Three Point Perspective Drawing and Backgrounds Drawing

Photography by heli photo   AHBE Landscape Architects have designed the new Healing Gardens and terrace for Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California.   The garden is separated into two concrete plaza sections that sit on top of a multi-level garage. Photography by heli photo One of the main design elements is the inclusion of a sculptural pavilion by […]

Three point perspective drawing is something many people would love to learn. It seems easy, it seems real but it is very hard and process that need a lot of concentration and knowledge. This needs a lot of fantasy as well. The one that is drawing need to fantasize the lines, the distances he / she needs to show or avoid presenting only the thing he/ she like to show. The video tutorials we see all the time on different how to…projects are very good way to present you this process. Three Point Perspective Drawing and Backgrounds Drawing

Three Point Perspective Drawing  and Backgrounds Drawing

The video presentation will show you the perspective drawing and the backgrounds drawings as well. Take a look!


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