Two Apartments Were Combined To Make One Large Apartment For A Family

August 14, 2018 Erin 0

Photography by Maksim Shelkovnikov   Ukrainian based Maxim Doschinsky and Pavel Voitov of design studio ZOOI, have combined two smaller apartments (a one bedroom and a three bedroom), and transformed them into a large family apartment.   In the living room, decorative wall panels that imitate a massive rough stone have been added to create some […]

The Chameleon Villa by Word Of Mouth

July 12, 2018 Erin 0

Photography by Daniel Koh   Architecture firm Word Of Mouth, have designed the ‘Chameleon Villa’, a multi-level home that’s located in a southwest coastal area of Bali, Indonesia.   Constructed on an acre of land, overlooking a dense forest and a gentle river below, the villa sits on a steep contour with an 11-meter difference of […]

Design Idea – Bed Elevated On A Concrete Platform

June 15, 2018 Erin 0

  In this bedroom, designed by Bogdan Ciocodeica Studio, and visualized by VizLine Studio, the bed has been integrated into the concrete floor, creating a streamline and seamless appearance. Besides the visual appeal, by having the bed seamlessly integrated with the floor, there’s no space for dust and dirt to gather under the bed.   Get the […]