kähler Miniature Bud Vase Set: Hans-Christian Bauer pays homage to legendary designer and Kähler ceramicist Svend Hammershøi with this delightful miniature vase collection. The smooth furrows that grace each one draw inspiration from some of Hammershøi’s most well-known works.


Marimekko Blown Glass Bud Vases: While this bud vase maintains a petite footprint, it establishes a tremendous personality through its perfectly distinctive silhouette. This piece is the work of designer Carina Seth Andersson, crafted from thick mouth-blown glass in a variety of opaque colors and translucent tints.

$123BUY IT

Holly Bud Vases: This uncomplicated vase captures the imagination with its gentle organic shape and silky finish. Choose from two size options. Use on its own or pair with other geometric vases to create a playful vignette.


Colorful Ceramic Bud Vase Set: Bring an uplifting dash of modern color to any shelf, table, or desk with this set of three orb-shaped bud vases. Each one balances on a gold-finished base for a pop of glamour.


Raawii Orange Bud Vase: With the striking Raawii Strom Vase, designer Nicholai Wiig-Hansen pays homage to the still life paintings of Danish master Vilhelm Lundstrøm. The bold silhouette presents a perfectly contemporary first impression – available in a range of finish options that coordinate with the artist’s favored palette. This bud vase is also available in two larger sizes.

$230BUY IT

Origin Made Salt Ceramic Bud Vase: This sculptural bud vase is designed with ikebana flower arrangements in mind, perfect for showcasing the entire length of a stem from top to bottom. The vase itself maintains a low, bowl-shaped profile with ample decorative appeal even when displayed on its own. The hole is equipped with a hidden “frog” to keep stems upright.

$450BUY IT

Tom Dixon Swirl Small Bud Vase: Prolific designer Tom Dixon channels an energetic postmodern aesthetic with the innovative Swirl series. The small Swirl bud vase features stacked geometric forms made from marble that has been ground into a fine powder, then mixed with special pigments to create a durable resin.

$215BUY IT

Gabriel Tan Charred Bud Vases: With the Charred Vases collection, Gabriel Tan created a series of five unique vase silhouettes each crafted using a method called Barro Preto. Barro Preto is a Portuguese crafting method that is rapidly dying out, with the number of artisans who have the knowledge to create these ceramics becoming fewer and fewer with each generation. This collection is an attempt to rekindle the craft, which involves firing ceramics in an underground pit to create the irreproducible black patina that makes each one unique.


Handcrafted Geometric Ceramic Vase: Mix and match from this creative collection of five ceramic vases, each one cutting a distinctive geometric silhouette. These bud vases feature a silky texture that softens every edge and allows the light to play evenly across the surface.

$130BUY IT

Kristina Dam Assorted Bud Vases: Kristina Dam Studio designed this gorgeous vase collection with a chic minimalistic silhouette, crafted from hand-blown glass with a rich look. Each one can pull double duty – use the small vessel or the large vessel to display your botanical cuttings.


Miniature Ceramic Bud Vases: Mix and match between six different types of petite bud vases, each one finished in light natural tones well-suited to interior themes like Scandinavian, farmhouse, minimalist, and more. These uplifting picks would be great for a rustic wedding or a cozy breakfast table centerpiece.


Areaware Kirby Bud Vase: Designed by Talbot + Yoon for Areaware, this charming sculptural vase abounds with personality despite its smooth simple finishes. This piece is crafted from silky glazed stoneware, available in a variety of fun shapes each sized to accommodate a small bundle of flowers or a single large stem.


Colorful Handmade Ceramic Bud Vases: Decorate with an incredible splash of whimsical color using one of these handcrafted, one-of-a-kind bud vases. Choose from six different pattern options, each one more playful than the last.


Jonathan Adler Acrylic Bud Vases: Acrylic bud vases offer a durable alternative to glass or ceramics while still providing a clean glasslike look. These colorful bud vases by Jonathan Adler measure just over 4 inches across on each side.


Round Modern Acrylic Bud Vase: This acrylic bud vase makes a bold geometric statement, the lightly tinted panels producing varied tones as they overlap. Use this piece on a shelf, as a table centerpiece, or place on a desk to bring a little greenery to your workday.

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