40 Neoclassical Bedroom Design Ideas With Tips & Accessories To Help You Decorate Yours

A neoclassical bedroom spells elegance, style, and romance. From deeply decorative coving and chic wall molding to ornate bed frames and eye-catching bedside furniture, these spaces overspill with exquisite detail and bold beauty. It’s easy to jump to an image of a wainscot or boiserie-endowed headboard wall, a French bed, and frilly molding, but there are many ways to translate the neoclassical aesthetic. To help you develop your ideal take on the theme, we’ve put together a gallery of 40 designs with tips and accessories. We’ll tour an array of color palettes, a fabulous line-up of lighting ideas, bespoke bed designs, unusual neoclassical feature walls, striking additions, and quirky twists.

Visualizer: Yurii Chaikovskyi & Nina Semenkova  

Make it all about the arches. If you’re lucky enough to have feature windows like these stunning arches, make them the protagonist of the story by keeping the rest of the decor minimal.

Visualizer: 法式别墅  

In this bedroom design, blue drapes brightly draw focus to the arched windows. A blue headboard wall rounds out the scheme.

Visualizer: Product Wish Design  

Meld neoclassical style with modern marble elements. Chic neoclassical elements are superbly complemented by the beauty and clean lines of natural stone interludes.

This marble meld utilizes a marble slab to extend the width of an upholstered headboard design. The result is a divine, layered look that’s custom-fit to the space.

Visualizer: SPECTRUM VIS  

Frame it out. Apply wall molding with careful thought. Here, panel molding is arranged to perfectly frame a piece of artwork above the bed and a circle chandelier out in front.

Visualizer: Elemental Design  

Classic molding and trendy slats. Combine classic wainscotting with a border of contemporary slatted panels to get the best of both worlds.

Visualizer: Elemental Design  

A brief splash of color. A simple bed throw and scatter cushions can make the world of difference to an all-white neoclassical bedroom design. Add contrasting drapes to up the ante.

Visualizer: Ihor Lyakhovskyy  

Sharpen a neoclassical bedroom theme with black and white contrast.

Visualizer: Nazerke Zhandildayeva  

Make a modern art overlay. This abstract art wall is joyfully complemented by a color-matched upholstered bed.

Visualizer: Jenish Kanani  

Increase the sense of space in the bedroom with a mesmerizing mirrored headboard.

Visualizer: Abou Samra Designs  

Curate an eye-catching bedroom vignette with a show-stopping upholstered headboard silhouette, quirky artwork, and a unique bedside lamp.

Visualizer: 七璞生  

It doesn’t take a lot of color to shake up a lack-luster neoclassical backdrop. This elegant bedroom is transformed with a jade green headboard, chandelier, and matching wall sconces.

Visualizer: Livelli Architects  

Grow grandeur with oversized elements, like this imposing bedroom chandelier, curved headboard, and golden bedside table lamps.

Designer: Julia Sukhanova; Maxim Tsiabus  

Make it all about the ceiling rose.

Visualizer: Ahmed Youssef  

A core of color. Employ bright bed upholstery and a contrasting end of bed ottoman to inject color into the heart of a white neoclassical bedroom.

Designer: Anastasia Efimova, Artur Makarov, Pablo Jonattan Pukhno Bermeo, Peter Mironenko, Serdar Yanikov, Silvia Alexandrova  
Via: Archdaily  

Paint powder blue neoclassical dreams.

Visualizer: Taha Estabar  

Go deep into color combinations, like this saturated prussian blue and punchy red showstopper.

Visualizer: Elena Maximovskikh  

Create a regal neoclassical bedroom scene with emerald green majesty.

Visualizer: Sergey Sergeyev  

Paint a green, white and gray balance. Note how all dark green elements in this scheme are modern pieces, whilst neoclassical elements retain a lighter wash.

Visualizer: Pakynam Gheith  

Create strong visuals with tufted furniture. The tufted upholstery method may have been developed to strengthen furniture finishes, but it makes a bold visual too. Consider extending the impact of a tufted bed with a matching tufted sofa.

Visualizer: Sabir Mirizada  

Add a glimmer of gold to take your bedroom upmarket.

Visualizer: Sofia Raxdari  

Layers of luxe. From a wraparound headboard bejeweled with shimmering bedroom pendant lights to a gold-spliced feature wall behind a bewitching bedroom chandelier, this room has it all going on.

Visualizer: Khulood Ahmed  

A golden gallery, lustrous walls, a gleaming chandelier, gold wall sconces, and a gold-infused rug come together to display the Midas touch.

Visualizer: Nazerke Zhandildayeva  

Make it mellow with mint and silver.

Visualizer: Harun Kaymaz  

Elevate wall molding with scenic panels.

Visualizer: Dalia Yehia  

Mix up boiserie walls by introducing mirrored sections and an upholstered headboard wall.

Visualizer: wx18075058778  

Another take on the upholstered headboard wall. This time, cream upholstery is teamed with more classic furniture and a unique, oversized crystal chandelier.

Designer: iMax Studio  

This bright blue upholstered headboard wall commands the room. A matching blue end of bed bench extends the color theme.

Visualizer: wx18075058778  

Add an amazing accent chair, like this sweet whale tail seat.

Designer: Sarah Elnaggar  

A triangle of triumph. When choosing an accent color, create a triangle of three points around the room to achieve a cohesive look. In this room, an olive green bed, vanity area, and bedroom chair build a matching set.

Visualizer: Anastasia Korableva  

In this example of a three-point cohesive color story, gray furniture sets form the sleep zone, vanity, and bedroom lounge.

Visualizer: Bui Ni  

Add arches in your own way. When architectural arches aren’t available, bring in an arched motif via furniture and accessories instead. This modern bed design introduces the theme with an eye-catching arch-shaped headboard, which is complemented by rounded bedroom accent furniture and lighting.

Visualizer: Qusay Abubaker  

Add drama with darkness. This bedroom features black paintwork over the walls and ceiling, and dark tiles cover the floor. Mirrored panels cut through the shadowy decor to lift the look.

Visualizer: Andrey Kazakov  

Make areas of light contrast in a dark bedroom decor scheme, like this crisp white modern bed.

Visualizer: Mai Trang Nguyen  

Contradict decorative wall molding with minimalist wardrobes.

Visualizer: XO Design  

Double your design efforts with mirrored wardrobes.

Designer: AQ Interior Design  
Visualizer: Ahmad Jayyousi  

Put on a light show with a sculptural chandelier.

Visualizer: 法式别墅  

Add a dash of the unexpected. This unique bedroom design combines neoclassical elegance with a palm tree mural, giving it an unexpected touch of tropical flavor.

Visualizer: Tamara Batsmanova  

Freeform elegance. Neoclassical decor can appear formal and rigid. Loosen up the look with a freeform mirror or headboard feature.

Visualizer: Maxim Stavskiy  

Erode neoclassical formality with a rugged rock feature wall and “decayed” boiserie.

1. Ornate molding
2. Tufted headboard
3. Modern sputnik chandelier
4. Statement chandelier
5. Oluce Atollo table lamp
6. Serge Mouille floor lamp
7. Ornate fireplace mantel
8. Wainscot Paneling Kit
9. Arco floor lamp

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