Zen Inspired Home Interior With Strong Stone Accents

Bonsai trees bring nature’s intricate beauty to this zen-inspired home interior, where strong stone accents dominate a backdrop of strikingly dark decor. Visualised by Nazar Tsymbaliuk, this spectacular home is blessed with the grandeur of double-height ceilings, which are clad with smooth, warming wood tone. The bold contrast between golden wood and black stone is set all aglow by eye-catching light installations and modern fireplaces that introduce the exciting flicker of dancing flame. Contemporary furniture designs form crisp room layouts and large social spaces for extended family and welcome guests. Deep forest views make a breathtaking focal point for a stylishly serene bedroom design, whilst the luxury bathroom basks in a secluded courtyard ambience.

A double height living room accepts a generous influx of natural daylight to uplift the dark decor of this spectacular home interior. Elegant, modern chandeliers draw attention to the lofty ceiling height, guiding the eye steadily upward toward the rafters. Down at ground level, a sociable living room layout gathers around a set of luxe marble and wood grain square coffee tables. A charcoal living room rug lays down a dark base for the lighter lounge furniture.

A light grey living room rug holds a second lounge layout together behind the first, providing the homeowners with options for social settings.

Rock slabs tile a dramatic feature wall across the large living room. Relief art and channel tufted sofas add to the textural thread.

Designer living room chairs loosely round out the two lounge layouts in singles and pairs. See more inspiration for living room chairs.

One of the tufted sofas is fashioned into a reading area with a small side table and a chic, slender table lamp. A throw is casualty strewn across the upholstery to increase the inviting cosy factor.

In the centre of the living room, a large, modern fireplace causes segregation of a small, conversational sitting area. Three lounge chairs gather around the firebox and log store. A round shagpile rug lays down cosy texture underfoot.

Behind the small sitting area, the formal dining room unfolds. A modern dining room chandelier makes a sculptural statement above the contemporary dining set.

Another grey shagpile rug draws underneath the long wooden dining table and ten wooden dining chairs.

A vertical garden wall flourishes between grey stone slabs. LED strips highlight the attractive greenery and the sharp, linear edges of the commanding stonework.

Slatted shutters divide the dining room from a neighbouring home office.

In the kitchen, a wall of matt black, handle-free units fall into the background behind a wood wrapped kitchen island.

Black kitchen bar stools line up along both edges of the kitchen island to create a casual breakfast bar for up to eight people.

A black marble drawer unit is integrated into the end of the dining island to house the kitchen sink.

A breathtaking treetop panorama is appreciated via large, dual-aspect windows.

The modern staircase design ascends above an indoor courtyard arrangement filled with mature Bonsai trees and dramatic uplighting. The base of the unique staircase is fashioned with monolithic stone slabs, which are replaced by an upper climb of solid wooden steps.

The master bedroom is a zen inspired design with minimal furniture and peaceful garden views.

A linear modern fireplace gives the serene bedroom a luxurious vibe.

A unique bedroom chair sinks low into the manicured outline of a topiary border.

The square silhouette of a Japanese style platform bed is accentuated by a bordered bedroom rug design.

A small vanity area leads into the walk-in closet.

Fixed between the edge of the walk in wardrobe and a full-length mirror, a grey marble dressing table is complemented by a coordinating grey, textured pouf.

Wood slatted panels edge the sides of the walk-in wardrobe.

The long walk-in wardrobe creates a narrow hallway to the ensuite bathroom.

Wood slatted panels slide away to reveal a wall of shoe storage. LED strips subtly aid shoe selection, whilst floor-to-ceiling light boxes saturate each end of the closet in bright illumination.

Inside the aesthetic bathroom design, a shuttered skylight filters natural sunlight. The sun falls upon a majestic indoor courtyard, where a cherry blossom tree bows over a black stone bathtub.

A wooden deck raises the bathtub clear of a pebbled floor treatment. Another deck forms the base of the shower area.

Lanterns add pockets of atmospheric light around the black bathtub.

A second shower area flanks the opposite side of the bath.

The opposite side of the huge bathroom layout is dedicated to the vanity area.

A round bathroom mirror is backlit to set a moody glow against a ridged stone backdrop.

A slimline floor lamp adds to the atmospheric bathroom vanity lighting.

Twin water closets are instated side by side.

Back at the modern home office, double workspaces are each furnished with a bold stone desk design and a commanding high-backed swivel chair.

Built-in storage units split the home workspaces apart and make room for files and supplies.

The home office gains warmth and light from a modern fireplace.

A round rug and sofa carve out a spot for relaxated contemplation within the home office.

The small sofa adds a pop of fresh colour to the grey decor scheme. A side table sets up a handy holding space for books and a coffee. A modern floor reading lamp adds practical task lighting.

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