40 Large Bedroom Design Ideas That Make Dreams Come True

A crazy day at the office, awkward social situations, and family woes all make us long for our beds, where we can pull up the covers and hide away. Sanctuary can be extended far beyond the sheets though. A large bedroom can provide a whole host of possibilities for unwinding: a place to lounge and read, a spot for conversation and coffee with a partner, or an open-plan bathtub for long relaxing soaks. In this collection of 40 large bedroom design ideas, we’ll look at luxurious decor ideas that make dreams come true. We’ll tour an array of headboard feature walls, stylish bedroom furniture, statement lighting, and more.

Visualizer: Evan Mandala  

Create a romantic atmosphere with a canopy bed and fresh white bed linen. This breezy bedroom design is energized by a colorful woven rug and tropical garden view.

Visualizer: Lettigo Perform  

Dream up a clean, neutral scene. Choose a crisp, linear sofa as an end-of-bed bench, and include sleek white marble bedside units. Add interest to the simple scheme with a feature headboard wall or a unique desk.

Designer: Hana Lerner Arquitetura  

Go crazy with color. From wild murals to ombre curtains, in a large bedroom, there’s space for it all. Balance out the bold hues with a rich, natural wood ceiling treatment and a matching floor.

Visualizer: Khosla Associates  

With an abundance of bedroom floor space, there are opportunities for fun furniture pieces. Team a chaise lounge chair with a floor lamp to fashion a comfortable reading nook.

Visualizer: Dulce in Piro  

Nurture an earthy decor scheme with chunky timber elements, natural stone accents, and jute rugs. Add rattan accents like these pretty bedroom pendant lights and ceiling fan with light.

Visualizer: iMax Studio  

A large bay window is an ideal place to create a bedroom lounge area. Here, a curved sofa perfectly fills the spot. A magnificent circle chandelier complements the curved couch.

Visualizer: Polotno Pro  

These circle chandeliers fill a pastel pink bedroom with floral whimsey.

Visualizer: Ahmed Abdelshafy  

Decorate wide headboard walls with fashionably fluted panels. Hang pendant lights in front to create layering, while a bedroom chandelier claims the focal point.

Visualizer: Milana Ruslanovna  

Big bedrooms need big statement pieces. This large piece of circular wall is further accentuated with LED backlighting.

Visualizer: xo_ wasim  

Use a tall canopy bed to divide up a wide room. Create a home library with a cozy reading nook on one side of the canopy, and an airy lounge on the other.

Designer: Yurii Chaikovskyi  
Visualizer: Alexey Filippov  

Employ the natural beauty of marble to add a commanding focal point.

Visualizer: Ahmed Sharara  

Choose a colorful hero piece to break up a long layout.

Visualizer: Riyas Mohammed  

Cubist silhouettes give this blue and white bedroom space a unique twist. See more inspiration for how to incorporate cubism in interior design.

Visualizer: 梦太初  

Shake up a neoclassical bedroom design with cool art and a sculptural chair.

Visualizer: Yurii Chaikovskyi & Nina Semenkova  

The deeply decorative neoclassical bedroom aesthetic emphasizes high walls and ceilings with intricate crown molding and elegant arches.

Visualizer: Denis Syrov  

Build a buzzing color scheme with bright turquoise bedroom furniture and purple accents.

Visualizer: Elarch Studio  

Suspend your bed from the ceiling to fashion an extraordinary, airy layout.

Visualizer: Turlib Ayantola  

Install a metallic feature wall for a luxury feel.

Visualizer: Mic Studio  

Just a few succinct, red accents completely transform a monochrome bedroom design.

Source: Villa Yin  

Alternatively, add in a riot of red for a powerful impact.

Visualizer: VIIV Studio  

This red bedroom confines color to just one wall but its 3D texture creates great depth.

Visualizer: Pix Visuals  

Spacious bedroom layouts don’t need to cling to the perimeter. Bring a headboard panel free from the wall to place your resting spot in center stage.

Visualizer: Turlib Ayantola  

Complement a large tufted bed with a textured headboard wall. This headboard wall concept incorporates curves to tie in with the bedroom chair and pendant light too.

Visualizer: Emre Bayraktar  

Construct a symmetrical statement wall with balanced paneling and luxe gold accents.

Visualizer: Inspire Studio  

Rock a rugged look with a mountainous rockface feature wall.

Visualizer: Lai Studio  

Beige bedrooms aren’t bland. Textural layers build sumptuous moments that feel comforting and restful under soothing neutrals. Team an upholstered bed with a jute rug, a feathery pendant light, and textured beige wall stucco.

Visualizer: DUCEK GROUP  

Why stop at shallowly fluted wall panels when you have the space to make the whole wall into waves? These graceful bedroom pendant lights complement the curvaceous wall feature.

Visualizer: Evgenei Artemiev  

Ground a large and airy bedroom space with an anchoring black headboard wall and dark wall art.

Visualizer: Turlib Ayantola  

Throw off a safe, symmetrical layout with an asymmetrical bed design and lighting installation to create more interest.

Visualizer: Olha Shatkovska  

Install a wide platform floor under your bed to add a feeling of grandeur to the space.

Visualizer: Nazar Tsymbaliuk  

Not many people could realize a bedroom like this on their property but it offers stunning inspiration. Dark bedroom decor makes a magical background for a botanical theme. An open-plan ensuite bathroom gains unique zoning via a pebbled floor.

Visualizer: Stephen Tsymbaliuk  

Whether you have an amazing panoramic view or you want to gaze upon the stars, installing larger windows and skylights takes a large bedroom to the next level.

Visualizer: Ahmed Zakaria Hamza  

If the wall at the end of the bed is too far away for optimum TV viewing, consider a post-mounted TV instead.

Visualizer: móto Design  

Plant a courtyard to give your bedroom an indoor-outdoor feel.

Visualizer: Lab59  

Curate an eclectic bedroom with an assortment of decor styles. This enthralling example includes an elevated open-plan ensuite bathroom with a partial privacy wall and a spectacular vaulted ceiling.

Visualizer: Andrew Athanasius  

Pastel pink bedroom decor adds a certain sweetness.

Visualizer: Omosphe MX  

Hang a hammock across your bedroom window where you can rest in the breeze.

Visualizer: A.S 3D Arquitetura Studio  

Invest in an entire wall of retractable doors to connect your bedroom interior with the great outdoors.

Visualizer: Salah Mohamed  

Make it all about the statement chandelier.

Visualizer: Rawan Adel  

Use mirrored panels to accentuate bedroom lighting.

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