Watch our live talk about how game engines are transforming architecture

Twinmotion render by Roberto Molina

We explore how visualisation tools such as Twinmotion are transforming architecture in this talk to coincide with our Redesign the World competition in partnership with Epic Games. Watch it live from 2:00pm London time.

The talk has not started yet. The live stream will begin at 2:00pm BST.

Titled Twinmotion: how game engines are transforming architecture, the talk will explore the new possibilities that real-time 3D tools such as Twinmotion open up to architects.

Twinmotion is powered by Unreal Engine, a game engine developed by Epic Games that also powers some of the world’s biggest video games, such as Fortnite.

Talk to explore how video games and architectural visualisation are merging

Moderated by Dezeen editor-in-chief Marcus Fairs, the talk will explore how access to this new digital technology is transforming the way that architects work and communicate their projects, how video game design and architectural visualisation are merging, and what the future holds for the industry.

Fairs will be joined by Belinda Ercan, Twinmotion product marketing manager at Epic Games, Murray Levinson, partner at architecture practice Squire & Partners, Adam Laskey, director of architecture studio Marraum, and Luke Pearson and Sandra Youkhana, co-founders of You+Pea.

Ercan will provide an overview of what Twinmotion is and what it can do. Architects Levinson and Laskey will explain how they use the software in their practice and Pearson and Youkhana will discuss the Videogame Urbanism masters programme they run at the Bartlett School of Architecture in London.

Belinda Ercan, Epic Games, portrait
Belinda Ercan oversees Twinmotion product marketing and strategy at Epic Games

Ercan is a ​​product marketing manager for Twinmotion at Epic Games.

She has a master’s degree in architecture and digital design, with a focus on 3D visualisation, and has previously worked as a visualiser for HLM Architects and visualisation product manager at Graphisoft.

Portrait of Murray Levinson of Squire & Partners
Murray Levinson is a partner at Squire & Partners

Murray Levinson is a partner at award-winning architecture and design practice Squire & Partners.

Murray’s particular interest in masterplanning brings the practice’s design ethos to a variety of sites in the UK and internationally, with work in Turkey, Russia, Belfast, Manchester and London.

Portrait of Adam Laskey, director of Marraum
Adam Laskey is director of architecture firm Marraum

Adam is co-owner and director of Marraum, a small architectural practice in Penryn, Cornwall, specialising in using virtual reality (VR) to deliver domestic renovations and new builds.

His knowledge and use of VR in architecture have seen him speak at a wide range of events in Cornwall and London. Currently, he is collaborating with HTC and Twinmotion to trial their new technology and provide relevant professional feedback.

Portrait of Luke Pearson and Sandra Youkhana of You+Pea
Luke Pearson and Sandra Youkhana run research studio You+Pea

Luke Pearson and Sandra Youkhana run architectural design studio You+Pea, which explores the integration of videogame technologies into architectural design, leading conversations on how games can engage new participants in the design of cities.

Pearson and Youkhana established and lead the Videogame Urbanism studio at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, where they use game technologies to realise urban design research.

Redesign the World logo

The talk coincides with Dezeen’s Redesign the World competition, in partnership with Epic Games, which calls for radical proposals to rethink planet Earth.

Entrants must produce a 3D visualisation of their concepts using Twinmotion, submitting a video animation and still image of their concept, along with up to 500 words of text about their proposal.

Dezeen previously hosted an online workshop on how to use Twinmotion to help participants with their entries.

The competition is open for entries until 15 September 2021. See the brief and entry criteria for details of how to enter.

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